Sunday, March 30, 2014


Hey Boondocks! Part two of Sabrina Black will come on Wednesday! As of now todays piece will be about forgiveness. Forgiving those who have hurt or betrayed you even though you hate their guts you still care about them if you are thinking about it constantly. Enjoy.


As fast as the wind blows
As slow
as a falling flake of snow
Time tells all
of my fall
With one I cared
The one I scared
Gave everything good
as he should
Holding my hand
In the warm sand
Love reined it song
But not for long
My heart wrenched
With a stench
of jealousy.
I slash and tear
make you shed a tear.
As we danced
As we pranced
I still loved another
For I damaged you heart
Now we tore apart.
For a year went silence
without violence.
My voice never to rein 
In your life ever again
Until time 
stood still
And all could be forgiven
By my 
mouth to mend the wound

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sabrina Black part 1

Dear Boondocks,
Here I am an ordinary girl
Living an ordinary life.
With common parents
And a special family.
Born and raised in a good sized city 
My parents have their battles one is southern my mom, dad is Irish.
Then along came my brother.
Kind and gentle with a big heart.
He has disabilies.
His strength through his struggle insprires
Me everyday.
No me I don't consider my self special 
Not because I'm worried of the flaws I have 
I'm just shy.
Though at that time I developed an axiety disorder along with depression.
I didn't use meds but delt with it on my own.
I felt like no one was there for me when I had the depression or anxiety attacks.
One day I started to write anything I was thinking or feeling. A journal and a pen became my closest friends. Not because I didn't have close friends. Writing is my outlet. Most of what I wrote on this blog pertains to my life or a friends. I love to help people through my poetry. I want people to know they are not alone going through this. I know what it's like think of killing your self, or loniness, betray , abuse. I want to be a voice to you.
Stay strong Boondocks.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Silence is all it takes
To make me break
My tears gush out 
There is no way out
Of this prison

My screams are not enough
To free me of this mess
I hurt every one I cross
With my words
that push them away
This dark always 
to eat me alive
Why do you attack me?
I am innocent 
Yet you prey on my suffering
Torture me with the voices
over and over. 

Calm settle down 
I tell my self
To hide
To conceal
From you.
Breathe in 
Breathe out
I am stronger
I am fearless.
To overcome.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Better Now Than Ever?

Better Now Than Ever?

Dear Friend,
Ive hear your cries.
I see it in your eyes.
Pain has come once again
Like a light in a dark forrest
The thought of her
sparks love.
Come to find the lips
she craves.
In my eyes,
I am proud
of your love.
Even though you were once mine,
I still protect and love you.
This love has a dark side
My dear I am afraid 
of you being hurt.
For you see, I fear
something in the the shadows.
Gone so long,
She found love in someone else.
My dear I fear
of you 
Before bringing the big ring
and sing.
My dear
be careful 
danger lurks.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


I see it in your eyes
That love has come once more
Stirring and stirring the pot
Of your heart about to burst
Afraid of being hurt
Fear of it going wrong 
Looking into your eyes they welcome me
Like a window miraging a sunny day
With the flowers full of bloom 
Trees swaying in the wind. 
Drawing my desires closer
Can you see it in my eyes?
I've been waiting for you
For years patiently 
I await longer 
Letting time play it's game 
I hope and pray
Giving it to the hands above.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Innocence of A Child


Our first cry of life,
Out of the warmth
of the womb.
A sound of joy and love;
Wrapped in swaddling cloth
quietly sleeping.
As our ears open,
A song from the mother
rings, rocking to the rhythm.

Growing and Growing 
stronger and stronger,
crawling across the fibers of the carpet.
Our courage grows 
to walking on two legs.
Then fall down.
Crying from trying.

Putting one foot in front 
of the other.
Headed to school 
holding the tin lunch box.
Printed with barbies or super heros.
Holding hands with mom
Then cries when we let go.

Soon enough teen magazines become our books
Boys " coodies" have been cured.
Drama so becomes our enemy
While making friends that last
Until you leave it all

Is portrayed
the way our hearts
carry the imagination.
Reality consumes
with depression
anxiety, suicide, abuse,and love.
Where did the innocence go?
Of being a child
Care free to  discover life
As if there was no end.
Where has time taken us?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Heavens

Hey Boondocks! This piece is especially hard to write. My uncle just recently passed at a young age. I have written this piece for anyone who has experienced a close loss. For this piece has a voice from the mother, sister, and niece. Hope you guys like it. Remember your not alone.

Take a breath,
breathe it out.
My love
Is gone.
To the heavens above.
Where he can dance
And prance
In the clouds above.

My dearest, 
I stand at the grave
blurred by my tears.
I have caved.
Without you here
Without you near
I have nothing saved

My brother,
I crave your sound
of your voice
If I had a choice
I would join you
In the heavens above
Flying with doves.

My Uncle,
I hear your laugh
Coming from around me.
It comforts me like a staff.
I miss your presence
But its been long sense 
Ive seen you.

