Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Song

The  chevy
driving for hours and hours.
Chasing the sun as it was about to set.
pulling over 
to our favorite spot
with nothing 
but plains and mountains 
to stare at for miles and miles.
I see that look on your face
that you love me.
As our lips are about to meet
your arm reaches for your guitar.
I wrote you something 
Slowly strum the chords
playing softly but lively.
your sweet rough voice
carries me to a different world.
Every word rains true.

Years have passed
I still remember the song you wrote.
Marking it my song just for me.
Even though our lives are seperate
I still think back to the chevy
the sunsets, the song.
It gets me through
hard aches and heart breaks
that wear me down.
All because
one memory echoes through time.
Never to recede. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Love Two

A surprise like no other
Is my love covered in snow
on his uniform
on bended knees he greets
with flowers and holly.
I just want his warm lips upon mine
As we dance in the moonlight
with the warmth of christmas cheer
The lights are dim and near
twinkling like the stars above.
My heart hurts no more with worry 
of him not being home or nowhere to be found.
He is in my arms at last
here to stay with me and cherish nothing but love this christmas.
Hold tight to those who need you
Hold tight to those you love.
Before they escape from your arms.
never to be seen again.
This christmas have a cup of cheer and stories of old,
and hold those you love close and tight
While the world is quiet and bright.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas love

Walking down the avenue 
Leaving cold foot prints behind.
My face rosey and irritated,
From the bitting wind.
I pull my black trench coat
Closer to my chest.
I feel the snowflakes coming upon my breast.
This avenue guides the wonderer 
With it's blazing lamps
As far as the eye can see.
Up and down lights hung on the edges
Of houses red, white, and green.
Christmas is once upon us again
To warm ones heart on a cold winters night
When all else seems to dissapate into disappointment . 
I see my window covered with winters breath with my glove I wipe to reveal a wreath all green with bulbs like tulips 
Glisning in the light. 
A sign of welcome of light and warmth.
I enter upon my home to reveal a surprise  beyond my wishes.
To be continued...   

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Time of Giving

The silver bells rings.
And the carolers sing.
The time of Christmas
Is upon us,
Time to wrap packages
For those of all ages.
Hang lights of joy;
With the sound of Christmas noise.
Friends and family gather once again
To receive instead of gain.
But how many people;
Gathered in the steeple 
Are lonely in a time of jolly?
With not a holly
Hung on the wall
To be admired by all.
Family and friends are never more,
But to them they are worth more than a store.
For this holiday,
make it a lasting day.
Of laughter and love
To those lonely doves.
Giving them love and care.
For as one is to bare
Tears of joy and smiles
That last in their hearts once in a while.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I am His

I am His
In his heart 
In his passion
He is jealous of me
Of who I am to be
Though I find my self in the dark
I know his call like a mellow lark 
His tune rings through the sky
Flying through the air like a butterfly
I am His
In his love
In his presence
He gives me hope
Through this slippery slope
His words are sweet to my bones
Like a sweet honey comb
I am his 
In his heart
In his presence 
In his eyes
He is jealous of me 
Of who I am to be

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm just me

Time escapes my hands
Floating away till I can't see it 
Memories of yesterday turn in for the night
Sleeping soundly and quietly
I wish I knew what life holds
As though 
Coming after me like a train
I am lost 
I don't know where I am
Or where I've been 
Only what I've seen
Pass by like lighting.
I wish I could go back
To watch me grow
Witness the moments I've missed
Stop myself from making regrets
That still echo pain in my heart.
Revive through the life's laughs and wonders 
Feeling of innocence and carefree 
I know I can never go back
But I can always look back.
To the moments that made me.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Good Night...

Late at night
The stars gleaming bright.
I lay quietly
And breath slowly.
Underneath the covers,
Over my head. 
With a flash light at hand
Reading your bland
Romance poems.
I laugh and smile;
You make my heart 
Go a mile.
Though it may seem
Your the one for me.
Staying up late
And talking all night
I took the bite
Of your love and grace.
Your kiss
Is a chocolate bliss.
Addicting and smooth.
Loosing my self in your eyes
As time flies by.
My eyes lids grow heavy
So I must sleep
Good night my love
See you when the sun rises.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I can barely keep my eyes open
Looking at the sky
I wish there was some other way.
To let my light go,
Lifting my fog
Clogging my heart. 
I just want to feel alive
I just want to get by.
With this world
Of hard hearts.
Though another day parts,
The darkness starts
A new 
Stronger than ever. 
Did I hide my self away 
For too long?
A cloud of dust
Is my home.
Where I will rome,
For the rest of my days.
Till the one finds me
With his light.
Shining bright
As the sun, comes to dawn.
To sing another song,
Of what used to be
With me
So long ago. 
Everything that was perfect,
A distant lie,
A memory.
Fallen down down
Never to return again.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lift my Burden

Back from the past 
Did you miss me?
Remember when you were a suck up?
A joke?
A fool?
Remember all the wrong you commited?
Your so impure, you crawl on this earth 
Like a snake. 
Those relationships 
A big mistake.
Except one.
Your first love.
Why is everyone so high and mighty
In their pride. I'm perfect in every way 
Forget it. The same mistakes come from those hearts you take.
Keeping them
In your chamber. 
So you remember your shame
Shouting back at you. 
I want to be lifted of my burden
On my crippling back.
These voices whisper lies
That tie my throat till I can't breathe. 
Lift me up into your hand
To the highest land
Where your eyes shine pure
My heart breaks with your love.
Just when I have given up. 
Your truth has come clear.
Let your voice shake the very ground I stand
With the palm of your hand,
Hold me close 
Till I understand
How much I mean to this world.
Show me the way
Leaving my burden behind
Cause tomorrow can worry about itself. 


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Believing is Seeing

 If we can't see
To believe 
Do we have hope?
Of this life that is a slippery slope.
With our hearts
Even when there torn apart 
Do we still believe? 
What we see?
In madness and hell
Who can break us from this spell?
In pain and suffering 
While our mind buffers.
Do we believe?
What we can't see?
Right in frount of our noses
Seeing is believing 
but something's
 that are real in this world 
are the things we can't see.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Before I Go

Rock back and forth
The creaks 
Of the wooden chair.
A pair of blue eyes
Stair and escape
Into a memory.
Fall just reached 
Its blossom of colors
Daisy dance with the wind.
"Mommy push me higher."
She cries
The swing pulls back
"Let go mommy."
She flys into the sky
Her feet can touch the clouds.
She fasts forwards
 To under the willow
Where the swallow sings.
Wraps herelf in his arms.
Her lips begin to rest
On his like a pillow.
The kiss bellows beneath her heart.
Makes it stop to skip one beat.
On the hill
The sun kisses the grains
Of the prairie below.
Endless mountains surround her
Melts her eyes in awe.
The place
She could be
Who she wanted to be.
Like a vortex
Sucks back to the chair.
Sudden pools fill her eyes.
drips like a faucet.
Knowing what she is going
To leave behind.
Before she joins the sky
Were the Mellow Larks cry.
High above the clouds
Where peace meets the earth.