Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Song

The  chevy
driving for hours and hours.
Chasing the sun as it was about to set.
pulling over 
to our favorite spot
with nothing 
but plains and mountains 
to stare at for miles and miles.
I see that look on your face
that you love me.
As our lips are about to meet
your arm reaches for your guitar.
I wrote you something 
Slowly strum the chords
playing softly but lively.
your sweet rough voice
carries me to a different world.
Every word rains true.

Years have passed
I still remember the song you wrote.
Marking it my song just for me.
Even though our lives are seperate
I still think back to the chevy
the sunsets, the song.
It gets me through
hard aches and heart breaks
that wear me down.
All because
one memory echoes through time.
Never to recede. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Love Two

A surprise like no other
Is my love covered in snow
on his uniform
on bended knees he greets
with flowers and holly.
I just want his warm lips upon mine
As we dance in the moonlight
with the warmth of christmas cheer
The lights are dim and near
twinkling like the stars above.
My heart hurts no more with worry 
of him not being home or nowhere to be found.
He is in my arms at last
here to stay with me and cherish nothing but love this christmas.
Hold tight to those who need you
Hold tight to those you love.
Before they escape from your arms.
never to be seen again.
This christmas have a cup of cheer and stories of old,
and hold those you love close and tight
While the world is quiet and bright.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas love

Walking down the avenue 
Leaving cold foot prints behind.
My face rosey and irritated,
From the bitting wind.
I pull my black trench coat
Closer to my chest.
I feel the snowflakes coming upon my breast.
This avenue guides the wonderer 
With it's blazing lamps
As far as the eye can see.
Up and down lights hung on the edges
Of houses red, white, and green.
Christmas is once upon us again
To warm ones heart on a cold winters night
When all else seems to dissapate into disappointment . 
I see my window covered with winters breath with my glove I wipe to reveal a wreath all green with bulbs like tulips 
Glisning in the light. 
A sign of welcome of light and warmth.
I enter upon my home to reveal a surprise  beyond my wishes.
To be continued...   

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Time of Giving

The silver bells rings.
And the carolers sing.
The time of Christmas
Is upon us,
Time to wrap packages
For those of all ages.
Hang lights of joy;
With the sound of Christmas noise.
Friends and family gather once again
To receive instead of gain.
But how many people;
Gathered in the steeple 
Are lonely in a time of jolly?
With not a holly
Hung on the wall
To be admired by all.
Family and friends are never more,
But to them they are worth more than a store.
For this holiday,
make it a lasting day.
Of laughter and love
To those lonely doves.
Giving them love and care.
For as one is to bare
Tears of joy and smiles
That last in their hearts once in a while.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I am His

I am His
In his heart 
In his passion
He is jealous of me
Of who I am to be
Though I find my self in the dark
I know his call like a mellow lark 
His tune rings through the sky
Flying through the air like a butterfly
I am His
In his love
In his presence
He gives me hope
Through this slippery slope
His words are sweet to my bones
Like a sweet honey comb
I am his 
In his heart
In his presence 
In his eyes
He is jealous of me 
Of who I am to be

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm just me

Time escapes my hands
Floating away till I can't see it 
Memories of yesterday turn in for the night
Sleeping soundly and quietly
I wish I knew what life holds
As though 
Coming after me like a train
I am lost 
I don't know where I am
Or where I've been 
Only what I've seen
Pass by like lighting.
I wish I could go back
To watch me grow
Witness the moments I've missed
Stop myself from making regrets
That still echo pain in my heart.
Revive through the life's laughs and wonders 
Feeling of innocence and carefree 
I know I can never go back
But I can always look back.
To the moments that made me.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Good Night...

Late at night
The stars gleaming bright.
I lay quietly
And breath slowly.
Underneath the covers,
Over my head. 
With a flash light at hand
Reading your bland
Romance poems.
I laugh and smile;
You make my heart 
Go a mile.
Though it may seem
Your the one for me.
Staying up late
And talking all night
I took the bite
Of your love and grace.
Your kiss
Is a chocolate bliss.
Addicting and smooth.
Loosing my self in your eyes
As time flies by.
My eyes lids grow heavy
So I must sleep
Good night my love
See you when the sun rises.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I can barely keep my eyes open
Looking at the sky
I wish there was some other way.
To let my light go,
Lifting my fog
Clogging my heart. 
I just want to feel alive
I just want to get by.
With this world
Of hard hearts.
Though another day parts,
The darkness starts
A new 
Stronger than ever. 
Did I hide my self away 
For too long?
A cloud of dust
Is my home.
Where I will rome,
For the rest of my days.
Till the one finds me
With his light.
Shining bright
As the sun, comes to dawn.
To sing another song,
Of what used to be
With me
So long ago. 
Everything that was perfect,
A distant lie,
A memory.
Fallen down down
Never to return again.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lift my Burden

