Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Open up your eyes!

Trees as tall as Giants
Cloud the world above.
The sky is open. 
The gates are closed. 
Hidden deep in a universe,
Where the sky dances.
Where the food is a plenty.
Friends shaking hands.
Where laughter is the language of love
I gaze upon it.
My naked eyes can't see it.
I feel it in the wind...
I feel it in the grass... 
With the drops of dew...
I feel it in my heart...
While I'm on this path,
Blanketed with twigs and leaves,
Among the pavement
I know the one above is smiling at me.
Like the Suns face kissing me with rays 
I sigh at the beauty of this world.
But know I belong in another 
The one above.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Left Out

I scream! 
I cry!
All I ever hear is goodbye!
I am weary of farewells!
And bid wells!
Everyone leaves,
Like a breeze,
Blowing in the storm.
My heart is empty
But I've slept plenty.
Make it stop!
I drop
On my knees!
Begging please!
Won't you stay?
For just a day?
Maybe You won't go away.
Hate has taken everything from me!
Will you not believe me!
I've cut!
I've been called a slut!
All I need is a friend
To pour me a glass of love.
I thirst for the taste of Life 
These chains are tight.
I want to be free!
I want to be me!
Why won't you save me?
Why won't you stay with me?
I've told my story.
One that doesn't have glory,
But of darkness
In its likeness.
I want the light
Show me the way tonight!
Be there to listen.
Be there to glisen.
Your love and kindness 
Show me your brightness!
I am lost...


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tight Space

Tight Space
    No air to breathe.
Droplets smear their path along my face.
      No where to run
       No where to hide
Just me, myself, and I 
      No one hears me.
       No one cares.
Shadows and sleep are my friends.
    The cool touch of the wall
    Lifts and numbs the pain.
The clock adjacent, 
   Taunts me.
Over and over.
Tick-tock-tick- tock.
Waiting for death to show his face
The snow falls like ashes 
From the killing of many men
I rest with a rose in my hands,
My eyes closed,
With skin as cold as ice.


Sunday, April 19, 2015


I'm torn and scorned
this old wound has opened
My heart is awaking... 
I can hear this glass breaking.
The sound of your voice
Calls me back.
Like the comfort of my past.
Take me into your arms
And fly me away 
And I'll hear you say.
I'll be with you till hell freezes,
When the light grows dark,
When the Earth freezes and falls apart.
Till the end of our days, 
When we die in each other's arms.
Burn the past!
Burn the the torches!
And shine our love among the stars! 
Sadly you don't love me. 
Your eyes say someone else had won
I wondered if I could ever be that one.
I'm torn and scorned
this old wound has opened
My heart is awaking... 
I can hear this glass breaking.
The sound of your voice
Calls me back.
Like the comfort of my past.
Take me into your arms.
We will glide until sunrise
Until then I love from afar
Darling I'm missing you from wherever 
You are. 

Monday, April 13, 2015


Hello is anyone here
I guess the wall 
Is all I'll ever talk to.
I have never made friends 
I am a mess
What is it about me?
That no one wants.
I feel love but
Only from the shadows on my wall
All I ever want is a friend 
One to stay with me till the end.
The days are long 
I try to be strong.
Hello any one there 
Please anything a whisper
A hand
I just want a voice 
To talk to
To sing me to sleep 
I'm tired I've being alone these
Shadows are getting old.
Somebody anybody.
I want love.
Can anyone hear me?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Esmeralda: Made with fire

The hallowed halls
Sing echoes every night
Though I hide
I want to say goodbye
To the memories
That keeps me from being who I am

I'll set it all on fire
I've got to be free
From the past that holds me
With my hands
that glow with ember
The flame I hold
The heat can't hurt me
Its of my own making
I am cursed with this
new life. A fire power
that can't be tamed.
Just leave here
Before my heart becomes to dark
The fire in my eyes 
Glows in the night
I am awake
I am free 
Let the fire burn inside me
Let it go
I'm letting go
Don't let go.