Sunday, December 29, 2013

Series of Endeavors 4

This segment describes how boastful the insanity tries to persuade him to be. Giving him prideful and boastful comments about him self. His survival depends on it.


The poppies will grow.
Row by Row,
No hope will grow,
All will suffer never sow.
Make him thirsty for his life,
For his survival.
The Enemy rather see him,
Achieve greatness.
So humble even so!
You’re so clever and faithful!
To your master, your god!
Why we should reward you,
For such humility.
The great Patient!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Series of Endeavors 3

This next piece of the series, is his mind telling him why he was put here. He imagines the doctors are out to get him.

Insane Asylum 

She could care less!
If your life is a mess!
She doesn’t love you,
Or care for you
That is why you are here.

Hate the one that keeps the keys,
That imprisons you from the world
Put his fate in your hands.
Or dream of making him pay,
Even though you are week

Attack him with temptations,
Of a man’s desires.
Make him turn away
From the one he follows.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Series of Endeavors 2

Merry Christmas Boondocks! Have a happy holiday! Here is the next segment to the Series of Endeavors


The church is a lie
A fable, a con
It brings Lonely people,
That have lost their minds
Praying will do you no good.
You’re stuck here for the rest of your life.
Curled up in a corner with nothing left.
Here Patient!
Come hither!
Be a child,
Explore all churches.
And be lost forever.