Thursday, July 31, 2014

River Split in Two

Down this path 
I walk on
Guided by tall trees
Next to the bees
Pollinating near by 
Row on row the flowers bloom
The entrance to a river bed
The river spilt 
Into two ways one left 
One right
The left is straight and narrow
No bends or curves
Leading on and on
To the right it's bends
Are tight to the sight 
With rapids every couple feet
In my boat a descion lies
ahead do I follow the straight and narrow?
Or the right with bumps and curves
Tough and difficult to ride.
I'll flip a coin 
I thought, tales left, heads right 
Flipped the old silver 
Lands in the river.
Play the old pick and choose 
Enie minie moe
How does that song go?
Now which way?
Suddenly a gentle voice says go right my child for I am with you.
Never fear for I am here
But I want to go left 
Less work
For my old boat.
Then again go right I am with you
Never fear for I am here.
So I ponder and wonder 
Okay you win I go right.
Tight fight 
Dodging every bend and rock
Every bump and dump
My bow makes 
Gives me shakes 
At the end I see the left
Ending at a waterfall 
100 feet did it drop
No wonder I stopped
By the voice who gave me the choice
To save my life or end it and all I know of if.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Whispers of the trees
Carry their tales through the wind
Taking them miles and miles away.
Echoing from one to the next.
Below leaves dance and prance 
To the rhythm of the whispers.
Stories and tragedies 
Leave their mark 
In the songs of the mellow lark
Who sings among the whispers
Of the trees
Who see
The untold
Past that lasts
Until peace
Nits and sows
All the broken bones
Laying beneath the forrest
That are not at rest.
Be careful when entering
You may see more
Then you'll ever want to know. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Not alone

When I feel alone
You are always there.
Telling me I'm not the only one
Who feels this way
your voice 
a warm blanket
cuddling close
to me at night.
Making me feel safe and sound.
your hold becomes tighter
as I become frightened
of the violent thunder
roaring words that swirl and taunt
but your my safe haven.
Holding me in the night
singing lullabies

a soft gentle
one that is mine
forever in all of time.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eyes like Ice

Cold as ice
As though it may seem
With gently brush touch of blue
Pierce my soul
How could such
A beauty   
With a heart of mercy
Have such pain.
It Glows in your eyes
As I look deeper
And gaze on and on
Another story is told 
Not by mouth
But blue windows
Holding secrets
Kept inside. 
Sheets of ice go on
For miles and miles
I whisper 
Darling come now
It's safe
The pain of yesterday has melted 
Come now
I have your hand 
I am by your side 
Forever and ever
Through every sunrise.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Little Kid

I can hear my wind chimes
Of my home
Gently play lost songs 
That once brought joy 
Love into the earth.
Sun shining bright 
Welcoming the day 
As I play 
With my old friends
With a kick and a flick
Of our feet 
We play ball in the street .
I can hear my mom call me in
For supper to begin
I want to stay out on this warm night 
Play till everyone is out of sight
The time I can see every street lamp
Light the quiet road between rows 
Of houses on every corner.
I close my eyes and imagine
I'm a great dectective sloving in the night 
But bed time awaits 
For my young bones
I sleep till another day comes

Monday, July 21, 2014

Free at last

Coming out of that old chevy
was my baby
On our first day
What could I say
I didn't know what was coming
But what I saw standing
Struck my heart.

At first we didn't talk
Just walked and stared
shy as can be
I wonder you see
When you look at me.

Then my chains fell to my feet
I am finally free
From what was once holding me back

Covered in muck
This really sucked
I didnt look like a princess
When we met

That night at the fire
glowing bright with desire
Our eyes got lost
Then our lips met

Then my chains fell to my feet
I am finally free
From what was once holding me back

I can breathe in 
Hold you close 
Till I fall asleep in your arms
Keeping me safe from harm 
I am free

Thursday, July 17, 2014

ill child

Ding ding 
The chimes are singing 
A warm sun grinning 
Come Come 
Enjoy this lovely day
Come out to play 
Hear the squeaks and creeks
Of children on a titer toter
Endless laughter in their joyous smiles 
All around
Bringing happiness abound
I smile and watch behind
The glass wondering 
What it would be like 
To dance and prance 
In the wonderful romance 
Of merryment.
Trapped and slapped 
Shut in my cage 
My master is quite a rage
I sit and beg to join
The joking and laughter.
All in all he gets madder
"Your a sick child, 
Stay inside where it's nice and mild.

