Saturday, October 8, 2016

A new dawn

Where are you?
Who are you?
I am lost and cannot find my way.
I have lost sight of the light of day.
Come take me where my heart longs to be.
I cannot see the direction I am going.
Endings come to fast.
Everything I knew was a lie...
Now I just want to die.
Leave this place that is not my home,
But crafted by someone else's mind
Where are you?
Who are you?
I don't remember who I am.
I don't know who this person is.
 Who is this selfish person?
This might have been me
But that's not what is written on my heart
Love will catch me.
I have tried to run
I have tried to hide.
But it's not the same
As opening your eyes
Adding a breath or a sigh
And believing in me.
My mind is quiet and clear
I will not shed a tear,
For the new is about to rise
Rising from the ashes born a new.

Sabrina Black

Saturday, July 16, 2016

New Beginnings

Boondocks,I  got inspired this weekend to express no matter who they are or what you have done to them or vise versa; courage is the ultimate bravery and honor to have.That is the courage to forgive. Wish well to the ones that hurt you. Even if they don't deserve it. 
Lock the doors of your heart.
Someone is knocking...
Keep all the hurt away
Waiting for it to blow away.
The eyes you met long ago
Reappear in the shadows.
Lock the doors tight 
Barricade it shut.
They are coming... 
Keep your enemies close,
Keep your emotions buried,
Live with a fake smile, 
Wave till it hurts.
Knock. knock.
They won't leave...
Open the doors,
Let the hurt in one last time
Close your eyes tight and wait
Till your breathe disappears. 
 They close in
But hold you tight 
Their hand pats;
Welcoming you in like an old friend.
"It's good to see you." They state
"Why are you here?" You ask
They: "I don't know..why are you hiding from me?" 
You: " Do your eyes lack sight. Your scars are still fresh right on my hands."
 Open the shutters
 let the hurt go out your windows 
Breathe it all in 
Till it hurts
Forgiveness is only
Here to free you.
What are you running from?

Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Light In A Broken World

Before this piece starts... I want to send my thoughts and prayers to Christina Grimmie and her family. As well as the shooting in Orlando. Don't live in silence if you need someone to talk to. Stay safe everyone and I'm sorry we have a world where suffering and pain exist. Be kind and compassionate to one another and hug your love ones tonight. We are all shattered in one way or another. We need each other to pick the pieces back together. Love will conquer all. 

The evening lights turn on
The rain goes on and on
My feet move on
Head hangs low
The world moves slow
I don't know anymore
This evil that lives inside
Is filled with lies

As it slithers up into my throat
I begin to choke
On the pain hidden inside
 Why is this world cruel? 
Everything its fingers touch 
dies and crumbles
But creates life?
How do we live like this?
Painting the same picture 
Over and Over
Killing one another

A mess we clean up and then move on
Like nothing happened.
We sulk and sigh
Then we turn our eyes
To another battle and bleed dry.
Have we not learned?
The world is a little kid
playing with sharp objects. 
Yet we keep on doing it.
 Suffering our enemy 
comes to steal and destroy
but we treat it like a toy. 
 We miss the point.

Suffering isn't a battle
That we create in.
We cause it.
But without it compassion wouldn't exist  
Neither would mercy and kindness.
We fill sorrow and pain 
But compassion snares
Its throne into our hearts.
It's easy to respond with hate
But its hard to express kindness?

Till it happens to you
We won't understand or comprehend
Instead of trying just say
"I'm sorry. I am here now. Show me how I can help you."
Instead of "walk away and move on."
Says a lot about yourself. How much you care about yourself.
Hurt and pain is not something you hold against yourself
But something you grow stronger from. 
It's okay to hurt... its okay to be sad... its okay to feel awful. 
Its okay to grieve. 
Love yourself and give love to others.
Imagine that.
The light would grow and glow 
brighter and brighter.
Than ever before. 
Light the broken world
not crack it even more.




Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fly...Fly Away....

My heart is somewhere else...
Flying in the sky
Finding somewhere to land.
In someone's hand.
Peaceful and gentle, 
Like the sun at daybreak.
I rise like the ocean
Ready to embrace my new beginning.
Embark on a new journey
Of this life, I never knew.
I have come close
But come so far..
I say good by to my dark cave.
Where I used to be a slave.
I know I am free,
From what was inside of me.
Take a breath, 
And a sigh.
Say goodbye...
To the life I knew.

Link: I met you.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Do I Dare?

This drink in my hand
Do I turn it over;
And walk away?
Do I let the rim touch my lips
Quenching the pain? 
Oh, the sweet nectar!
Lavishing across my worries.
A scar open
and bleeding over the bar.
Heart pulls and tugs 
the burden of memories
across its veins. 
He left for another creature
with lips.
More quenching than mine. 
On his mere face
love and hate have a war.
With my hands I stroke
the bruises left behind.
I am all alone
with a poison against my lips.

Picture: igneous_lips_by_ahurashirashtiani.jpg

Friday, January 1, 2016


 Can't live like this 

 fought for my freedom

 felt every wound and word

Put up my shield
Yet you still through rocks

Sticks and Stones may never hurt me
But your words will
The earth cracks underneath 
My legs dangle above the crevasse 

More stones hit over and over
Like a bully with his prey
I beg for help 
My screams cannot be heard by your ears.
 But His love is more precious to me than you
My God is greater and a better man than you will ever be.
His voice thunders and quakes your very feet
His nail printed hand pulls me up
He looks at you with His eyes of love 
Places His hand on your heart
Whispers I love you, but you need to know what you have done.
I scream: Father if you love me at all you will need to surrender your chains.
I have had enough 
If you do not change your ways I will never speak or see you again. 
Your words hurt like knives and its killing me.
I am His the Father above and His alive in me.
Let Him breathe his love into you.
It is finished.