Thursday, November 28, 2013



   Staring at the moving earth around    me
        My mind is bleak and clouded
I've lost my direction
I don't know where to go
My hope is gone
My joy disintegrated
Replaced with indescribable pain
There is no name for this emotion
An unknown attack
A parasite slowly eating me away
Knowing the departure is soon to come
I cry and cry my tears
Away into a river 
I love you 
Miss you more than
The earth misses the sun
Please don't forget 
Everything we done
Let's keep our memories
As a photograph 
That it my have a special
Place in our hearts 
Until we meet again 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


White Ash

Ding Dong Ding Dong
The bells from the church strike.
Midnight is upon the earth once more.
Everything is peaceful and quiet.
Nothing is stirring,
Or rattling
As the snow falls gently kissing the earth.

Light from the lamp posts,
Glow like the stars in the clear sky.
Row by row they go on and on,
Into the horizon.

The snow covers the earth like a blanket.
With its imprints of the past.
Indented on the sidewalk,
Scattering in every direction.

Peace rings in the silence.
Blood has been cleaned,
As white as snow.
The war has ended.
And the white ash falls from the sky,
As we mourn and sleep in silence.

Let it snow.
Let it snow.
Like a lullaby.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Letter

Dear Friend,
I call out to you
chanting your name in the wind
My heart wrenches as I watch you walk away
Leaving me here in the cold wind
Of my dark home
I breakdown and weep
I don't want you to leave
Leaving me here to wash the floor with my tears
To become weak 
My heart is already wrenched with pain
More constantly comes 
Like the midnight express
Waking me up from a living nightmare
I can not imagine my life without you
My world would spiral 
As I take on the pain alone
Knowing you care
Is what keeps me strong,
Courageous, and faithful
I will stay strong
Just for you,
And only you
My love 
My song

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Dear

Farewell My Sweet Friend

I sit quietly in my bed
With running thoughts in my head
Many thoughts of you appear

Ever so clear
They give me a smile
That lasts a mile

Echoes of our laughs
That filled each others half
Ring inside our hearts
But thats where it all starts

All the goodbyes
As we look to the sky
Full of stars
Wondering what we are

As we drift far apart
Our love is a work of art
That will never be forgotten

So my dear
As the end draws near
My love I will miss you
For all time

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Here I lay
On the barren cement
My body is weak and cold
My eyes have no life shining in them
My heart busted from the self inflected wounds of my struggle.
My blood runs like fog across the ground.
Then the rain washes it away in to the drains 
No evidence of my existence will be found.
My body has betrayed me by turning into stone.
I am lifeless and live amongst the shadows that whisper to me.
How I got here? 
There was a place I ventured 
Full of happiness
Full of life and wonder
Yet I was alone 
No one knew I existed 
No one gave me a glance
Not even a hello
No one cared
I was truly trapped in my own mind
Full of agony,
My heart flooded with pain.
How is that in a place so wonderful 
drowned me in loneliness?

I wish some one cared, 
Like a friend or a hand to hold
Sadly I withhold a wish that will never come true 

Now I paid the final price 
To my sorrow and life
Death by me.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Haunting Whispers

“ The cries of the Soul”
Whispers of the dark call to me
Whispers of the dark call to me
Its cries pierce my ears
No one can save me

From this eternal bond of hate

My eyes are weary, I’m blind by lust
My eyes are weary, I’m blind by lust
The room is gray with brick walls; as it spins and sways from side to side
The room is gray with brick walls; as it spins and sways from side to side
My head turns heavy and throws its self to the floor
I can’t move my body is paralyzed

I can hear the sweet soft rain pound against the walls
I can hear the sweet soft rain pound against the walls
Reminds me of the music, but the sweet rain is only the music I’ll hear
Reminds me of the music, but the sweet rain is the only music I’ll hear
I’m utterly alone in a pit of despair and grief
No one can save me

Cries of hate call to me
Whispers of the weary spin against the grey brick walls
Despair and grief is the only music ill hear
The sweet rain pounds against my head
No one can save me

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Me Myself and I

Who I AM
I am courageous and shy
I wonder what people think of me?
I hear the cries of hate and love
I see the world as a battle
I want peace and love not judgment
I am courageous in my heart and shy in my ways.

