Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why is all the Love gone?

Where are you love?
I'm here waiting
For ages I've stood...
I've sat...
Love you left me.
This barren land is cold
Canyons from end to end.
Grey clouds fog up the sky.
Bits and pieces of my heart 
Lay on the ground before me!
Where are you!
I'm tired of looking 
Here my cry!
Where is he?
My wonder,
My prince,
Or do I sit here
With your strings 
Attached and sown into my arms.
As you make me dance! 
Where is he!
How come the ones that come 
Into my heart leave right away!
I'm I not good enough!
Love why do you dismay?
My desire is clear as day.
Love where are you?
Why have you left me?