Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Words

Sound of the Heart Beat 

I feel the cold walls press against the hairs of my skin.
As my body turns cold, there is nothing more for me to do. 
The music slowly fades into silence
Now I'm left here laying down with the walls of stone
I can taste the end of my heart 
Its left cut and empty
Pools of blood surround my body
Im slowly dying, painfully from my committed trust passes
My deeds are done
My dreams are dust
No one will morn if I die 
No one will remember my existence 
No one will miss me
Who I'm I?
Im a nobody, a sinner, a weak link
I dont exist to anyone
I am invisible
The cold earth will whisper no one when I die
The snow will fall peacefully with a tune of sorrow
I am only to become a whispered memory, chanted by the wind

No one is left in my life
For someone to stop me
From ending this crucial fate
There will be no light
There will be no savior to rescue me

The cold barren ice is burying my body
My love who I treasure isn't here to save me
He is dead from a fight he didn't win
Now I will join him in the heavens
Now and forever


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Voices of J and C

This is a story set in the plains of Montana, its a story of two young men and their struggle through pain
and suffering of their own selves.

Let Go and Be Free

Do you hear it? The notes of the wind chimes . Its sound brushes through the prairie grass as it gradually gets louder and pounds against the mountains. At the base a shimmer of a mirror of water sparkles. As the surrounded green giants click their symbols in the wind.

Not everyone knows him in this town, he is just an ordinary person that is upbeat, laughing, and smiling no matter what mood he is in. He has common thoughts as any teenage boy. No that's not who Jake is it's what he appears to be. He attends a regular high school for the most part. The one with the popularity chart. School was an outlet for him. At home, he faces parents with strict rules and cage him from being himself. Making him feel trapped everyday. Looniness is his only friend he can trust. Neglected and unloved he resorts to getting attention his own way. He schemes a set of words at a victim. Cries out his anger and leaves them hopeless and hurt. It feeds him and satisfies him. When he is not at school he consumes himself with smoking the pain away. As he has no remorse of the pain he has made.


A nice guy with a passion for music and the Montana scenery. Grew up in a broken home with a blinds of sin. To pass the time away he builds drums and rumbles the beat through the mountains. Living the good life with friends. But when he's home trouble quakes the earth. Yelling and arguing every night like a war. Bombs go off and grenades fly in the sky killing thousands. Connor cries as his heart trembles with fear. He can't escape it. As he enters high school, his role model is his brother. The one who he is supposed to look up to turns him deceitful. Educates him to treat women as toys. He has the stubble to love and give affection to women. Only see's them as benefits. This consumes him into the world of the lost. Connor still waits in the dark for someone to save him from his never ending darkness.

These stories are true, these boys struggle with it everyday. With flash-bulb memories it haunts them for the rest of their lives. Why would you consume pain? Look what it does to one's self.
It processes and plays in the mind. Consuming you from the inside out. Make yourself free from pain and leg go of what is holding you back. Living life in fire only makes you weaker.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Voice of C

The Voice of C

 On my heart, 
I have a cage of thorns
Thorns that rip and tear me from my sin
I live with the flashbacks of the past
It haunts me..
It breaths down my spine making me shiver.

The constant beat of the drums pounds and shakes 
Beneath my feet, its the sound of fear crying loudly
 My heart is cold and barren
There is no life, it's empty

It  has been drained by my procrastination
And deceit to those around me.
What have I done to deserve such emptiness?
My impulsive heart has killed so many

I have no sympathy for those in pain in others' hearts
It's how I feed, I grow stronger on each stab wound
To those who are weak!

Why I'm I not satisfied?
Why I'm I not happy?

My heart is a cage of thorns,
caused by sin
It's poison injects into me causing 
An alternate me
I am Pain


Monday, September 23, 2013

Attention Seeker

Hey Boondocks this piece is an intro to the special story coming this friday. This is a monologue to 
one of the two characters in the story; the other will come on wednesday. Enjoy! 