With you gone
nothing is the same
life is no game
Its a sweet song
That will soon come
To an end.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


My reflection 
Looking back at my complection
Through the cracked glass
Gazing at the past

Tearing my heart
Taking it apart
Little by little I slice
To pay the price 
Of my angony 

The voices in my head
Tell me I'm better off dead
My burden is bigger than I can hold
This pain and suffering is old

I want to breathe air
Not despaire
My bones sore and cold
My soul is sold
I'm coming home
Where the angles roam


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Life Come To Die?

Mist engulfs the skeletal fingers of the trees standing like giants. 
                       Shadows hide and watch,

 Life come to die.

                          Cackles roar and they rustle through the leaves,
Whispers from the shadows blow like ice onto the ground.
A lost soul has wondered, 
towards the shadows
of the old forrest.

Crows cry from above,
While the shadows laugh.
Watching the child come closer.
Closer and Closer.
The shadows drool anxiously waiting
For their  chance.

Goes the gun sounding the race
The attack has begun.
Seeing the child
swooping in.

Light bursts out of the child's hands
The shadows screams and screeches.
Her eyes glow white 
and blinds them.

Attack they yell 
Hissing and grinning 
Swooping in again 
dissipating when they near the light.

She blasts
a ring of light
like a clap of thunder.
blowing back the trees as they barely hang by their roots.
The shadows scream and hiss!
Falls as the sun rises,
flowers bloom 
and blossom. 
Birds sing
echoing their songs on the mountain tops.
Peace and light have come. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Call

Hey Boondocks! In this piece it talks about a family member passing. We have all had one pass on. Its a hard time to cope with. In this story, my Great Grandma Nanny, had passed away a day after my birthday. It was hard. She was an inspiration and an incredible women. It has been a year since her passing. I hope you enjoy it and let this piece bring comfort and peace to you.

Every Summer I see you
your loving face
along with the sound of your voice 
that comforts me
it is the song of love ringing through the sky
You held me as a baby 
Now you watched me grow
As I did you whispered
Im proud of you.
The hugs you give are warm
keeps me safe from harm
As time goes by we grow old

Just turning 92 
still just as strong as an ox.
Then you whispered I feel pain
my body is weak. 
My time is coming for me
to be with him.

Those are the words that pound in my heart.
Knowing the time is coming.
I dont want to believe.
I want you to stay here holding me.
Kissing me on the forehead goodnight.
Spending the day with laughs.
Letting you go is hard 
to cope.

The beeps of the hospital bed 
ring as you lay.
So peacefully sleeping as we watch.
Day by day waiting, 
For the moment to cry 
and weep.

March 30th, 2013,  Easter Sunday
it was 10:20 am.
You breathed you last.
Ring Ring Ring.
of the telephone.
A voice on the other end.
Whispered she's gone.
RIP Nanny.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

An Old Friend

Life as I know has awakened
My eyes gaze through the looking glass
Cracked and shattered from this war inside of me
Steaming tears of blood run down my cheeks
All is still and quiet 
Peace comes like a rush of wind
As the white dust falls out of the sky
My body is mangled and broken. Breathing becomes difficult 
As I watch my blood 
Spread like a thick fog on the ground
I have lost. I have nothing left.
Pain has won there is no turning back
Second chances are of the past
In time i will become one with the earth
As for my soul it is lost and forgotten 
No where to be found
I welcome death like an old friend
Leaving nothing but my imprint behind


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In Loving Memory

I wish I could tell you how I felt.

When I see the memory signs,
On the side of the roads.
Engraved with a unknown name
Perhaps they roam like a ghost.

Casting their shadow of sorrow 
As people drive by 
Often wondering if their fate was decided,
Like a cold hand of death snatched them
From the earth.
If their last thoughts
even mattered
as their life came to an end.
As they depart from their  family
Loved ones
Who will sob
I wish I could tell you.
How I feel 
When I see the memory signs.
On the side of the the roads,
Thinking what if that was you
or me.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Book

"Cause I couple dents in my fender, Got a couple rips in my jeans
Trying to fit the pieces together but perfection is my enemy
On my own I'm so clumsy."
-Free to Be Me
By Francesca Battistelli

Open the book
Blow the dust and watch it
Scatter like dandelion seeds
feel the pages in your fingers
Take a look
At the battered pages
All torn and aged
With smudges and folds
Look closer
at the markings of the story
begins as once upon a time.
Its about a girl who
had everything
with a mom, dad, and brother.
Getting all the things she desired.
But she had a hole in her heart.
Something was missing
Was it friends?
She's has them
Was it money?
Has it.
Is it clothing?
No she didn't have
one thing we all need.
Reading through seeing that she has a boyfriend
or many. 
She has given all to them in every way.
But still a hole is left sinking deeper.
She needs Love.
From her friends and family
Not quite.
She needs Love.
One  that shows her life,
the truth
the way.
One that brightens her heart
With love.
She needs Love.