Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Treasured Love

In the quiet time of evening 
Everything has stopped singing.
Gazing through my window,
Wondering where you are
Knowing your thinking of me.

The nights eye
Watches the empty streets,
As the air becomes fumed with peace.
Silence rings its chimes. 
Nothing stirs or rustles. 

Only sounds of my head.
Play smooth and gentle.
Smiling of thoughts of you,
Cover me like a warm sun
I close the windows of my soul
And begin to breathe
Slower and slower.
Deeper and Deeper I sleep.
Awaiting in my dreams
For you to come
Hold my hand.
Till the end of the night.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Hey Boondocks!!! Its the 100th piece of this blog! As promised the next segment of my book home im currently working on enjoy!!! If you haven't seen the other segments go to the links below! Enjoy and stay strong! They are in order.

Again I'm not exactly the type of girl who attracts boys. My freckles and glasses are really considered "attractive" and " eye catching" to them. Let me explain why, I was in eighth grade in Mrs Hafer's math  class. Sitting at the desk working on a test; I was such a wiz I didn't need to double check. When I finished I got up from my seat walking and gazing at my test checking to see if I missed anything. Suddenly, I bump in to Marty, the cutest guy in school, Oh, Sorry E- e-e-xcuse me, I said hesitantly.
" It's alright," with a dreamy voice. I started my way to the teacher's desk then a his foot came in front of me my legs flew from right under me and face planted into the garbage can. I lifted my head and my face was indulged with the teachers left over lunch from that day.  Laughter echoed through the room and Marty behind me yelled " Ugly duckling, Ugly duckling," the whole room enchanted with roaring claps and laughing as I struggled to  my feet. I ran into the girls bathroom crying and stayed there for the rest of the day.


Thursday, April 24, 2014


Day and night 
Night and day
I waste the hours 
Staring at the stars missing you
I watch countless wishes
Pass by in a glittering Black Sea 
Where your name is seen across the sky
My heart urns for you kiss 
My body longs to be held in your arms
Waiting years and years  patiently 
For my dreams to break free
And become real as life itself
I feel and see what could be
For you to be with me
Take my hand 
Lock it in yours 
Bring me to where we can be alone
Together in our heaven.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Deadly Vow

Crows squall
Their cries
As a sign of warning.
Knife like wind howls
Through the corp like fingers
Touching the moon.
Watching over the 
Leaves scattering in fear
As something stirs in its mists
For the trees moaning their songs of sorrow.
As blood trickles down its trunks
And crevasses of its pathways.
The bloody river leaks out of 
Porcelain white fingers
Covered in soil
Glistening in the moonlight.
A war was fought
To protect.
Till death due us part,
A vow every solider makes
Before his battle cry.
When he is to lie in the night sky.
Lifeless and gone.
With no loved ones. 
To rain tears like the stars that burst in the sky.
The life is lost and never found
But forever his spirit is safe and sound.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Pit pat pit pat
raining tears fall
As well as mine
stream down my face.
The soreness of my heart
I feel it weakening me.
Where I am I
in this life?
Where Im I going?
What Im I doing?
This lonely road
continues on and on.
Nothing ending the bends and curves
The boulders and cracks along the way.
I've lost something that cant be replaced.
The other half of my heart.
Torn to pieces
This rain feels like a warm blanket.
A confort to help my heart.
It's all because of you.
breaking me into a puzzle 
with edges unfit to solve.
A scare never to be mended
left wide open to bleed.
Why have you done this?
How did I deserve such pain as this?
Stand and do nothing!
Watch me in peril!
Does it satisfy?
Does it quench?
Why are you doing this?
I gave everything yet it is not enough.
What more can I do?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Memories Tricks

Come and gone, 
Like the wind
Pull in and out.
Like the tide,
The days go by and by
The hours tick and tock.
The seconds knock and knock
Life passes on,
Like a comet in the sky.
Fast as lightning,
Roars like thunder when we loose our way.
Memories carry on and buzz like fireflies in the air.
Lighting the earth with a warm glow.
Do we let them fly by in the sky?
Keeping them alive?
Or keep them in a jar.
Safe and sound.
Near our hearts,
For when we need it
The light will burst in the darkest places.
Memories memories,
Keep then alive.
Even as time dies.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Story Teller

Come! Come!
Hither! Hither!
Closer to me,
Have a seat near the heat.
Have a spot of tea with me.
Listen! Listen. 
Attention! Attention!
To the story I'm about to tell,
The moon is full I am filled with soul.
With the tall tale were about to sail!
Hush! Hush! 
Shush! Shush!
It's my turn now to bow.
Turning the tables to this old fable,
Of a classic boy and girl.
Zip! Zip!
Quiet! Quiet!
For it begins in village not to pillage.
But Of love like a flying dove.
Their fate begins at the gate.
Hush hush 
Come Come 
Listen Listen 
Quiet Queit
Shush shush . . .
It begins.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hiding Place

There's a time,
In ones life.
Where we need to hide.
From the roar of the crowd
From the pain of yesterday.
Just by running, 
To a place our hearts
Can be at peace.