Back from the past 
Did you miss me?
Remember when you were a suck up?
A joke?
A fool?
Remember all the wrong you commited?
Your so impure, you crawl on this earth 
Like a snake. 
Those relationships 
A big mistake.
Except one.
Your first love.
Why is everyone so high and mighty
In their pride. I'm perfect in every way 
Forget it. The same mistakes come from those hearts you take.
Keeping them
In your chamber. 
So you remember your shame
Shouting back at you. 
I want to be lifted of my burden
On my crippling back.
These voices whisper lies
That tie my throat till I can't breathe. 
Lift me up into your hand
To the highest land
Where your eyes shine pure
My heart breaks with your love.
Just when I have given up. 
Your truth has come clear.
Let your voice shake the very ground I stand
With the palm of your hand,
Hold me close 
Till I understand
How much I mean to this world.
Show me the way
Leaving my burden behind
Cause tomorrow can worry about itself. 


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Believing is Seeing

 If we can't see
To believe 
Do we have hope?
Of this life that is a slippery slope.
With our hearts
Even when there torn apart 
Do we still believe? 
What we see?
In madness and hell
Who can break us from this spell?
In pain and suffering 
While our mind buffers.
Do we believe?
What we can't see?
Right in frount of our noses
Seeing is believing 
but something's
 that are real in this world 
are the things we can't see.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Before I Go

Rock back and forth
The creaks 
Of the wooden chair.
A pair of blue eyes
Stair and escape
Into a memory.
Fall just reached 
Its blossom of colors
Daisy dance with the wind.
"Mommy push me higher."
She cries
The swing pulls back
"Let go mommy."
She flys into the sky
Her feet can touch the clouds.
She fasts forwards
 To under the willow
Where the swallow sings.
Wraps herelf in his arms.
Her lips begin to rest
On his like a pillow.
The kiss bellows beneath her heart.
Makes it stop to skip one beat.
On the hill
The sun kisses the grains
Of the prairie below.
Endless mountains surround her
Melts her eyes in awe.
The place
She could be
Who she wanted to be.
Like a vortex
Sucks back to the chair.
Sudden pools fill her eyes.
drips like a faucet.
Knowing what she is going
To leave behind.
Before she joins the sky
Were the Mellow Larks cry.
High above the clouds
Where peace meets the earth.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last Words, Last Breath

Ding. . . Ding. . .
Time begins to sing
Will we ever know?
How much to sow?
Hide and elipse 
Into sorrow.
Keep it away,
From the rest of the world.
As told,
From the stories of old.
Come and find 
My mind
Keep me close
Till my eyes close.
In a jar keep my last breath.
A whisper hidden 
In an utter.
Open it the words may clutter
Your mind.
Open it when its time.
For now 
Hide it away. . .
Keep it safe,
From the rest of the world.
Ding. . . Ding. . . 
Time begins to sing.
Will we ever know?


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Be Thankful

I have a roof
sky high over my head
with not a rain drop to dread. 
I have the symphony of voices
laughing echoing through the house.
With faces I love;
I have my family.
I have plates ,
to give me dates
with a buffet before me. 
Just once.
to taste home.
With love in the air
that clears 
the tears of yesterday.
I am thankful,
for the world,
the air,
the trees,
the sky,
my family and I.
My past loves and all friends
with good amends
in this day
of peace.
This Thanksgiving Day.
For this day forward
count the little things
as treasures and blessings.
No matter how big or small
It will sure get you far. 
What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Light Your Heart

Light of the world.
Let it burn,
Like the stars above.
Never let it die.
As long as you keep,
Me in your heart as you sleep.
Though you travel through the darkness,
Hidden deep within the forest.
The whispering winds
Taunt and touch 
With its fingers
Long and thin
Like a branch.
Calling out your name
As you play its game.
Keep the light close.
Keep it tight...
Loosing sight,
Could end your life.
Keep me with you.
I will protect, 
With this little light of mine
Let it shine a lullaby...
In the strings of your heart.
So our love may never fall apart.
Light the world.
Let it burn 
Like the stars above,
As long as you keep
My name in your sleep.
So that our love may never fall apart.
My dearest love. 

