Thursday, October 30, 2014

Prince Charming

You are beautiful
Like the suns rays in midday 
Your snow like face
Radiates the smile carved in your face
With lips pink as the sunset
Your sweet kiss 
Fills the cracks my past left behind  
The curls upon your head of
Which you wear 
Glide like a horses mane
In the wind. 
Your heart and soul are one with the wind and sky.
Your tears form flowing rivers 
Quenching life's dryness.

Ladies and girls
With straight and curls
A man treats with his heart
From the start
Not bringing his pain
Of the game
He plays at home.
He needs to love
Like a poet lost in his words.
Choice is yours 
Make it worth soaring. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I lay lifeless, not a sound 
Tis the night filled with essence of silence.
The air breaths ice,
Frosting the floor below.
Elagance of snow flakes.
Drizzle over my covers. 
My shutters are bust with rust
Welcoming a long night of cold. 
I sink deeper and deeper, 
Piling blankets as a animal would burying it's self under ground.
I hear in the hall 
My clock call. 
Raining sounds of it's bells.
I ignore.
Creaks of the stairs
I could bare it's scares
I grow tighter in my cocoon.
Ahhh! Ahhh.
Shook the halls
Do my ears play tricks on me this night?
Let me sleep in this frost bite.
Ahhh!! Ahh! 
Go I say  away away!
Come a another day!
I toss to my back down
My eyes wide
My heart pounds like a drum
I can't breathe!
As a white face screams
Ahhh! Ahh! 
Pinning me down piercing it's cries!
Going black as a raven
I lay lifeless, not a sound 
Tis the night filled with essence of silence
The air breaths ice
Frosting the floor below.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


A sun has dawned 
Raining over fields of gold
Birds sing songs of old
Lilac sway to and froe 
Weeping willows all in rows 
The porch swing creaks and squeaks
As my smile grows
Time will heal my bones
My Soul will listen 
To gracious whispers of the wind
Let myself unwind
Let me rest
A new is at hand
Breathing sweet morning air
Clearing the rain of despair 
I am opening my eyes for the first time

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

China Doll

One in a millon
stars in the sky
will burst and scatter like dust.
While I blister rust
the beauty in me
seems to be
fading like a star
Oh so far.
Though I look
Im an open book
lines go on
like a song hundred pages long.
Their highs and lows
their fasts and slows.
I stay at the edge of the cliff
As if,
Something is waiting for me
My porcelain legs
Dangle and kick
The brass trunk that makes me sick
My blue dress faded
My hair saraded 
My face cracked and broken
One hole is a size of a tolken.
Beauty was my friend but left
Kindness departed 
Rosy thrown out
And tossed about.
All alone 
In a dark empty room
 Grey and gloom
Endless rain
Leaves a stain
Remembering my pain.
Who will hold me now?
Call me theirs
Lifting my despaire.
My wish to be held
Once more
By a child I adore.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Time is Healing

Someone lift this pain
Squeezing my heart
Tearing me apart.
I fell under your spell
Which ill never regret.
Now only time can ever tell
How you and I heal
From a never ending feel
of being lost 
baring the cost of a broken heart.
shedding tears
Please tell me
I didn't let you down.
Or wasn't good enough.
I try to be happy
and you make it easy
Why cant I?
Where Im I?
Even though 
I cry
Repeating our goodbye
Over and over
In my head.
From all that was said.
I understand
But the pain still stands
Please smile
only if it lasts a while.
Dont worry your little head
you will only hurt.

Im so sorry.
I bid you the best
Farewell for now.

Gracious words are honeycomb and sweet to the soul, healing to the bones.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chasing My Self


     Has come, time for reminisce
          Of the days missed
        Screaming my name
        Trying to stop before it's too late
    To come back through the gate
         Mistakes whisper and haunt 
            Echos of my voice blow my hears
     Where did I go?
            Claps of foot steps ring 
             As I watch my self unfold
        From stories of old.
         I just want to be me.
      Time is at a close
         Or is it near
    A hand of fear
Holds me dear 
    Air is getting short 
I feel torched 
From the scars I bare
    Dear someone spare me?

I woke up from a dream
So real it seemed


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Fly Fly away
I don't want to stay
In a cage
till I die of old age
Soaring and singing my song
Is what I long.
Fly fly away

The days have gone grey
Through I still know
even through depths of snow
my heart will heal
made into steal
by your kiss 
oh that I miss
Fly fly away

From this place I say
Singing my song
Is what I long
Fly Fly away
Peaceful into the sun
Fly fly away
For I am done
Fly fly away

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Labels of Kindness

Preps say, "Im better."
Athletes cry,"Im tougher."
Nerds calculate, " We are the force raise your sonic screwdrivers."
Goths mumble "We work in black. . . Batman!"
Hippies and Skaters, "Live in peace and light your candles and just ride life."
Outcasts and Nobodies, " Live like friends, Love like family."

All the voices 
And choices
of whatever we are
We are all just psycho in our own ways.
Making life interesting 
Instead of its sting.
Labels all and all
make the tears fall.
We are who we are in our hearts.
The world may label
But we are able
to make a difference.
Through the brilliance
Of laughs, wonder, creativity.
The world is our canvas
glowing with brightness.
So I say 
Make someone's day
Calling them beautiful, awesome, smart.
You just might make a friend today.

If you can't understand others, you can't understand yourself.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Facing Fears

Pounding of drums vibrate
Against my skull
I scream 
I cry
I dont want to say goodbye
To the past that once
Held me down.
I can still hear
echoes of the chains 
slamming my heart.
Even if I let go.
The drums play on and on
Replaying my mistakes.
Wishing a switch
could shut it off.
 I am terrified 
turning it off.
knowing it belongs
as a part of me.
 keeping my fear
stored in a box
Past is a ghost
that never leaves.
Waiting for its chance
to strike.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Clouds float by in a sea,
Like grey volcanic ash
deposits seeds
 passing by.
Blankets the ground
Dying it white
bitting my arms and legs
making them cold to the touch.
Peace rings its bells
Silence whispers
with the winds.
Covered in ash
as so it may be
Smiling my purple lips
As love warms
my viens.
Nothing is better
than wonderland.
With endless thoughts in my head.
As street lights leading my way.
I can't help but look
at the light streaming through
the houses along the street.
Watching families
read bedtime stories
or have a good snuggle
by a fire.
For in my heart I desire
To have a such love.
For i am alone
for my family is now
marked with headstone.
Still I have hope
and smiles.
Lasting me a lifetime.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Back against the wall
screaming in agony
Im covered in bear claws
with a blanket of blood 
surrounding me.
drawing closer to the 
the cold keeps me awake
and revived 
If I sleep I die. 
Chains bolted
To this stone cell
Kick and pull 
No budge,
No freedom.
I know I did wrong 
Why did I deserve this?
I'm a bird in a cage 
No way out
No air to soar
And let out a roar.
Form pools
From the tears I shed.
Who can save me?
From a cave 
Of my own doing.
No one except my self.

Mistakes is what life is made of
Locking our selves 
In a cell 
When we can't handle it all.
Only to be consumed 
From our own ghosts
Passing through 
Screaming all the wrong doing.
Burying deeper and deeper.
To escape 
There one way 
Free and follow 
Your heart 
And you can break through walls.