Sunday, June 29, 2014


I have gone
To the world beyond 
Astray from the life
And light of what I knew
My past walks beside me like a ghost 
A friendly host
Of my fate
Will soon come to date. 
For now I wonder
Ponder the halls I knew
Could I start a new?
Scares I bare 
Cannot compare.
 Deep in memories! 
Please bring me cerenity!
What is done 
Is done
Time will unmend what has been written
 Waiting is the  best medicine.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Secret Message

All the surrounding stars of the night form patterns and are organized. Why couldn't a case such as this be so clear and precise. As the town sleeps, I pace my floor with some scotch and a gently lit fire. This is how I think when I'm stuck. Whether is cases, troubled conflicts, and most of all the female species. How those women live and think I'll never understand. I'm not nessasarly feminist they are just the worlds biggest case. Only God could put together. As I was saying my thinking routine goes sort of like this scotch, pace, think. Scotch, pace, think. In other matters these letters, why such hardship to hide them all just to lead to the culprit. I mean if it were me I would make this simple but angonizingly hard. As if it was staring at you in the face. Hmmm I have the letter but where to go? 

I started shaking the paper violently, "why don't you say somthing!" As if it could talk. Suddenly my thumb caught a hidden flap in the letter. I grasp it open 
And to find coordinates! 



Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Twin Towers repeat

Hey boondocks this is one of my first pieces I ever wrote for this blog! Here's the throwback

Ding Dong Ding Dong

                                         Do you hear the bell?

Ding Dong Ding Dong

                                                                     Do you hear it? The sound of the fallen?

Ding Dong Ding Dong

 I can hear it

                               All the screams

The screams heard around the world

Ding Dong Ding Dong
  Can you feel it?

The rain

             Tears from heaven 

They are falling

I feel them kissing my skin

                    We are mourning for the dead

Ding Dong Ding Dong 

                The bell is the call of rememberance
Of those burned in the towers of the East

 Echos of engines haunt the site
Visions of those who jumped with the ashes
Flash in our memories
The agony has never left
Ding Dong Ding Dong
It will always exisit 

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Willow Tree

Come to me 
Across the dirt Roads
That bump and jerk 
Through the small buildings
To the empty streets.
Where the river meets.
The sky reflects the mirror below
as you walk the path 
I built for you.
Follow it and you shall find Me.
Come To Me.
The willow tree.
Hide under my branches
so that harm may never reach you.
Sleep, meditate, cry if your heart is breaking.
I will be here to give hope and peace.
To your pain.
Come to Me 
The willow tree.
I will blow lullabies 
with my leaves.
Come to Me 
The willow tree.
I will be waiting.
To listen.
Come to Me 
The willow tree.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


If one finds the rest
You  will be put to the test
Find them over the city you know
Places you even out grown.

I look up upon the window and noticed evening struck. "Well we will continue our session tomorrow Ms. Johnson, I do believe you are in need of some rest tonight,"I asserted. 
"Indeed Detective, I could use it. Goodnight."

I headed outside and to my car. The words of the riddle recite over and over in may head on the ride home. It may not seem as hard as it looks but 19 letters and one clue hidden. It takes a lot on ones brain but not mine. Mine is superb! If I do say so my self. Oh where to begin, where to start, where to go.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Haunted Halls

Hey boondocks I have done another poem. I want the next mystery piece to be perfect. Stay strong.
Cries and good byes still echo
Through the windows 
The halls
Laughter turns to screams
In the night
No one can save them now
They are coming  
Closer and closer
Killing two by two.
No survivors are seen with the naked eye.
Except one 
The abandoned. 
You've gone away for the last time
My gardian angel
My pain  bleeds as red as these drapes.
I am left with nothing 
The kindness turned grey
The happiness turned dark.
A light never grows in these shadows 
Hallow halls of my heart seal the doors
And gates shut.
Nothing  comes in 
Nonthing comes out.
Dust codes what once was
And what will ever be.
Nothing can be done
To change what's been done.
Only memories haunt the halls.
Claiming as their own.
We will all turn to dust 
And go back where we came from.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Promise

All is said and done
Our hearts are dead and gone.
Yet the sun comes another day.
One by one it plays
Wishing we could rewind
What we entwined.
In the past
I wish it didn't last.
Forever and ever
It will endeavor. 
Scar and tear
Our hands bare.
Pain will come
Taking some
Of what we treasure.
But what we cannot measure
Is the beauty
Of this city.
Shining star bright
In the silence of the night.
Hand and hand
We can make this right.
Wrap it up tight.
Underneath the moonlight.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


This the beauty of the findings! These letters brought me so much excitement I nearly had a heart attack. The answer to the murder of Johnson has been hand delivered to me. Extraordinary it was! I turn  back to Mrs Johnson and her face grew white as snow. The sight of her face in the letter terrified the living daylight out of her. 
"Ms Johnson the other letters please."

