Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Replay the chains.

Why did this have to happen?
All the hard work
The blood and sweat 
Go to waste
What I'm I going to do?
Go back? To the beginning?
But my past is such a mess
A castrophy, replaying 
The reel I once stared
Would break my heart.
All the doing I did on the big screen.
For everyone to see. 
Why would I want 
Every flaw of me
To come boiled out
Just so those can laugh about.
No one needs to know me
Of who I am.
Just me. 
Nothing more.

Your past will always be apart of you. 
Can't change what has been done.
Of the dirty slate.
The future is clean and bright.
Come and fight 
Against the world that
Holds you back.
Plan a attack.
The past is your story.
So why not share your glory.
The strength you carry in your pocket.
Loosen the chains holding you against the wall
Before you loose it all.
Let's begin
Why and who are you?

Sunday, September 28, 2014


all the people.
Young and old
a wish fore told.

In this world
I wish it would.
Be full of ha's
And belly pains,
From the ticklish nerve
found with in.

Imagine the world,
filled with laughing gas.
Instead of air;
Just for a while
in a time of denial,
time of hate,
and a time of gloom.

We would all 
give love
with laughs,
instead of stabs
of words from our minds.
Leaving our differences behind.
Laughter is the best medicine, 
Why haven't we taken it?

Its much more important
to buzz like a bee
and sting. 
To who we see.
Laughs bring
endless smiles
that last a mile.
Laughter is contagious
Spread this cold
around and around.
To all the world
may it be found.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sunsets and Sunrises

Morning, join me
on this fine porch
listen to the birds sing. 
Pinks and blues
ringing through the sky
like a good morning kiss.
The heavens close 
For another day dawns
I watch my love, my wife
Join the morning sky 
As she walks 
to the horizon.
Every sunrise
She leaves
As if she has 
another life.

Stay with me through the day.
A miracle awaits.
Reds and Oranges
Calm the day away
The birds sing one less tune
before the night is due.
Look closely,
my wife
here she comes with her basket
full of the freshest flowers.
I get to hold her all night.
Through the dark's cold bite.
I love her
Dance with her
Laugh with her till
The next sunrise comes.
I sit
give her lips a kiss.
Watch her walk away to the horizon.

Everyday I wait till sunset,
To love her again.
For she  no longer breathes again.
Lost from her battle
She still comes 
every sunset
To love me,
Laugh with me,
Hold her in my arms.
Till the next sunrise comes.
till the day I join her.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1865 Morning

Tears of heaven
Kiss the red pools
Of lifeless and cold.
 Not a voice 
To be heard 
Just a sound of pit pat
Drumming against the earth.
Bowing our heads
We gather the dolls
And bury them 
In our backyard.
With white crosses
Marking the end
Of the tears 
From all those years 
Of madness
Row on row 
It goes
Forever to show 
Courage and bravery
Of our men in the calvary.


Sunday, September 21, 2014


Would you believe there is no one 
Like you?
No clone made from a mad scientist 
Those do not exist.
 A friend who a lot like you 
Share the same?
Is it a game, finding ourself 
In others.
Whether were mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.
A little piece of us is in you
Making us all the same
Would be lame
Be different
Be spontaneous 
Because your not the same as us
Be brave
To save 
From the crowd of the same.
Be true to yourself
As well as ourselves
Your fingerprint 
Is your imprint
Your eyes are as colorful as the skies
Besides these other guys
Your beauty
Is matchless 
Not much less
But more beautiful
Or handsome
Believe me my friend
Being different is not the end
Not a crime
On the dime
But the greatest treasure to hold
Even when your old.
"Today you are you
That is truer than true
There is no one alive youer than
YOU. " - Dr. Seuss 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Haunted, Murder Rails