The Voice of J

 I've got a sickness, a internal burning desire. I wish I didn't carry it
Here it is on my flesh, underneath my sleeves.
Are my scars from my desire. 
My mouth is corroded with tar

The words that escape
Light it up and burns the flesh of others.
I see them cry and scream as they burn in front of me.
I have nothing kind to say
My mouth is made to hurt
It's a drug to me,
I crave it everyday, 
Every hour it grows stronger

How it works,
I see a helpless victim
My mouth boils like a volcano and spews fire
I can't stop 
I love the thrill and satisfaction it provides me
The feeling of control excites my heart

Drugs help me when I don't get enough
It feels good and relaxing to know
I am in control
My sickness is mad
My sickness burns
My sickness is attention


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Returned into Your Arms

At last 

A las it's been feeling like an entering enternity of misery. My heart aches as thoughts of memories of friendship scramble in my head. I've missed you as the earth misses the sun in the shadow of the night. 

Our bond grew stronger each passing day even though I departed. Upon my return our sisterhood magnized energy through the air. I am finally coming home to see you. 

Tell me all the troubled waters you crossed while I was away. Tell me all you have experienced in life. 

I've missed our moments and laughs we cherished everyday. Now I return even though it's short, let's make it seem like a lifetime worth of memories. 

Love your Sis

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Love's Cries

Light My Path

 I hunger for your embrace
To feel your breath against my neck
As you hug me
I crave your love in my heart
You next to me, completes my other half
Yet I am left here in the dark
I loathe the shadow of loneliness
I desire light to touch me
Just a little light...
Its all I want its all I need!
Depression snatched my being!
Agony and Frustation caged me!
Can anyone hear me?
I've been trapped for too long
Someone come and rescue me!
Im slowly suffocating here!
In this filthy thing called life!
I am done and cant take its lashes anymore
Too broken enough to live
Someone give me a sign, 
that you care 
that you exist
Please help me,
I am Love

Monday, September 16, 2013


 Remeber forever
Here we stand in the last moment of time we have together. As I leave you we reminse our years together. I recall my slef in the dark waiting for the light to come. Standing alone with just the voices in my head. Watching the world pass by as I wait for hope to come knock. This forrest with stars

 and thick mist is hanging my insanity by a thread. It's waiting to snap off. Being alone has it ways of chanting death as the only tune planted in your soul. As I sat in the usual corner of my life, you noticed me the only one in the room with eyes. My scars didn't seem to matter to you. When you spoke your voice was comfort. It tasted so good after 10 years. You whispered your name, I whispered mine. Instantaneously we become sisters. Shared adventures and experiences together. You brought me out of my shell and taught me to be my slef. Now its a time of endings upon us. I am leaving. I have to go someplace far to share to the world my new being and expand my heart. Goodbyes are not forever only if we keep the memories alive in our hearts. Sisters forever in harmony.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Calls of the Lost

Think with me of a forrest with mist for miles and miles. You are lost theres no one there but you. Your mind begins to play its tricks. 

Mind Tricks

Who are you? 
Where are you?
I am lost in the dark
With not a light and not a sight of hope
Whose there?
Why have you come?
What I'm I to you?
Are you lost?
I am
Help me, Im fading away
Are you still there?
Help me, Im fading away

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Twin Towers

Ding Dong Ding Dong

                                         Do you hear the bell?

Ding Dong Ding Dong

                                                                     Do you hear it? The sound of the fallen?

Ding Dong Ding Dong

 I can hear it

                               All the screams

The screams heard around the world

Ding Dong Ding Dong
  Can you feel it?

The rain

             Tears from heaven 

They are falling

I feel them kissing my skin

                    We are mourning for the dead

Ding Dong Ding Dong 

                The bell is the call of rememberance
Of those burned in the towers of the East

 Echos of engines haunt the site
Visions of those who jumped with the ashes
Flash in our memories
The agony has never left
Ding Dong Ding Dong
It will always exisit 

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thin As Air

I am Sabrina Black, a mysterious writer filled with poetry beyond compare. My stories are there to reach out and help others with various situations. My writing maybe dark but there is always light reaching out at the end of the tunnel. I wish you a warm welcome to my blog enjoy!


Look at me I am worthless
My body is destroyed and discarded by Agony
I have hurt too many
Love from me is great
Until my heart tells me
No you can't love him
I am worth nothing
I have nothing
Hear nothing
I am nothing

Pictures from Devian Art