Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mysterious Stranger

Who Are You?

I've seen your face
Haunting me all around
Your charm matches my grace 

My heart begins to race
As you accept my invitation 
Seeing you electrifies me
Your face is none like I've seen

Full of happiness and wonder
But I come to ponder
If our friendship will grow stronger
Will it last longer?
Longer than the others I've met?

You bring me the light 
Out of my darkness
Your a breath taking sight
That rescues me 
From my loneliness

 I have been waiting 
For so long in the dark
That finally I have some light
Leading me to you
My new beginning

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Help Me Here My Cries!

This Darkness
It suffocates my soul
Its burring me alive
 Where am I?

Im entrape in a hollow coffin 
breathing the black 
 Is any body there?
No one will know I lay here 
I dont exist 
No friend will come 
to rescue me from this fear
Of the death that is soon upon me.

I scream and cry
Till my tears run dry
No one hears me
I can't get out
My prince won't come
I dont love

No body loves me
No one cares if I live
Or I die
No one here by my side
I am Loneliness 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Unspoken Silence

March March March
We are beating our drums,
Hut Hut Hut Hut
We shout for our arrival

March. March. March.
Through the bitter cold.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
Grenades explode like northern lights.

March! March! March! 
Walk through the sea of dead
Pat Pat Pat Pat
The blood mixes with the rain

Tears of blood spilled tonight
Onto the bare battle field.
Silence fills the air.

All you can hear,
Is the sound of screams.
 That forever dwell,
On the field of the dead.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Abuse of the Bully

Do I Dare: A voice of a Victum

Do I Dare, 
To let you spare,
All the pain you put on me
The burden I carry.
Is all the abuse you gave me.

Do I beat the living daylight 
Out of you
Shall I sue,
For everything you put me through.
I should burn you, 
In the fires of the earth.

To hear you scream.
In agony,
In suffering.

Shall I forgive, 
All that you have trust passed me?


Tuesday, October 22, 2013



Your eyes are cold and black,
no soul exists in them,
No empathy for those who suffer.
Your pleasure burns.

With a match,
Light it up!
Burn those inside their homestead.
Hear them scream. 
Till their cries grow faint.

 Lighting car bombs 
Left and right,
Popping like gun shots.
As it rattles the earth.

These lives morn,
They grieve,
The hand of pain squeezes
All the life they have left,
Yet you show no mercy.

Look in their eyes,
Haven't they endured enough?
You never knew them.
So why take their lives,
 their dignity?


Sunday, October 20, 2013


Come Back

What is this feeling
Like I've been falling
With a heavy ache and weight 
Sinking me lower and lower 
I can hardly breathe 

This love it aches 
It hurts and stirs
It urns for my affection and your kindness 
To make it everlasting
Knowing a wall
Sits in front of me 
It keeps me away
From loving you 

Now here’s where I begin
All alone 
In the cold dark world we live in
Only to be lost forever in internal 


Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Shadow

Agony's Grip

I lurk
I seek 
I hear
I am hiding in the dark
Waiting for a chance
To strike the weak

When the wind whispers my name
Fear crawls on every pore of the body
A nameless fear that lurks in the dark
I consume your mind
With all words 
That may hurt you
Making you consumed in insanity
No one will hear your cries
Your screams for help
No one will know you exist 
You will become nothing but a forgotten memory 
I am strong
I am deceitful
I am here to kill
I am Agony


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Left Behind


My eyes are gouged out 
Im tired of seeing
The same pain
Same game of love 
Same defeat

By all the copies of you
I fall for
 Once upon a time,
I fall in your arms,
Get lost in your eyes
 Like a undiscovered universe

You lead me on a leash
Leading me to think that I am yours
and you are mine

Then just like those before you,
you fall for another
Leave me in the dark
the black and white
only to be soon forgotten

I will never feel 
what love is 
If my last chance
Leaves me 

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Internal Desire 
I see you walking by 
Like a beautiful sunrise.
My heart soars among the clouds.
My eyes brighten seeing your face.
I wish when you see me you thought this way.

Wanting a smile,
A wave, a sign that your happy to see me.
A rush that electrifies every nerve.
My world stops and stares,
As I gaze into your eyes.

Knowing that I haven't felt this way in years, 
Makes me want you even more
Like when the earth misses the sun.
But I am invisible to you
We talk but you don't see me
I am only a shadow lurking,
In the corners of your mind.
You blow every word I say, 
Away into the wind.
Though the words I write
you'll never see.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Delicate Light


Light my way 
In the darkest shadows
Light my heart
To fell love again
Light the path beneath my feet
That will lead me to your safe arms
In this dark forest lift the mist
With your lanterns that dance like fireflies
As they float in the sky
So that I may find you 
Where ever you are
I will be there
So that your light will never burn out

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013



This room is cold
There is no life
No dreams of comfort
No air to breath
It’s dark and I am weary
The sound of the wood creaks and rocks
Scratching along the walls
Death knocks against the door
My body paralyzed itself
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
No more days
To laugh and play
Time to leave this world of gray


Monday, October 7, 2013

Leave Me

Sound the bugle

Let my enemy hear it

Let it vibrate through the earth 

Play it loud each and every note

I have given up

There is nothing more of me

I can't live in agony's constant cries

I can't love it has been drained and replaced with pain

Nothing left just an empty heart

I don't care what you do to me 

What more do I have for you to take?

I am finished there will be no tryumph 

No drums of victory

Just a bugle playing a tune of loss

As I lay on the cold snow just promise me one thing. 

Leave me here to die 


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Good Morning


Mists engulfs the sun blocking life from entering
The surrounding trees turn black as night
 As snow falls like ashes onto  the barren ground
Stones rise up like mountains
Markings of death is engraved so elegantly 
It torments ones soul
I can only see the angel of death walking
His black cloak swaying across the snow
Dangling from underneath
 An arm white as the snow drags behind him
Death is here to visit this morning 
Another soul has been drained of life
As I looked at the body a trance hooks an pulls 
I follow the body in the shadows
drawing near and near the air blasts cold shards 
All around my skin
 Fear shivers through me
The angle of death stops
 As silence falls like death
Slowly he lifts his cloak
A dead girl lays in the snow
Her limped eyes filled with fear
 Are closed by his fingers
He picks her up and carries her
Like a groom carries his wife to their honeymoon 
I follow him
He leads me to a dark empty hole in the ground
He drops the body
Looking of the edge 
My soul leaves my body
The horrid sight scares my inner being
I am morning for my self in the shallow grave
My morning has ended
Beginning  the endless night


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Broken Heart

Lost in Betray 

Sitting here on a sunny day lost in thought
I find my self thinking of you 
The one I betrayed 
We were childhood lovers
We were in love
We always did for years 
When the time came 
 For us to meet once again
You were a breath of fresh air
A new start to my life

I asked you to dance with me forever in our love
To my fortune I got greedy with jealousy
For you see my other love
Dances with someone whom was a friend
Midnight smoke blinded me from our love
I pushed you out and neglected you
I had forgotten you
I wanted what I had 
With that one long ago

A year later I hear you name
It whispered in the wind
Chanting over and over
My guilt choked me 
Reminding me of breaking your heart
As you fell down with agony

Looking back now
I regret my selfishness
I am sorry for my jealousy
I am sorry