Monday, December 11, 2017

Empty City

How does a city full of people seem so empty? An essence of ghost town rather fills the atmosphere.
Empty and silent they all rest. The lights beg for couples to dance under them. Sadly some of us are alone and still haven’t found anyone. So the chairs remain empty and useless. Slowly absorbing the cold air around it. 

But the heart grows founder as it thirst for love continues on every corner. They don’t realize what is right in front of them. Love has been there all along and hasn’t left. It awaits patiently as a ghost in the air for one to merely catch glimpse of it. Waiting and watching.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Moab Nights

The stars stranded together
One by one they light a candle
To brighten cold nights.
Many I have missed.
As your ghost haunts my heart.

I wish we were alone.
I need to be by you.
My heart longs for your kiss.
I crave the arms I loved years ago.
But times have changed.
The nights creeped in.
The days grew long.
As a sea grew between us,
I told myself when we met...
I would never let you go.
A voice from behind said;
 "Forever in your heart he is yours."
From then on a journey began.
We grew in each other's company,
Then the fork in the road grew between us.
My last night with you would come to an end.
I hugged you for the last time.
The hardest goodbye.
I watch your hand leave mine.
For what it seemed like forever.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The I Don't Know

How can there be so much joy and beauty on this blue canvas. When clearly, in the bluest of blues there is unbearable sadness. I want to keep her with me. But she is his. His daughter. She left her beauty mark on this earth. How could you take her away from me?? It's still unbelievable that one moment she's here and the next she's gargles for her last breath. Her husband's song rings in the room. The last thing she heard before she went. She told me not to cry and not to bare sadness... how could I not welcome it in. Like an old friend. It's the only comfort I have in my lonely heart. My friends are not near me. Because I didn't ask for it. Though a small visitor wouldn't hurt. It would help vomit the lump in my throat that keeps me from screaming and wailing... why why did she have to leave. How could such a word as grief or loss come into my vocabulary so strongly. This pain makes me physically ill and tired. It puts an entire lifetime of stress on my mind. I need to not look at my old life and self or I'll accept it's ora. The only glance or gaze to look and study is taking baby steps as the journey begins

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Don't Let It End

My heart soars when I hear your name.
I know you feel the same.
My smile grows bigger and bigger with every memory

Sometimes going back to the past is treachery.
The song we shared together showed up on the radio today.
The one I hope you hear again someday.
Every laugh, every tear, and every goodbye bursts through my veins.
It all comes down like rain.

Every kiss still hangs in suspense.
As the moment was quite dense.
I now realize you're a bigger part of my life.
It cuts me like a knife.

You mean more to me than most things and people.
More than people worshiping in a steeple
Someone I would sacrifice everything for.
Talk to till my voice was sore.

The Dance we call Life has entangled us once more
We miss each other even more.
The sound of your voice is what I long for.
The pictures give me a glance of what was truly good.
As though they should.

Waiting for you is like a sunrise,
Beauty and bright colors arise
A wake up call on my heart
Praying that we never tear apart.
Come and see me only for a moment
Surprise me and toast to atonement.

Love me for entirety as long as time will allow us.

~ Sabrina Black

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Background Noise

Let me tell you a story
Among a group of friends...
A force is tearing a  them apart
And no one is stopping it.
Manipulation and lies.
Love and surprise.
Loss in direction
Spreading like an infection.
Fear and tears.
Betrayal and denial.
Add to the fire.

This concoction is brewing among our hearts
But some have been holding in words inside their mouth.
A person listening in the background
Watching it all fall apart.
While they sit in the dark.

Here is a couple of question's I must ask you.
How many of you committed betrayal against someone other than the ones in this room?
How many of you have made mistakes?
How many of you have loved someone till it hurts?
How many of you deceived one another?
All your hands should have been raised. As you see, you have committed the same act as your brother and sister. How selfish are you? When you have made the same act but you don't help the person next to you?
The war with your heart and mind towards the other person is only tearing you apart. Because forgiveness is a oneway street. I know a man who died on a cross and looked at the man whipping him with love and kindness. Why can't you look at the person who did you wrong with the same? Because this man loves them just as much as you no more no less. And because of what they committed against you Jesus is not going to smite them. But love them. And forgive them. You fall into petty woes of this world. And you let the devil tear your friendship apart. Are you going to fight with love and not let Satan win or are you going to dwell on revenge and let  him destroy you apart.

- Sabrina Black

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Last Night

Now to the drums and the electric guitar
With it we will go far.
Come to me, in a sweet embrace.
Where I can see your loving face
This battle doesn't seem to end...

But tonight.. tonight... tonight
Fighting fire with fire!
Call me across the wire!
Tonight the stars shine bright.
Come with me and fight!
Our voices ring on the speaker 
Go Boom! Boom!
We will not stop
Till our banner waves in the air.
Like we just don't care
Let's make tonight the last night of our lives.

We are free!
Like the summer breeze
Try and stop us if you please.
But its in our souls 
And in the air we breathe.
We will rock this city with the notes we cry
Cuz we built it on rock and roll.
So... tonight...tonight

Fighting fire with fire!
Call me across the wire!
Tonight the stars shine bright
Come with me and fight!
Our voices ring on the speaker 
Go Boom! Boom!
We will not stop!
Till our banner waves in the air
Like we just don't care!
Let's make tonight the last night of our lives.

La la la na nina na la la nina nina 

       Sabrina Black

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Scars may be visible
The marks of past aggression
Words of confession
Written on the skin
That was once thrown in a bin
Feet can venture far
Run Run away 
From this madness
Leave it all behind
Not a trace Not a sign
Keep going.... Don't stop.
Drink another drop
Again and Again
Let it numb the pain