Saturday, May 31, 2014

Murder Part 2

"It was roughly around 7:30 on that day. I was preparing my husbands breakfast. He was doing the usual reading the news paper in the dining room. Laughing and bragging about his articles laying with in.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  He ate and left to work. Around four I get a call from the police that they found his body mangled on the cement..."she took a pause. Her tears started streaming as she sobbed. 
"There, there, I'm pushing you. Is there anything else you can remember?" Continued Hopkins.

"There is one thing..."she whispered.

She rose from her chair and from the nearby cubboard. She took out a metal box. With twin roses with silver leaves that glisten and a key on top of the box. 
She took the key and slowly began to open.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Murder ( part one)

My curiosity took me around her humble abode. All the nick nicks and figurines of angles and elegant stature. She has two sea foam green chairs pointing to a window of her garden. Across a TV and a couch on the other side of the room. Her home reminded me of my mothers back home. Oh how she loved to make the place dainty and green all over. The thought of home makes me crave tea.
"Oh and I spot of tea would also be delightful. If you don't mind of course?" he calmly asked.

"No. No. Not a problem at all." Ms Johnson replied. She prepped the Brandi and the black tea. On the side she brought out shortbread cookies. The ones from girl scouts you Americans are so found of.
"Here you are sir." she sets it down slowly and politely.
" Ah well thank you madame."Now to the difficult part, about your husband's murder. I have received this letter from you wanting my assistance. As granted, I am here to help you through this time. Lets start from the begging, where were you at the time of the crime?"

" Oh mister you don't think I did it!" She gasps.
" Oh no madame, I know you didn't its a daily routine through all my cases."
Relieving her, "Now the begging Miss Johnson. . ."

" Yes of course, it all started Monday the 22 of March."


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ms Johnson

Up on the stoop, connected a townhouse to the large trimmed lawn. Surrounding the yard are delcate carved bushes. Perfectly round and quaint. I knock on the door of the humble abode, a young butler answers. "Hello sir". He greets with his pale blue eyes. "Morning."
I gaze closer to the butler evaluating is black slacks and blue sweater. Odd for a butler attire very odd indeed. "I'm here for Ms. Johnson. I am Detective Hopkins may I come in?" "Yes sir wait here, you may sit on the couch. Would you like some Brandi?" He asked. "Yes that would be splendid." 

Monday, May 26, 2014

21st and Broadway

I entered the car with a roll of my eyes,I tell the driver on ward to 21st and 
Broadway. Ah ,the busy streets of New York. Oh how I love the honking and people yelling at other drivers. A sweet song to my ears. . .sacrasticly of course. What's worst is when it starts raining like a monsoon. CRACK! slow drips and drops from heaven fall quietly but with in a few seconds start to pound as if it was hail. Oh! Fantastic! I spoke too soon!  How I love this city! Slowly but surely, we arrive at our patient's place. I know patient sounds wierd, I just prefer such a word instead of victim. Gradually I step my feet out on the side walk, looking to see if any clumsy girls hit me again. I reassure my self and start towards the frount stoop. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Upon reviewing the letter over and over, I Detective Hopkins consider my self to be brilliant for such a case as this. I dash for my coat and hat, and flew out the door faster than how you Americans say roadrunner. With the adress at hand a stroll off my stoop, with my driver right out side my fence. I take a step closer to my car, in a flash I was swept off my feet, flipped like a pancake and landed on the hard cement. My back and head pounding with pain. I'm still a little fuzzy of what just happend. Of course my vison is out of sorts after the impact. Past the pounding of my head, I hear a distant voice over me " Are you ok sir? Sir?
I started to regain my focus, "Oh my gawd woman! What was the meaning of that collamity?", I panicked. 
"Sorry I was on my morning run, with my head phones and head down didn't see you come out.", she stated.
" Americans! Woman you are dispicalble! I have a the top of the line work to do and I don't need you to delay me. With this carelessness! Good day! Driver to my feet please!" I sneared. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Break Free

Hey Boondocks! I hope all of you have been enjoying "Among the Rooftops" series. Just for today were going to take a break from it. The next one will be up this Friday! For today I just want to write a poem that has been apart of my heart lately. I hope you enjoy it and stay strong!

Has everything turned gray?
Or is it just me gone astray.
I wish you could stay
Here with me in my arms.
The earth seems so cold 
I grow old.
Of the memories,
The remnants  of your presence
 Scattered across the floor.
Shattered like glass,
Cleaning up this mess
Of you and me
Only leaves cuts
From the shards on the floor.
I keep my door open
Hoping you would come back to me.
My mind tells me to shut it.
But my heart tells me
He will come.
I can't hold it any longer.
My heart is on fire
for you.
Even after you hurt me.
I need you to trust me.
I need your touch.
Your arms around me 
Holding me.
Healing my broken heart.
That only you can fix.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Letter part 2

The surface of the envelope feels velvet to the touch.  With a quick pull from my thumb I gash and tear the envelope. With in a delicate print paper reads, 
Dear Hopkins, 
I desperately need your help. My husband was murdered for ransom. Please! Please! Help me it's urgent!
My adress is on the envelope.
-Mrs Johnson
Hmmmm. . .stroking my chin trying to recall such a murder. Was it in the papers? Was in rumors I've heard on the streets? Was it the work of my nemesis? I shall see to it!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