Monday, November 24, 2014


Tis this night I battle 

My heart 

against the pain throwing it's spikes

 I pretend I'm alright but Tis this night 

I scream to him how I can't take it 
I need to see his face 
But I need the grace 
To mend my heart 
Seeing how 
your alright
this night
You forgot about me.
For you see,
A faded memory is all I am
To your life
It stabs like a knife 
Carving into my skin
Deep within.
Do you even hear me?
I will never let anyone near me
To bear and ware down
Me to the ground.
What goes around comes around.
Im coming down 
hitting hard to the ground.
Loosing what I never found.


Thursday, November 20, 2014


Why can't you leave?
I can feel the needle weave!
In and out with each stitch 
On my throbbing heart.
Why did you leave? 
A cut so deep 
I weep in my sleep.
Trying over and over
Fitting the pieces 
Left behind.
So close
Yet so far
You tore me apart.
I can't take it!
This silence we made!
Say something... 
I miss talking,
And walking, 
Like it was nothing.
I wish you would welcome me,
Back into your world.
But it would be another sword.
Driving through 
Till I close my eyes!
And join the black with no stars 
To light my way.
Why are you still in my head?
I as I lay in bed
I wish I could be at peace
At least.
Wondering if you still care
Or was I another soul you has to bear.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Among the Rose Petals

Red velvet leaves 
Blow against the bare pavement 
Growing colder
With snow that glows
I still find my slef
Left at a campfire 
Amoung the stars 
With your lips on mine..... 
Build a bridge and get over him.
That's all I hear 
All I see is his face
A bare memory 
Chanting as a ghost from the past.
Breathe I know he means well
Even though I'm stuck in my shell.
Here I walk
Dazed and confused
Wondering what has become of you?
What has become of me?
Was he really here
His scent whisps
And kisses my nose.
I wish him well
I wish him the best
To lay his heart to rest.
My heart tries to be as peace
But my head is in pieces.
What's real? What's fake?
Which road do I take?
Though I grow old each day
It goes by slow every way.
Heartbreak is weaker to mend
Now that's the end
To my nights dreams
Though it seems
You dwell 
In a cell
Of my heart
It tears me apart
In tears I spill
What is my will?
Storms of the night 
Be still 
For there is much more 
For my story to tell.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Brightness of the sun
Come kiss my face
Stay in my embrace.
Till you set
So far away 
But yet your rays
Warm my heart
On a cold broken day.
Come wake me up 
Every morning, 
When your hand stretches
Over the plains.
Making my smile warm and bright.
So please let your fire last the night.
Sing a lullaby, 
Till I close my eyes, 
And wake 
To see your loving face.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Beating Heart

In the night,
Oh crystal clear!
Bright eyes of heaven
Sparkle your name!
Rain on me! 
With flurries of white.
In dead slience.
Hold me! 
Keep me close!
As the cold nibbles and bites, 
Underneath your wing
I will sing my love
Unto you my sweet.
Your kiss oh so neat
Warming my frozen heart.
Oh let's dart!
Inside where the fire 
Slowly burns big and bright.
In your arms 
My eyes close.
Sleeping on the one 
I adore.
Though you sometimes snore.
For my love will last
As long as the days past.


Sunday, November 9, 2014


Worthless is my name
Failing is my game 
Every whim 
Every win 
Slips and drips
Out my finger tips
And out my dry lips
I try and try
Then I cry and cry
The pain I gain
From being insane 
Worthless is all I've been called
Just throw me into a fire
And burn my desire
till I'm am ash
At least I will be worth something 
Worthless like rust
Worthless like dust
I wish I could be like the rest
The maybe I'll could be the best.
Worth this life 
Not this jagged knife.

