Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Place

Canyons open wide 
Greet the sheet of stars
That is being pulled over the blue sky
Cool and crisp air whirls like a dance
The Reds and oranges of the canyon
Turn pink and grey.
Like they hide their true colors when darkness kisses the sky.
I stand firm 
In the middle
My sole in awe 
I want to stay here forever 
Be here away from the pain
All the shouts 
All the screams
All the venomous drinks 
Can't hurt me here
No one can touch me
No one can hear me
Peace the taste 
Sweet as cakes
I can breathe
I can be free

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dirty words

A blade of a knife rest between my lips
The sharp end numbs my tounge as it digs deeper with every word I speak
I wish it could cut and tear my vocal box
Like a present 
I can't speak life 
I can't speak hope
My heart is hard and feels heavy from the dark
I hate to see my own mother cry and weep agony out of her eyes 
Her whales crush my heart
I wish I could never speak
So that her ears may not bleed
I pray for my mouth to sow itself shut
So she could plant life in the soil of my heart
Instead of tearing us apart
I love you 
I plead I be free
From this person I am to be
You have given me life from your womb
But I have given you wounds
Please forgive me
And love me 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Come Back..

Where are you?
I feel you... 
But my eyes are blind.
As a bat in the night.
Whistles of leaves,
Howels at the moon.
The fingers of branches
Whisper and laugh 
Among the dark.
Lift the dark baby
With your the torch of your heart.
Let it burst through the trees!
Let it go with ease!
I will find a way to bring you home 
Through this storm .
Come to me... 
I call your name,
Like a fool
Shouting in the dead of night.
So clear and moon so bright.
I need you here beside me
I need you to guide me.
With your voice and light
I will be with you this night.