Sunday, August 31, 2014


A one way road no turning back
From the mistakes I've  made
All has been said
All has been done
Can't take back words and mistakes
From those I hurt.
Hills and turns
Forks and splits in the road
Signs directing where to go
Which one to follow?

A life filled with endless journies
Is a well written one.
A life with nothingness
Is meaningless.
Through the stabs and heartbreaks 
I still find my self back at the start.
Wondering if today will be worth it. 

Life what you choose will soon 
Come back to haunt you. 
No matter how small.
No matter how much it will hurt.
Be wise and on your guard.
The shadows still lurk tonight.
Shine your light 
It just may save your life. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Ding Ding
The clock bells ring.
Emptiness whispers in the trees
Standing still as restless seas.
Ashes fall from the sky
As time is passing by.
Gently lands on my frozen hand.
Ding Ding
Its ten past eleven.
In the dark I walk
I am weary and drowned
A pain still bounds
Squeezing its chains.
Ding Ding
Its twenty past eleven
Here I am at a
black and rusty gate
With squeaks and creaks,
I am welcomed
By a branch of paths
I pull my hood
Hiding my face
Ding ding
Row by row the dead lie
With Stones marking the end.
Engraved with their voices
Echo all around.
Here I am
Cold as ice
A stone comes to my eyes.
I stand and stare
At the bare ground.
No flowers, no notes of past memories.
Rather forgotten.
With it written in stone
Here lies me
Cold and alone.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hello? Hello?
Can any one hear me?
I need some hope.
Give me a sign
That your there to fill my despair.
Hiding in my shadow
So long ago, 
I can't see whats in front of me.
Would someone please be there for me?
Someday I'll be, 
Waking up with the sun on my face.
But its the days I embrace
I cant run away from what followed me here.
This monster inside me 
wont leave this behind, 
 Hello? Hello?
Anybody hear me?
Is anyone there?

Shine your light
To my heart
Making my way through the dark
I need a brand new start.
Hello hello
Hear my cry.
Dont let me say goodbye.

Here I am
Come with me
Into the light
Where its warm and bright.
In my arms 
I am here.
Come with me,
Be lost no more.
Forever together 

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Trying to piece everything together
One by one edges match 
Starting to make a picture.
A sunrise warm and bright
Kissing the mountains below
With a merry meadow 
Blankets the ground. 
Suddenly pieces don't fit
Some missing no where in sight
The warm sun turns grey 
Mountains melt and fade away
Meadows turn into ash
Covered by snow.

What life holds and what it gives
Love, beauty, happiness.
A lovely scene.
Not everything comes and goes that way
Storms, hurricanes, tornados blow and blow.
Their worst across the plains 
Of our hearts.
With little hope and faith left.
Life gives a choice, keep it hold it tight.
To the light knowing the best.
Or giving up and losing to what you have to love and live for.
You choose 
Your life depends on it.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Go on and live on

Mountains grow and grow
Seasons come and go.
Where has the time gone?
What have I done?

The heart learns everyday 
From what we say
Memories slowly fade
Making a new ones come and wade 

The time minds were carefree
Until we grow old and barley free.
We forget to enjoy the little things
That made us laugh
Cries from the heartbreak 
Or making stupid mistakes.

Where ever life takes you
Make it good and new
Let the adventure carry on
Until the days are gone.
Your the author of your own story
Make it a good one.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No More

   All alone in the cold with no one to hold me. 
Lost and confused of who I am
Who I was 
From my written past.
  Endless tears from all the years 
      of pain and emptiness.

Haunt where I've been,
Where I sleep, inside my head.

Raise your glass up high
If you have ever fallen from the sky.
All the worries and sorrow weigh down
Hearts like yours and mine.
As well as our minds
Fogged and clouded 
Dumbfounded we forgot the taste
Of sweet happiness that we onced had.

I walk down the path of bare trees alone 
Covered in powderd snow
I wish light would show 
And kiss my skin

Suddenly light streamed through 
The trees above me
Started to melt into spring   
What I can see 
In frount of me
Made my heart skip a beat.
Hazel eyes and a friendly face
My heartbreak is over It's race.
No more.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mind of wonder

Why are we here?
Are we alone in this galaxy?
Why do we love?
Why do we care so much about the little things or big?
Where do we come from?
Why do we hurt? 
What is pain's place in our hearts?
Where do we go when we die?
Why do we invent?
Who are we pleasing?
Do ghosts exisist?
How are we here?
Questions always have answers. 
Answers can be lost and never to be heard. 
Answers can never exsist.  
We may never know everything about our selfs, the earth,
why things are the way they are.
We may have clues and hints 
Tips and huntches
But the mystery 
Will play on and on 
Till we are long and gone
Stop asking and live 
Enjoy every momment to the fullest. Life is your world make it a good one.
Make it an adventure. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Above and Beyond

Hey Boondocks! This piece comes from a inspiring old friend of mine. She is amazing and strong of what she has gone through. I would like to share here experience with you. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

My name is Ronnie
Im not famous
Or a model.

Just a regular girl.
I was not dedicated to anything
Nor was I recognized for good deeds.
I rather go unnoticed.
I wear a black hood over my head
with the sweatshirt covering me.
Baggy jeans as well.
Not because I'm over weight,
but rather a stick that just likes the comfort.
My hair is not gorgeous but blond and matted.
Knowing my look, I get made fun of.
Hearing stories like I'm pregnant or starving myself.

Its not like that at all.
From the outside I may look that way.
Inside of me Im shattered.

