Saturday, July 16, 2016

New Beginnings

Boondocks,I  got inspired this weekend to express no matter who they are or what you have done to them or vise versa; courage is the ultimate bravery and honor to have.That is the courage to forgive. Wish well to the ones that hurt you. Even if they don't deserve it. 
Lock the doors of your heart.
Someone is knocking...
Keep all the hurt away
Waiting for it to blow away.
The eyes you met long ago
Reappear in the shadows.
Lock the doors tight 
Barricade it shut.
They are coming... 
Keep your enemies close,
Keep your emotions buried,
Live with a fake smile, 
Wave till it hurts.
Knock. knock.
They won't leave...
Open the doors,
Let the hurt in one last time
Close your eyes tight and wait
Till your breathe disappears. 
 They close in
But hold you tight 
Their hand pats;
Welcoming you in like an old friend.
"It's good to see you." They state
"Why are you here?" You ask
They: "I don't know..why are you hiding from me?" 
You: " Do your eyes lack sight. Your scars are still fresh right on my hands."
 Open the shutters
 let the hurt go out your windows 
Breathe it all in 
Till it hurts
Forgiveness is only
Here to free you.
What are you running from?