Gather around
My friends.
Sit near this warm blaze.
The moon shows it's face
Waiting to listen
To it's past
A forrest full of screams
Full of secrets 
Hidden deep beneath
The tree roots.
Close your eyes. 
Feel the ground
Vibrate and shake. 
It's not a quake. 
Hear the horn
Roaring and echoing 
Like a ghost.
200 hundred years
Earlier a town just begun
An old west with guns abound
A railroad had opened
It's grand rails smooth and silver
Carved wood in-between
Train 93 about to set rail
Steam rolls like clouds on an early morning 
The conductor shines the beauty 
Yelling all a borad.
Kids laugh and play 
As the day begins.
Mothers and fathers 
Smile as the long miles; 
A railroad from Aspen to New York. 
The steam howls 
Wheels start to roar
Good byes waved by white.
Pulling strong through the land
Trees and meadows 
Moving slowly by. 
Laughs and joyous smiles 
All round.
Slowly the skies turn black as night.
Passengers didn't mind the sight.
Rain pounds like rocks 
Drums of the am sky flash their symbols.
Growing harder and harder.
A river on their right comes in tight, 
With the train.
The river roars and crashes madly against the rocks. 
With out a trace or a smack,
The train derails
From it's tracks
Toppling into the river
Screams and cries
Blast and bounce off  the canyon walls
With a violent wave
Passengers fly into the rocks 
Blood spills from bodies
Mangled and beaten
Others pinned and drowned.
Here tonight 
Listen closely you can still hear
The chugs and tugs of the train.
 the kids laughing
the rails screech
The screams echo and play
Every night 
This gorge
Open your eyes hear and see the hour
Of train 93
Coming across the tracks

That was no accident.
Murder replays in these hallow canyons


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


A vail of stars greets the night
Countless and bright 
My heart wishes it could soar, 
To you in your arms.
As we stare at the same moon,
I can't stop thinking about you.
I've been in the dark for countless years,
Again Again,
Alone and in the quiet shadow 
lurking through;
Empty hallways, with endless voices
keeping me company.
Until I met you.
With your eyes a flame grew and grew
Warming my lonely heart.
Lighting the lantern of my soul.
Glowing brighter and brighter.
With each passing day.

I was lost, for  now Im found.
Awaiting to see your loving face again.
Like a winter turning into spring.
You bring life again to my heart.

Lighting the lantern of my soul
Growing brighter and brighter.
Higher and Higher.
Till the flame kisses 
The stars above.
The beauty I love.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Poor Man

Here is a piece I wrote on a previous blog I used to be in. Hope you guys like it and may it touch your hearts.

“The Poor Man”

Smell the smog. Listen to the cars go by on a busy Monday morning. Feel the vibrations of footsteps walking past him. All he can see is shapes and shadows of unseen faces.

A man sits on a busy sidewalk, wearing nothing but rags, a ragged knit cap , and gloves missing fingers. A tin cup lies beside him, filled with the precious metals of a greedy man. This cup is his lifeline before being taken by death. Doesn’t anyone care for the poor man on the corner of main street?

A bakery across the street fills the air with childhood memories. The man can see them in his mind. He can see again. He’s with his family, laughing and joking. Then burning fire appears, and it grows dark. Now he fends for his life on the corner.

Every day he sits on that corner at quarter-past 7, patiently waiting for hope, the next meal, or to live a better life. People, with their money-making pride, look at the poor man in disgust. Men spit at him and carry on with their pride. Kids take his money and move it to a different spot. He’s confused and follows the sound of the coins while delinquents kick him, busting his ribs. How much pain can one tear hold?

He doesn’t give up. Every day he is there, waiting for his second chance. Is there no one who cares for him?

Suddenly, the patting of little feet approach the blind man. A boy delivers him a loaf of bread and says, “I brought this for you from the bakery I work at.”

The man can’t believe that such kindness can come from someone so small. He gladly accepts and asks, “Why do you show such kindness to me?”

The boy replies, “A little love can go a long way.”