As most detectives, they are assigned cases. I Dectective Hopkins find my cases in the most redundant way possible. After reading the paper, I head upstairs to freshen up. I fill the sink till it fills a pool an ant could swim in. With my hands I scoop up the clear warm water and rub it against my checkbones. Giving a splendid warm confort to my face. I look in the mirror and straighten my suit out. Made of the finest cloth in London . White as snow button up, strapped up with a black sleek pants and jacket. With nickle sized buttons glazed with gold. Of course to top it my evenly polished black leather shoes. Everything is in tip too shape. Upon leaving my humble abode I hear a sudden creak from my mailslot at the front door. With out a ring or a yelp. Notably, I find my self stunned but with curiosity. A fine crisp blue envelope stamped with a black seal with a engraved wolf. Glaring back at me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


It's an early spring day nothing out of the ordinary. Just the regular paper the blasted city noises polluting the air. My irrational neighbor and his dog abnociously great me. Pitful waste of a human. If only he had a incredible brain like me. Ah yes my name is Constnoble Christoper Hopkins. I am from London but moved to Amercia to take a new detective job. Now I'm New Yorks finest detective. To say the least I ended up in this position accidentally. For you see I was on a case that would spike up my career. By finding the most wanted business man in London, Franklin Douglass. A con financial CEO of her magisty. He fled to America to hide, he was right under my nose when suddenly he disappeared into thin air by faking his own death. Now I'm stuck here in the big apple with a new job and a new life. Unfortunately I'm one of those detectives that works alone no doctor Watson or Bonnie and Clyde no just me old Detective Hopkins ready to solve any case that comes flying to my door.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Among the Rooftops

Hey boondocks! A new mystery series called Among the Rooftops. Setting in New York and the mysterious murder of a local news paper editor. Stay strong Boondocks!

Tears of heaven quietly fall
And splash on to the cold cement.
Followed with the pit pat of rain boots
Above tall skyscrapers act like sound barriers of the honks and yells below.
Echoing through the ally ways and roof tops of New York City. On the right corner of the city nestled near city park lays the New York Times building. With it's glorious sign glisning in the rain.
Crash! Bang! echo on and off the top of the building.
"You'll pay for this Mr Johnson even if it's the last thing you will ever do." a roaring voice of a man.
" I didn't deserve this!"
As he holds  a knife to Mr. Johnson's throat. 
" What do you want from me!" Screams Johnson.
Under a deep growl he answers " You dead!"
The knife penitracts his throat and with a whip of his hand slices running Mr. Johnson's blood threw his cold fingers.
And tosses him over the building. Mr. Johnson a famous editor has been murdered. With a suitcase left in his right hand.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beacon of Hope

Stuck in reverse
Alone in this universe
Falling and falling
Forever and ever
Never seems to stop
No where to run
The days are done
Wondering if you matter?
If breathing isn't worth the money
Of your time.
The hands of pain slowly 
Push and urge 
To take your courage away
Your dignity, your precious life
To numb to end this suffering.

Breathe in breath out 
Put your hand on your heart.
Feel the beat
The drum of life
Called purpose
You are alive
For a reason
Find it
It may take a lifetime 
All you have to do is listen.
Find a beacon of hope.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Consumer

Heavy eyes 
Blur in and out 
My body stiff and lifeless 
Weakness over powers with its high 
A drug pleasing my body convincing it to rest.
Like a wave, blood pounds
Against my temples
Shaking back and forth
Wake up I say!
Wake up!
Screams of my head
Rattle and echo 
Shaking harder and harder 
Make it stop!
The voices whispering 
Demanding to win 
A war boils and rumbles 
Through my heart
Weaking and tearing
My heart 
My hope
My love 
The have a name for your kind
An instrument of torture.
A destruction with in the mind
Named Stress


Monday, May 5, 2014

The Pain Game 2

Bam! Bam! Bam!
Pounding my head.
From the words I said.
Scrape! Scrape!
Of the knife against my skin.
This double edge,
Squeezes and spills, 
Red tears that I shed.

I weep and seep,
The tears in my sleeves.
Of the deed I've done,
I surely want to run.
Away. Away. Away.
To find a place to stay,
Hiding and crying,
My very best.

My pain, 
Is keeping me sane.
From this game,
That came.
I need someone, 
To hold me,
To guide me,
To beside me,
Help me.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Save me!

 Hey boodocks! Today I experienced something heart breaking. One of my closes friends had it rough today. A mutual friend of ours turn their back on us. Today was my friend's birthday and she cried instead of having the best day of her life. I know we all know how bad days feel. Hope this piece brings you a message from the heart. Stay strong.

Here I am on my knees.
Begging please, 
Don't say this is the end.
Leaving these ends unmend.
What did I do wrong?
What did I do to deserve such pain?
My sister betrayed me!
Left me to hide!
In the darkness within my heart.
Today my birthday you chose to betray,
My wishes turn into regrets, 
Please someone come 
To my rescue!
Help me!
My friend has left me
In the dust.
My love I turn to you,
For guidness and help.
But you yelp, 
For only your pains,
Instead of healing mine.

Dear loving friend,
I am here. 
Can you hear me?
I love you. 
Dear friend, 
Why your tears?
Life is full of wonders.
Not the pain of yesterday.
Come with me,
To a place where we can be free.
At last,
No more tears.
No more pain. 
No more heartbreak.
I am here,
Come near.
Your sister