Some days we feel worthless
And weak
Kicked and beaten 
Of our difference
Who cares!
If your hair makes stares
Yellow, red, brown, or even purple
So what if your style 
Doesn't shine a mile
And your laugh cackles
But it should tackle
With your warm embrace
Speading like wild fire.
You are the flame
In this game
Let It shine
Till dawn breaks
And kisses the earth
You are worth it
Like the sun is to the earth
Like the moon is to the stars.
Like air is to the living below.
Full of reds, yellows, greens, and purples too. 
Just be you.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Run Run Away

Crunch and Munch 
Rustle the ground
With each step.
Pounding of my heart 
Begins to blast my ear drums.
Sweat rolls like rain
Over my red cheeks.
The winds bites
Numb my body.
I'm running 
Away till I can't run no more.
I being chased . . .
Through the woods,
By someone I once new.
Their shouts blow
The leaves off the trees.
The hollowness of the forrest
Beings to thinken.
My path ends.
A circle of branches and trunks;
Surround me like a wolf pack
About to pounce their prey.
My breath shortens... 
Turns to gasping...
My vison blurs in and out,
She has caught me.
I see her face!
Like a reflection.
Slowly close my eyes 
With her fingure tips.
I'm chasing myself. 
I heard her say
Run Run Away
For you cannot stay. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Its a Meaningful Life

Life plays a song
ending when its time.
For now its mine.
Breathing and drinking it all in;
A long winding road 
With boulders and cracks,
that hit with a smack. 
Hitting the ground so hard,

Just know in this beating heart
Its Bound to get better. 
There is a light
at the end of the tunnel.
With a warm welcome
Along with a hand,
Guiding you back home.

YOU are just as important in this world
same as the concrete we walk on.
Everything has its purpose,
you just got to find yours.
even if it takes, 
till the end of your days.

"Its a meaningful life so live is well. . . you are meant to be."- Steven Curtis Chapmen

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Fall fall in love
Like the leaves,
Flying to the ground.
With out a sound.
Till come winters bite
I sleep alone tonight.
Left with an echo of your voice.
Within a days noise.
Where did time go?
Did it melt with the snow?
Barely without a breath.
I coress our memories
Into stories
May it burn in the past
Though I wish love lasts
Through the storm
Till you can give no more.
Where did I go wrong?
In life's song.
I crave a sweet  lullaby 
And have you by myside.
Let the night play it symphony, 
Let the day dawn on me.  
Let love stay and dance the night away. 


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Prince Charming

You are beautiful
Like the suns rays in midday 
Your snow like face
Radiates the smile carved in your face
With lips pink as the sunset
Your sweet kiss 
Fills the cracks my past left behind  
The curls upon your head of
Which you wear 
Glide like a horses mane
In the wind. 
Your heart and soul are one with the wind and sky.
Your tears form flowing rivers 
Quenching life's dryness.

Ladies and girls
With straight and curls
A man treats with his heart
From the start
Not bringing his pain
Of the game
He plays at home.
He needs to love
Like a poet lost in his words.
Choice is yours 
Make it worth soaring. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I lay lifeless, not a sound 
Tis the night filled with essence of silence.
The air breaths ice,
Frosting the floor below.
Elagance of snow flakes.
Drizzle over my covers. 
My shutters are bust with rust
Welcoming a long night of cold. 
I sink deeper and deeper, 
Piling blankets as a animal would burying it's self under ground.
I hear in the hall 
My clock call. 
Raining sounds of it's bells.
I ignore.
Creaks of the stairs
I could bare it's scares
I grow tighter in my cocoon.
Ahhh! Ahhh.
Shook the halls
Do my ears play tricks on me this night?
Let me sleep in this frost bite.
Ahhh!! Ahh! 
Go I say  away away!
Come a another day!
I toss to my back down
My eyes wide
My heart pounds like a drum
I can't breathe!
As a white face screams
Ahhh! Ahh! 
Pinning me down piercing it's cries!
Going black as a raven
I lay lifeless, not a sound 
Tis the night filled with essence of silence
The air breaths ice
Frosting the floor below.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


A sun has dawned 
Raining over fields of gold
Birds sing songs of old
Lilac sway to and froe 
Weeping willows all in rows 
The porch swing creaks and squeaks
As my smile grows
Time will heal my bones
My Soul will listen 
To gracious whispers of the wind
Let myself unwind
Let me rest
A new is at hand
Breathing sweet morning air
Clearing the rain of despair 
I am opening my eyes for the first time