Ever since I was born, my mom did drugs and went to jail.
My father drank every day till he was drunk.
I don't have much love.
When I was thirteen,
repeatedly damaged by my brother and my father.
Using me for their own pleasure.
One night I ended up in the hospital,
My dad came in to my room 
after he had a few,
grabbed my arms and pinned me.
Proceeded to stab my stomach fives times.
I survived.
I have been trying to runway
Ever since.
One day I won I ran and ran
far away.

Finally, my grandparents took me in,
now Im safe and sound.
My parents don't know where I am.
I glad of it.

Now that I grew up,
looking back at all of what my past holds.
I am stronger
I am smarter
I am loved
All because  I never lost hope.
Difficult as it may seem,
The sun will always gleam 
another day will start a new.
I am a stronger person because of you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Songs that Speak

When the skies are gloom.
When your friends are gone too soon.
Time withers on our bones,
Some are alone
with cold desperate hearts.
From past's clutching frost bite
Others despite,
their pain and grievences
make a few changes.
Lighting the world of its despair
lifting the heavy air.

Making it by 
By just closing our eyes.
Listening to the words,
bold and true.
From music old and new.
Love feels real and expressed
flying in the stars,
Or from a bar.
Rock sings depressed
from words we can never share.
For the one we care 
leaves us heart broken.
Healing comes for those who live on a prayer
and don't stop believing.
Long live Rock and Roll.

Rap comes from the broken.
Parents gone and all the girls in the world.
Money is easy come easy go.
Ladies put on a show
to get noticed by 
the one with all the "doe."
Where is the love?
Brothers and Sisters.

There is one left
The music
close to your heart.
The one you make.
With your story
of your own  glory.
Whether it be through rock, love songs, 
or lullabies that help you sleep at night.
When you have a fright.
What ever it may be
make it true to your heart.
To stay free.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Sand beneath my feet
Rough and course. 
Each step I make imprints a piece of me.
Closer I come to the waves 
Touching my feet,
Gliding like your hand on my face
Slowly and gracefully 
Your hand goes back and forth
Matching the rhythm. 
I close my eyes and hear a
Long shhhshh of each passing wave.
Wishing me to be at peace.
I feel safe.
Above me a moon glistens
Full and plump.
Lighting the endless blue
On and on for miles and miles.
My heart is free and loved
Nothing more I desire 
Nothing less.
With you I can rest.
Rest peacefully in your arms.
Loving me 
 One wave at a time.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm watching

I see you
You can't see me
I watch
I haunt
What once was my home.
Waiting for a strike.
To make a fright 
In the dead of night.
I walk within these halls
Hallow and narrow 
Hear the crow sing
Death makes it's ring.
As the clock strikes midnight
Oh what a sight!
Slowly I creep,
Placing my hand
On the doors.
Open and close.
Open and close.
Scratch! scratch!
Against the wood
Laughing as I go.
Feel my chill
Of my dead fingers.
Are you scared?
I didn't come unprepared.
Once you are you'll never come back
After my attack.
Sleep now be at peace.
Soon you be in pieces.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Love is??

Love is paitent
Love is kind 
It's never boastful
Nor coincided.
Word after word
We hear the same
Love is paitent 
Love is kind
We say it
We feel it
But do we breathe it in?
Let it guide 
Our love?
Love is the closest 
We have to magic
Starts with a spark
Hope and joy fill the soul
Begging to rise above the clouds
Till we fell like we are flying.
But some how ends 
In the dark. 
Us caretakers of love
Leave it to wither and crumble 
Love needs care
Like a plant is with sunlight 
Love needs to be warm and bright 
Like water nutritious to the soil
Love needs attention
Like living creatures need air to breathe
Love needs careful minds
Tend it well
Let it grown and bloom
And pretty soon
Life will begin 
In a sweet song. 
Becareful and treat it well
Who knows what the future will tell.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Recall Suicide

Boondocks, there has been pain and suffering lately and just to comfort those who are going through it, I have decided to re post a piece on this blog that is very tough but touching. Enjoy!!!

Hey boondocks! This piece is very delicate and dear to my heart and may be to many of you. I have seen so many, including myself, go through this pain and tragedy. If you are experiencing this I want you to know, you're not alone. There is help and there is hope, even if it seems there is no one there. Whether that is a friend or a hotline; don't be ashamed to tell people or be scared to. In the end you will thank yourself in the long run. Now before you read this, take a moment of silence to mourn for those who didn't make it. They will always be loved and will always live in our hearts. Let us keep going for them.

"I lost you"

I tried to help you,
In the late hours of the night.
Telling you to go on.
To keep breathing;
I love you.

You say nothing is wrong.
The words I don't know what to do,
Ring through my head.
On repeat like a scratched disc.
Tell me how you feel
Lash out your worst like hungry beast.
I will help you;
Don't give up on me.
I will stay on the telephone all night,
Even if I have to listen to the white noise,
As I hear you breathe and sob,
I feel your pain.
As I repeat.
Lift up those who are in your place,
Stay here continue on with life.
Use your past as your strength;
Your written story.
I love you, 
Hear me now.
I need you in my life.
You say there is no one.
There is always someone,
Some one there to listen.

I sit on the phone
with you. 
Hearing you say you wanna end it,
End your life
You've told me your plan:
to take pills, 
to hang yourself.
Over and over I've listened.
I have said everything,
I hear a click as my last call ends.
The last time I would hear your voice.
This night,
I dream you are gone. 
My life empty,
 I have no purpose.
I want to be with you.

The bright sun came, 
As I wake up expecting a call.
A whisper chills me that you succeeded. 
I scream in agony,
My friend is gone.
There is nothing more I could do.
A knock came,
To the door.
Do I answer it?
I couldn't bare to hear the news
From the figures with badges.
A flash of light streamed,
A voice spoke
"Come on, we are late for school."