I pretend to have love on my side with someone special
I feel life coming alive in my heart
I live in a blanket of darkness
I am full of doubt 
I am in pain
I touch the warmth of the sun
I worry I’ll go back to the darkness
I cry if love lets me go
I am courageous and will fight and shyness is not a weakness

I understand I have strength to pull through struggles
I say I will never turn back to the past again
I dream of a better life than living in shadow
I try to do my all to get into the light of day
I hope I will never go back
I am courageous and shy

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Feared One

Hey Boondocks! This piece is one of my older ones, it deals with the stress of abuse and what it does to ones self! Enjoy!

A gentle breeze chimes, blowing the wind. Blue jays fill their songs with love. Children’s laughter fills the air.
Down in the corner of Peaceful Valley Way, a blond-haired, little girl sits alone holding a dandelion.She sings a gentle tune; the house behind her is old and worn down.
Suddenly the door creeps open as she still sings. Approaching by her side is a tall, scruffy-bearded man; he lays a hand filled with hate on her shoulder. His piercing green eyes fill her with fear. He yanks her by the arm with his hooks; she goes inside the house where her terrifying fate awaits.
Inside, the walls are rather worn down with mouse holes in the cracked, brick walls. She is a slaveto the one who adopted her.
Crack of the whip. Crack! Crack! The whip hits her ten times a day for being slow at cleaning the bare, tiled floor. Bruises shine from the time she carried more weight than she could hold.
Every day she asks herself: Will I ever be loved? Will I survive the next day? Food is so little for one small mouth. Someone rescue me from this pain.
She goes to school damaged, broken, and alone. Who can save her? She wants to be heard, yet no one can hear her cries. She’s a ghost.
Is there anyone that cares for me? Questions ping pong through her head, left unanswered. She needs love, but who can provide that?
As she sits contemplating her thoughts the radio turns on. A voice sings: “Just give it onemore try to a lullaby, to let you know that you’re not alone.”
When bad things take a hold of your heart,  just close your eyes and go somewhere safe.
Be careful little eyes of what you see.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ancient Whispers

Ghost Town

Drums echo in the East 
Fires burn in the West
Screams are heard around the world 
The Darkness lurks and destroying  
Everything in its path
Man will not rein
For only ghosts roam
All the earth will ever hear
Are the whispers, 
 The screams, and the cries of lost souls
Nothing more. Nothing Less.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Peace Rings

The waters lay still and restless
As the sunset arrives
With its warm colors dancing across the mirror
A wooden circle overlooks the water
 I step on to its wooden frame with each step it creaks and moans
Approaching the rail laying my arms to rest
My thoughts of the future gaze into the bright kiss on the water
Another journey has ended a new is about to dawn
Peace at last

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Death of Insanity

“Music Box”

Tick tock Tick tock
Echos the clock in the living room
Ding Ding Ding
The chimes of the shadows ring
Bang Bang Bang
The shutters sing
Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum
Wind strums like violins
Doo Doo dooo doo
A young girl chants
Scratch Scratch Scratch
The voices are coming
The noise grows louder
Insanity takes over
Make it stop


Monday, November 4, 2013

A Silver Lining

Hope Arises 

I have nothing more 
No more words to be spoken 
Love is forever gone
Just a cob web waiting to be swept away
My body aches
My heart breaks
My eyes have no trace of life
Something is killing me
It mutilplies rapidly like weeds
It aches and tears 
My body slowly deteriorates 
I can no longer walk
I'm growing tierd of the same pain
The same game angony plays
But through you 
You have given me love 
You have given me grace 
You have given  me healing