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

China Doll

One in a millon
stars in the sky
will burst and scatter like dust.
While I blister rust
the beauty in me
seems to be
fading like a star
Oh so far.
Though I look
Im an open book
lines go on
like a song hundred pages long.
Their highs and lows
their fasts and slows.
I stay at the edge of the cliff
As if,
Something is waiting for me
My porcelain legs
Dangle and kick
The brass trunk that makes me sick
My blue dress faded
My hair saraded 
My face cracked and broken
One hole is a size of a tolken.
Beauty was my friend but left
Kindness departed 
Rosy thrown out
And tossed about.
All alone 
In a dark empty room
 Grey and gloom
Endless rain
Leaves a stain
Remembering my pain.
Who will hold me now?
Call me theirs
Lifting my despaire.
My wish to be held
Once more
By a child I adore.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Time is Healing

Someone lift this pain
Squeezing my heart
Tearing me apart.
I fell under your spell
Which ill never regret.
Now only time can ever tell
How you and I heal
From a never ending feel
of being lost 
baring the cost of a broken heart.
shedding tears
Please tell me
I didn't let you down.
Or wasn't good enough.
I try to be happy
and you make it easy
Why cant I?
Where Im I?
Even though 
I cry
Repeating our goodbye
Over and over
In my head.
From all that was said.
I understand
But the pain still stands
Please smile
only if it lasts a while.
Dont worry your little head
you will only hurt.

Im so sorry.
I bid you the best
Farewell for now.

Gracious words are honeycomb and sweet to the soul, healing to the bones.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chasing My Self


     Has come, time for reminisce
          Of the days missed
        Screaming my name
        Trying to stop before it's too late
    To come back through the gate
         Mistakes whisper and haunt 
            Echos of my voice blow my hears
     Where did I go?
            Claps of foot steps ring 
             As I watch my self unfold
        From stories of old.
         I just want to be me.
      Time is at a close
         Or is it near
    A hand of fear
Holds me dear 
    Air is getting short 
I feel torched 
From the scars I bare
    Dear someone spare me?

I woke up from a dream
So real it seemed


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Fly Fly away
I don't want to stay
In a cage
till I die of old age
Soaring and singing my song
Is what I long.
Fly fly away

The days have gone grey
Through I still know
even through depths of snow
my heart will heal
made into steal
by your kiss 
oh that I miss
Fly fly away

From this place I say
Singing my song
Is what I long
Fly Fly away
Peaceful into the sun
Fly fly away
For I am done
Fly fly away

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Labels of Kindness

Preps say, "Im better."
Athletes cry,"Im tougher."
Nerds calculate, " We are the force raise your sonic screwdrivers."
Goths mumble "We work in black. . . Batman!"
Hippies and Skaters, "Live in peace and light your candles and just ride life."
Outcasts and Nobodies, " Live like friends, Love like family."

All the voices 
And choices
of whatever we are
We are all just psycho in our own ways.
Making life interesting 
Instead of its sting.
Labels all and all
make the tears fall.
We are who we are in our hearts.
The world may label
But we are able
to make a difference.
Through the brilliance
Of laughs, wonder, creativity.
The world is our canvas
glowing with brightness.
So I say 
Make someone's day
Calling them beautiful, awesome, smart.
You just might make a friend today.

If you can't understand others, you can't understand yourself.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Facing Fears

Pounding of drums vibrate
Against my skull
I scream 
I cry
I dont want to say goodbye
To the past that once
Held me down.
I can still hear
echoes of the chains 
slamming my heart.
Even if I let go.
The drums play on and on
Replaying my mistakes.
Wishing a switch
could shut it off.
 I am terrified 
turning it off.
knowing it belongs
as a part of me.
 keeping my fear
stored in a box
Past is a ghost
that never leaves.
Waiting for its chance
to strike.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Clouds float by in a sea,
Like grey volcanic ash
deposits seeds
 passing by.
Blankets the ground
Dying it white
bitting my arms and legs
making them cold to the touch.
Peace rings its bells
Silence whispers
with the winds.
Covered in ash
as so it may be
Smiling my purple lips
As love warms
my viens.
Nothing is better
than wonderland.
With endless thoughts in my head.
As street lights leading my way.
I can't help but look
at the light streaming through
the houses along the street.
Watching families
read bedtime stories
or have a good snuggle
by a fire.
For in my heart I desire
To have a such love.
For i am alone
for my family is now
marked with headstone.
Still I have hope
and smiles.
Lasting me a lifetime.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Back against the wall
screaming in agony
Im covered in bear claws
with a blanket of blood 
surrounding me.
drawing closer to the 
the cold keeps me awake
and revived 
If I sleep I die. 
Chains bolted
To this stone cell
Kick and pull 
No budge,
No freedom.
I know I did wrong 
Why did I deserve this?
I'm a bird in a cage 
No way out
No air to soar
And let out a roar.
Form pools
From the tears I shed.
Who can save me?
From a cave 
Of my own doing.
No one except my self.