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Nocturne with no Moon

Breathing slowly and steady 
I wonder around the room
As if I'm searching for something.
Not with my feet but my eyes. 
As if it's written in the sky. 
Sun has dimmed it's rays;
Gliding behind a blanket of stars
Assuming their patterns.
A thousand sparkles clear and bright
I get lost in them this night.
My heart urns like a kid waiting for something sweet.
Sunrises are a overplayed love song
But a moonrise I soar into the night.
I lay quietly in my bed 
Thoughts of the day play through my head. 
replaying the stones of life being thrown
Breaking my bones.
The days, filled with pain pass on.
Nights play slow as a sweet
Lullaby of a mother.

The clock has stuck
The bells play their grand symphony 
Egar spirits lift my heart 

A moon never shows
It's face tonight 
Lighting my way with nothing. 
Earased clean with out a trace.
Covered by a black thumb.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Leave me 2

Sound the bugle

Let my enemy hear it

Let it vibrate through the earth 

Play it loud each and every note

I have given up

There is nothing more of me

I can't live in agony's constant cries

I can't love it has been drained and replaced with pain

Nothing left just an empty heart

I don't care what you do to me 

What more do I have for you to take?

I am finished there will be no tryumph 

No drums of victory

Just a bugle playing a tune of loss

As I lay on the cold snow just promise me one thing. 

Leave me here to die 

Can you hear me?

Leaving you in the dust

Don't you have any trust in me?

On my back I carry you home

Little one don't be afraid 

Open your eyes the cannons

Have gone, the war is over.

My dear rest in peace your little heart.

For you have more to come.




Thursday, September 4, 2014

Voices of Life, the Dark, the Light, the Strugglers.

A one way road no turning back
From the mistakes I've  made
All has been said
All has been done
Can't take back words and mistakes
From those I hurt.
Hills and turns
Forks and splits in the road
Signs directing where to go
Which one to follow?

A life filled with endless journies
Is a well written one.
A life with nothingness
Is meaningless.

Ding Ding
The clock bells ring.
Emptiness whispers in the trees
Standing still as restless seas.
Ashes fall from the sky
As time is passing by.
Gently lands on my frozen hand.
Ding Ding
Its ten past eleven.
In the dark I walk
I am weary and drowned
A pain still bounds
Squeezing its chains.
Ding Ding
Its twenty past eleven

Hello? Hello?
Can any one hear me?
I need some hope.
Give me a sign
That your there to fill my despair.
Hiding in my shadow
So long ago, 
I can't see whats in front of me.
Would someone please be there for me?
Someday I'll be, 
Waking up with the sun on my face.
But its the days I embrace
I cant run away from what followed me here.
This monster inside me 
wont leave this behind, 
 Hello? Hello?
Anybody hear me?
Is anyone there?

Trying to piece everything together
One by one edges match 
Starting to make a picture.
A sunrise warm and bright
Kissing the mountains below
With a merry meadow 
Blankets the ground. 
Suddenly pieces don't fit
Some missing no where in sight
The warm sun turns grey 
Mountains melt and fade away
Meadows turn into ash
Covered by snow.

Row by row the dead lie
With Stones marking the end.
Engraved with their voices
Echo all around.
Here I am
Cold as ice
A stone comes to my eyes.
I stand and stare
At the bare ground.
No flowers, no notes of past memories.
Rather forgotten.
With it written in stone
Here lies me
Cold and alone.

Shine your light
To my heart
Making my way through the dark
I need a brand new start.
Hello hello
Hear my cry.
Dont let me say goodbye.

Life what you choose will soon 
Come back to haunt you. 
No matter how small.
No matter how much it will hurt.
Be wise and on your guard.
The shadows still lurk tonight.

What life holds and what it gives
Love, beauty, happiness.
A lovely scene.
Not everything comes and goes that way
Storms, hurricanes, tornados blow and blow.
Their worst across the plains 
Of our hearts.
With little hope and faith left.
Life gives a choice, keep it hold it tight.
To the light knowing the best.
Or giving up and losing to what you have to love and live for.
You choose 
Your life depends on it.