(To be continued)


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Cave

With merriment I ran around in circles dancing with the paper. Laughing joyously the coordinates to the next clue were in my hands. To the office! I commanded my self. I approach my mahogany gateway to then opened to a persian rug, cherry wood floor with at the tip of the carpet, a midnight colored desk with swirls carved into the wood. Another fire place to my right cracks and sparks peacefully.
To the left my grandfather clock ticks quietly matching the rhythm of the fire.
My desk is different than most. Instead of engraved plated name tags, staplers,  or pictures of my kin. I simply, have a chemistry lab and a few notebook papers and pencils. 
Something to give a little excitement to the case. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Drunk Love

I come to see
your gleaming smile
shining from sea to shining sea
The warmth you bring
like a cozy fire on a winters night
keeps me grounded
as I am far from home
Your laugh and courage
inspires me
to keep being me.

But as you pour another drink
the toxin begins to sink.
Words are Words
What is spewed out of ones mouth
vibrates the very earth you stand on.
Shakes and quakes.
Damaging those next to you.

Out of your loving mouth 
words of hate and pain
tear my heart.
YOU WILL have this
You will be that.

Like a knife the words rip and tear.
But I still treasure you. 
I still care.
I still love you. . . 

 Your Granddaughter

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Give up, End this.

Ashes cry from the sky
day break never dawned
endless clouds
paint the sky grey.
Here I lay among the ashes
with all my lashes.
Scares and souvenirs,
streaming out my tears.
I lay frozen in time
no where to run
no where to hide.
My brokeness and pain.
played their game
to tear my heart apart.
I have nothing left.
"End this now I say"
I shout to nothing but echo.
Giving up 
will leave a sweet taste in my mouth.
To end this pain.
But my heart
urges and whispers 
Go on continue 
you journey.
Close your eyes,
For the one who loves you the most.
Will be there till the end.
He is watching 
Smiling of how proud 
He is of his child.
Go on for  him
No one else.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blank Blank Blank

Here lies a blank page
nothing is written
In ink or in pen
nor pencil 
in red, blue, yellow, and green.
Pale snow white
is what I have come to write.
Sit and wait
till the pages begin to state.
A story untold from  afar
or closer to the heart. 
In deep poetry
or a short story.
Maybe I could write a novel.
For now I have a blank page.
Nothing is written
In ink or pen
nor pencil
 of red, blue, yellow, and green.
The true story is hidden
deep in my memory
already written
in my book of history.
Of adventures.
even past the sky above.
My love.
Because stories are never written.
But lived.

The Stowaway and I

Call me Mr. Unlucky.
 I'm on my way.
To the place I know.
I call home.
Covered in snow
As though it may seem.
Nothing but delays
And a stowaway.
That follows me
and sits beside me.
Stiring a Strom
Of Rage 
With a cup of frustration
I come to the train station
I fondel my bags 
My head sags 
A missing wallet 
I have been robbed 
Every penny. 
I tried renting a car 
Hoping it would get me far.
My stoe away and I 
Blast the radio 
And sing 
But the car begins to ding
Over heating engine
Trying to avoid being singed
With a bang the car flames
I hate life's games!
I shout about 
Cursing at the sky 
Wondering why
This keeps happening
Though there is some good to this story 
The stowaway keeps me company
On my endless journey back home
We have no money
No hope 
No reason to try 
But a family 
Will soon be mine
No matter how long 
This journey maybe 
We've got each other just you and me.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

The March Of the Fourth

Red white and blue
Blast and burst 
With a Bang!
One hundred times
Declaring hope, pride
Home we carry on our backs
In battle with the blood and sweat 
We Howel victory 
Weeping and praying are the only things
Keeping you and me going.
Red white and blue
A blast and a burst
Bang Bang Bang
The cannons go
For there is more to come then we know.
Freedom we stand 
Heart to heart
Hand in Hand.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Wonder

I wonder
how the stars are placed
oh so perfect.
With a white eye
lighting the way
when the  sun
I wonder
what he would be. 
How he talks.
His voice.
His honesty, thoughts
I wonder when we meet
will he sweep me 
off my feet?
Ive only heard wonders
and love.
From the lovely dove.
I wonder
if he'll smile.
A mile.
Come with me to 
my willow tree.
I wonder
If he'll stay 
or go away.
If he's crouch 
walking about.
I wonder if he's as sweet and deep as the stars
in the night sky.
I wonder?
I wonder?
I wonder?