Mistakes is what life is made of
Locking our selves 
In a cell 
When we can't handle it all.
Only to be consumed 
From our own ghosts
Passing through 
Screaming all the wrong doing.
Burying deeper and deeper.
To escape 
There one way 
Free and follow 
Your heart 
And you can break through walls.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Replay the chains.

Why did this have to happen?
All the hard work
The blood and sweat 
Go to waste
What I'm I going to do?
Go back? To the beginning?
But my past is such a mess
A castrophy, replaying 
The reel I once stared
Would break my heart.
All the doing I did on the big screen.
For everyone to see. 
Why would I want 
Every flaw of me
To come boiled out
Just so those can laugh about.
No one needs to know me
Of who I am.
Just me. 
Nothing more.

Your past will always be apart of you. 
Can't change what has been done.
Of the dirty slate.
The future is clean and bright.
Come and fight 
Against the world that
Holds you back.
Plan a attack.
The past is your story.
So why not share your glory.
The strength you carry in your pocket.
Loosen the chains holding you against the wall
Before you loose it all.
Let's begin
Why and who are you?

Sunday, September 28, 2014


all the people.
Young and old
a wish fore told.

In this world
I wish it would.
Be full of ha's
And belly pains,
From the ticklish nerve
found with in.

Imagine the world,
filled with laughing gas.
Instead of air;
Just for a while
in a time of denial,
time of hate,
and a time of gloom.

We would all 
give love
with laughs,
instead of stabs
of words from our minds.
Leaving our differences behind.
Laughter is the best medicine, 
Why haven't we taken it?

Its much more important
to buzz like a bee
and sting. 
To who we see.
Laughs bring
endless smiles
that last a mile.
Laughter is contagious
Spread this cold
around and around.
To all the world
may it be found.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sunsets and Sunrises

Morning, join me
on this fine porch
listen to the birds sing. 
Pinks and blues
ringing through the sky
like a good morning kiss.
The heavens close 
For another day dawns
I watch my love, my wife
Join the morning sky 
As she walks 
to the horizon.
Every sunrise
She leaves
As if she has 
another life.

Stay with me through the day.
A miracle awaits.
Reds and Oranges
Calm the day away
The birds sing one less tune
before the night is due.
Look closely,
my wife
here she comes with her basket
full of the freshest flowers.
I get to hold her all night.
Through the dark's cold bite.
I love her
Dance with her
Laugh with her till
The next sunrise comes.
I sit
give her lips a kiss.
Watch her walk away to the horizon.

Everyday I wait till sunset,
To love her again.
For she  no longer breathes again.
Lost from her battle
She still comes 
every sunset
To love me,
Laugh with me,
Hold her in my arms.
Till the next sunrise comes.
till the day I join her.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1865 Morning

Tears of heaven
Kiss the red pools
Of lifeless and cold.
 Not a voice 
To be heard 
Just a sound of pit pat
Drumming against the earth.
Bowing our heads
We gather the dolls
And bury them 
In our backyard.
With white crosses
Marking the end
Of the tears 
From all those years 
Of madness
Row on row 
It goes
Forever to show 
Courage and bravery
Of our men in the calvary.


