Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Promise

"You promised me you weren't going to leave me,"
I say as I kiss the coffin.
My face is soaked and weary
As I remember, when you held me dearly.
Each pull and each tug
Lowers you into the grass rug.
"Goodbye..." I mutter under my breath.
As you plummet deeper in depth.
Tonight the bed is colder without you
The days are gray; it rains inside my heart
You being gone is tearing me apart.
Each I item I hold,
Comes with a tale untold.
I touch a cloth,
I freeze and my mind
Like a flip of a dime.
My memory clocks
You hold me and lick.
My cheeks and my lips
Instead of the napkin wiping my lips.
Please come back to me!
Please come and hold me!
Please come and love me!
"You promised me you weren't going to leave me."
I turn around. 
To a sound.
Of a whisper,
"I never did."

Monday, May 18, 2015

Nothing I've Ever Known

My heart is flowing in the breeze
Like a leaf.
I don't know where life will lead.
Right now I am waiting
For something or someone 
To whisk me away.
Sweep me up and hold me
Tight like a child with a toy.
My heart knows what's coming,
I can feel it. 
In the wind....
In my soul....
In the air.....
He is coming
I can sense him
closer than ever.
Bearing his love for me.
I know when I see him
The heavens will open up.
The sky will sing,
The sun will shine upon us like a spot light
And all I will see is you.
My heart will hurt no more.
My search will be no more.
I will be with you forever more.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015


The eyes say something more than the mouth
The window is shut and boarded up
Surrounded by a fence of thorns.
This heart can't let anyone in
Nor can it beat
The smile that lays on a face
Is filled with lies
I know you don't want me here
Or want me to be near
I'm I disgusting?
I'm I not worthy to you?
I see what's behind the curtain
Your gossip about my heart
Yet you're the one who tears it apart.
What did I do wrong?
How come you don't want me to be around?
I'm not perfect and neither are you
It's time you realize it.
Not hypnotize people with it. 
I wish my time wasn't wasted on you
You know how I am
When you leave me in the dust
My heart is a bust
Tell me what I did
Tell me why I'm such a fool 
To you. 
Yet you're too scared to say it 
To my face you're afraid you'll break it. 
Why are you my friend?