Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Who are you?

Who Are You?
To the people I write to,
 It is always a lovely sight seeing my work being viewed.
Knowing someone is out there.
Knowing that you care.
I ponder somewhat in my pass time
wondering who are you?
The people I speak to
The people who listen,
The ones who come here for help,
The ones here who come for inspiration.
Who are you?
Its been about two years since we met?
Yet, I have been clueless as to who you are.
Are you lost?
Are you dealing with anger
or life's endeavors?
Who are you?
Are you here?
If so, please answer.
Tell me if I help
Because I do care.
About each and everyone 
Who are you?

Sincerely, my lovely Boondocks,
- Sabrina Black

The Call of My Happy Place

The Call of My Happy Place

The sound of quaking leaves fill the air
My feet bare,
In the grass that tickles. 
Pools of water shine like nickels.
Birds sing their songs 
All the day long...

The sky breathes fire behind the mountain slope;

This is where I cope.
Here on the plains of wild flowers;
 I come here all hours

To watch the beauty unfold.

To hear stories untold.

Come with me,
Where the sun greets me
With its everlasting kiss
One I truly miss.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

What is Love?

Love what do I know
What is it?
Is it something I can hold? 
An old relic of time?
Is it soft?
Is it rough?
Do I get butterflies flying off my heart?
Love a delicate flower,
An innocent child,
Playful, and energetic. 
Soft and warm.
A safe blanket.
Love is easy to fall into
But hard to get out.
It's a deep warm pool
With waterfalls and trees hanging off cliffs.
Something I never want to leave.
Yet the storms bring me inside and pin 
Me against the sharpest of rocks. 
Love is scary
Love is a storm
Love comes with a price
But it's worth having 
Without it we are nothing 
But ash blowing in the whisper of the wind.