Sunday, September 21, 2014


Would you believe there is no one 
Like you?
No clone made from a mad scientist 
Those do not exist.
 A friend who a lot like you 
Share the same?
Is it a game, finding ourself 
In others.
Whether were mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.
A little piece of us is in you
Making us all the same
Would be lame
Be different
Be spontaneous 
Because your not the same as us
Be brave
To save 
From the crowd of the same.
Be true to yourself
As well as ourselves
Your fingerprint 
Is your imprint
Your eyes are as colorful as the skies
Besides these other guys
Your beauty
Is matchless 
Not much less
But more beautiful
Or handsome
Believe me my friend
Being different is not the end
Not a crime
On the dime
But the greatest treasure to hold
Even when your old.
"Today you are you
That is truer than true
There is no one alive youer than
YOU. " - Dr. Seuss 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Haunted, Murder Rails

Gather around
My friends.
Sit near this warm blaze.
The moon shows it's face
Waiting to listen
To it's past
A forrest full of screams
Full of secrets 
Hidden deep beneath
The tree roots.
Close your eyes. 
Feel the ground
Vibrate and shake. 
It's not a quake. 
Hear the horn
Roaring and echoing 
Like a ghost.
200 hundred years
Earlier a town just begun
An old west with guns abound
A railroad had opened
It's grand rails smooth and silver
Carved wood in-between
Train 93 about to set rail
Steam rolls like clouds on an early morning 
The conductor shines the beauty 
Yelling all a borad.
Kids laugh and play 
As the day begins.
Mothers and fathers 
Smile as the long miles; 
A railroad from Aspen to New York. 
The steam howls 
Wheels start to roar
Good byes waved by white.
Pulling strong through the land
Trees and meadows 
Moving slowly by. 
Laughs and joyous smiles 
All round.
Slowly the skies turn black as night.
Passengers didn't mind the sight.
Rain pounds like rocks 
Drums of the am sky flash their symbols.
Growing harder and harder.
A river on their right comes in tight, 
With the train.
The river roars and crashes madly against the rocks. 
With out a trace or a smack,
The train derails
From it's tracks
Toppling into the river
Screams and cries
Blast and bounce off  the canyon walls
With a violent wave
Passengers fly into the rocks 
Blood spills from bodies
Mangled and beaten
Others pinned and drowned.
Here tonight 
Listen closely you can still hear
The chugs and tugs of the train.
 the kids laughing
the rails screech
The screams echo and play
Every night 
This gorge
Open your eyes hear and see the hour
Of train 93
Coming across the tracks

That was no accident.
Murder replays in these hallow canyons

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


A vail of stars greets the night
Countless and bright 
My heart wishes it could soar, 
To you in your arms.
As we stare at the same moon,
I can't stop thinking about you.
I've been in the dark for countless years,
Again Again,
Alone and in the quiet shadow 
lurking through;
Empty hallways, with endless voices
keeping me company.
Until I met you.
With your eyes a flame grew and grew
Warming my lonely heart.
Lighting the lantern of my soul.
Glowing brighter and brighter.
With each passing day.

I was lost, for  now Im found.
Awaiting to see your loving face again.
Like a winter turning into spring.
You bring life again to my heart.

Lighting the lantern of my soul
Growing brighter and brighter.
Higher and Higher.
Till the flame kisses 
The stars above.
The beauty I love.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Poor Man

Here is a piece I wrote on a previous blog I used to be in. Hope you guys like it and may it touch your hearts.

“The Poor Man”

Smell the smog. Listen to the cars go by on a busy Monday morning. Feel the vibrations of footsteps walking past him. All he can see is shapes and shadows of unseen faces.

A man sits on a busy sidewalk, wearing nothing but rags, a ragged knit cap , and gloves missing fingers. A tin cup lies beside him, filled with the precious metals of a greedy man. This cup is his lifeline before being taken by death. Doesn’t anyone care for the poor man on the corner of main street?

A bakery across the street fills the air with childhood memories. The man can see them in his mind. He can see again. He’s with his family, laughing and joking. Then burning fire appears, and it grows dark. Now he fends for his life on the corner.

Every day he sits on that corner at quarter-past 7, patiently waiting for hope, the next meal, or to live a better life. People, with their money-making pride, look at the poor man in disgust. Men spit at him and carry on with their pride. Kids take his money and move it to a different spot. He’s confused and follows the sound of the coins while delinquents kick him, busting his ribs. How much pain can one tear hold?

He doesn’t give up. Every day he is there, waiting for his second chance. Is there no one who cares for him?

Suddenly, the patting of little feet approach the blind man. A boy delivers him a loaf of bread and says, “I brought this for you from the bakery I work at.”

The man can’t believe that such kindness can come from someone so small. He gladly accepts and asks, “Why do you show such kindness to me?”

The boy replies, “A little love can go a long way.”