Monday, January 4, 2016

Do I Dare?

This drink in my hand
Do I turn it over;
And walk away?
Do I let the rim touch my lips
Quenching the pain? 
Oh, the sweet nectar!
Lavishing across my worries.
A scar open
and bleeding over the bar.
Heart pulls and tugs 
the burden of memories
across its veins. 
He left for another creature
with lips.
More quenching than mine. 
On his mere face
love and hate have a war.
With my hands I stroke
the bruises left behind.
I am all alone
with a poison against my lips.

Picture: igneous_lips_by_ahurashirashtiani.jpg

Friday, January 1, 2016


 Can't live like this 

 fought for my freedom

 felt every wound and word

Put up my shield
Yet you still through rocks

Sticks and Stones may never hurt me
But your words will
The earth cracks underneath 
My legs dangle above the crevasse 

More stones hit over and over
Like a bully with his prey
I beg for help 
My screams cannot be heard by your ears.
 But His love is more precious to me than you
My God is greater and a better man than you will ever be.
His voice thunders and quakes your very feet
His nail printed hand pulls me up
He looks at you with His eyes of love 
Places His hand on your heart
Whispers I love you, but you need to know what you have done.
I scream: Father if you love me at all you will need to surrender your chains.
I have had enough 
If you do not change your ways I will never speak or see you again. 
Your words hurt like knives and its killing me.
I am His the Father above and His alive in me.
Let Him breathe his love into you.
It is finished.