Opening my eyes
To a canopy of trees.
Watching the sun stream down through the cracks.
My feet are bare,
Feeling the warm air.
With every step,
My imprint indents
Within the soft dirt.
A soft sound of birds,
Echo through and through.
Ahead a meadow,
Greets my eyes
With soft brushes of wild flowers on my legs.
In the rays of the sun,
Above the beauty
A willow tree
Sways to the breeze.
I open the door of leaves,
And hide in its curtains.
Where I am safe and sound
In my heaven.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Come Back to Me

Here's a song that has been on my heart latley before you read the piece look at the lyrics of this special song
I can usually drink you off my mind
I can normally push u out of my heart 
Tonight your memory burns like a fire
With every one it grows higher and higher
-Come Wake Me Up
Rascal Flatts

Help me!

I'm breathing in
I'm breathing out 
With arms wide open 
Facing the horizon
With the wind flowing on my face 
My feet fumble the gravel beneath 
Grasping the edge of the cliff
My eyes gaze to the setting sun 
Watching the moving pastels dance across the sky. 
I'm breathing in
In breathing out
My heart is sore and free
The pain of trying to forget you 
Hurts to much I love you 
Always have.
Now the winds have changed their direction 
Thinking if we were ever right
I love you so much it hurts 
It leaves busies on my heart.
I need you. I don't know what else to do
Hear my cry come back to me.

Picture: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Love-hurts-126989759

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Never Ending Rose

Hey Boondocks! I apologize for the late post I have been busy but never busy for you guys enjoy!!!

Your eyes brighten any room
The light brings love into my heart
Your laughter warms hearts of many 
A smile that welcomes me into your arms 
As you embrace my body with yours
Holding and squeezing tightly
Protecting me from harm
For six years I have loved you.
Boy you spin my head round and round
With the games you play. 
Teasing and taunting me with your love.
I feel like for years I've been plucking 
Petals off a rose wondering if I'll be yours 
Sadly I await in silence and wonder
I am lost in my own mind. 
I've been waiting too long
For you my dear
Come and take me guide me out
Take me and fly into the sky
Were we can be together 


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Angels of the Ambulance

Up and down the street
Echoing through the ally ways
In the night
she is fading fast
For she was beaten
And betrayed by the one she loves
For he took her pride away.
Legs feel like noodles
as she feels the blood streaming down them.
Falling on the cool cement
unable to save herself.
With the last of her strength
she screams. Silence falls once again.
A women rushes to her calling the angels.
Racing with all their might
the angels coming to help save her.
Laying on the floor
breathing slowly
As blood 
moves like fog across the floor.
She can see the light
streaming through her eyes.
Slowly closing to sleep the pain away.
The beats of her heart
Play no music of life.
Hands of life shock her chest
Like a kiss
Her music begins to play once more.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Leaves of Time

Wind blows and blows
Twilling and dancing the falling leaves
whisking time away.
Every second carried on 
each fallen leaf.
Blown into the surrounding sky
till softly landing 
where no one knows.
amongst the pile
never to be found.
Lost time a fragile
glass figurine,
shining delicately in the sun,
gleaming its beauty to all who see.
Eventually we forget
letting it collect dust.
Waiting till its too late.
Dull and dirty
cracked and scratched.
Taking each moment for granted.
Not pausing to close your eyes
to breathe it in.
How fast is the world going?
How far behind can we go?
Before we catch up 
To time its self. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sabrina Black Part 2

Dear Boondocks,     

As you have read a little about myself 
I will share a bit more.
As a writer we get inspiration from everywhere.
For me it's nature and past loves.
Its hard looking back into the past
when you know you don't want to ever go back.
Ive been hurt by many.
One guy I had for 9 months.
It was the best until he dumped me for another. 
Another, has been in it for six years.
Yet he likes be but doesn't pursue.
Ive liked him for a long time yes.
There are days I want him so bad it hurts.
Others It knaws like a parasite destroying me wish he would leave.
Nothing more but let time play its self.
Waiting for that special someone 
will be worth it in the end.
Girls, whom ever you choose 
be careful and wise.
Cause men have a desquise  
Cute and Charming they are.
But all they want is to use you.
Be careful for who you give your life to.
You only have one.
Men girls have acts
They are dramatic and a down right pain
They have confusing emotions and thoughts.
But all we ask is that you listen.
Have sympathy.
Its ok to have a heart of Gold 
But a heart of humble
is the greatest treasure and gift we could ask for.