"Please sir I don't want to look anymore." She cried.

" Just hand them to me and you won't have to," I assured. 

She handed them to me and I started to skim through them.. " Very funny Ms Johnson," I glared at her suspiciously.
 "What did I do?" She panicked.
 "You opened these letters so you wouldn't have to see them." I questioned.
"No sir haven't touched them for years.They are sealed like a buttoned shirt. "

"All the letters are missing except this note someone left."
I  pulled the letter out and started to read

If one finds the rest
You will be to the test 
Find them over the city you know
Places you even out grown.
But watch out while you go about
I'll be watching you and every move 
Do it before it's too soon. 

Konzoontike!!! The 19! Are hidden in the city!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Break Free From the World

Hey boodocks I'm going to flip flop between a poem and the detective series. To spice it up and have a little variety. Enjoy!

Morning light
Fills the earth with delight
The friey red smears 
Go for miles and miles
A new day kisses the mountains below.
My eyes dreary
I am weary
Of my pain 
That comes again
Birds songs echo through and through
But I never stay true.
Wondering into the abyss
I see what I miss
In the beauty of things
That blossom and grow, 
Sky high or two feet off the earth.
My feet drag on
This dry road I'm on
Passing the beauty
That I pitty 
Instead of admire 
I retire 
To my lonely 
My heart wants what lays outside
To break free. 
Then it occurred to me
Who is to stop me
From enjoying the wonder.
That lays before me.
Perhaps I need to be free of me.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

20 Letters 1 Clue

The creaks and squeaks of the rose box brought me to the edge of my seat. I start to lean forward  then gravity grasped my body and began my descent then caught the fall. Just the same feeling you get when you dose off in class and your head begins to fall. Anyways, the box, she pulled out 20 hate letters from years back up until a day before his death. 
Are these all from the same person?
As I  observe .

No not exactly... They are all from different people all the hand writing is different.

May I? 

No not at all. She states 

I took three of the letters and laid them out in frount of me. Hmmm...
Ah yes...
Yes of Course!!!

I beg your pardon Mr Hopkins?

But no one has sneezed.
No no Madame! It's what I say when I have discovered something. 

These letters are indeed from
The same person.
And Mrs Johnson, give me some water
She brought it to me and i put some
 on the paper. Mix it with my luminate and there depicted a picture of a women 
Ms Johnson her self!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nothing More To Give

Lights will slowly
fade till its nothing.
Darkness comes and knocks
Its screams and scratches
demanding to be let in.
Hunch over in the corner
drenched in fear
with nothing to give.
What is done cannot be changed.
All the lies, deceit, and gambles
whisper endlessly.
Cries wont fix
or bandaged
the past behind. 
What can save me now?
What do I have left?
I have nothing
not a crumb nor nibble
of freedom and forgiveness.
Just banned to eternal torture.
Nothing else seems to matter.
Love has left
Joy has abandoned me.
Happiness closed its doors.
Nothing but the swords,
cast from my past.
This is all that remains.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Taking another break from the mystery series. Thanks for all your support on this series, you Boonies really seem to like it. Here's a nice, easy, poem to get your day inspired. Stay Strong and love you guys.

My heart urns and turns
Like a tornando
Blowing across and endless sea of plains.
I wonder and crave for love
Trying to fit the puzzle pieces
Left long ago.
All the misses
And kisses.
That I once held.
Still stir and rumble
Trembling and shaking
All I believe.
Now gloomy and dark
Im still broken apart.
Where do I start?
From the stars above
I know that love
Is still beating.
Its a living and breathing song.
I knew for so long.
Hum and sing
Hope is about to ring.
Into the sky
Where the birds fly.
Over horizons 
Made of gold and bronze
With diamonds laying beneath.
Where I can be free to breathe.
Led by faith and not by sight.

picture: Linn_01_by_D4D1.jpg