Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last Words, Last Breath

Ding. . . Ding. . .
Time begins to sing
Will we ever know?
How much to sow?
Hide and elipse 
Into sorrow.
Keep it away,
From the rest of the world.
As told,
From the stories of old.
Come and find 
My mind
Keep me close
Till my eyes close.
In a jar keep my last breath.
A whisper hidden 
In an utter.
Open it the words may clutter
Your mind.
Open it when its time.
For now 
Hide it away. . .
Keep it safe,
From the rest of the world.
Ding. . . Ding. . . 
Time begins to sing.
Will we ever know?


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Be Thankful

I have a roof
sky high over my head
with not a rain drop to dread. 
I have the symphony of voices
laughing echoing through the house.
With faces I love;
I have my family.
I have plates ,
to give me dates
with a buffet before me. 
Just once.
to taste home.
With love in the air
that clears 
the tears of yesterday.
I am thankful,
for the world,
the air,
the trees,
the sky,
my family and I.
My past loves and all friends
with good amends
in this day
of peace.
This Thanksgiving Day.
For this day forward
count the little things
as treasures and blessings.
No matter how big or small
It will sure get you far. 
What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Light Your Heart

Light of the world.
Let it burn,
Like the stars above.
Never let it die.
As long as you keep,
Me in your heart as you sleep.
Though you travel through the darkness,
Hidden deep within the forest.
The whispering winds
Taunt and touch 
With its fingers
Long and thin
Like a branch.
Calling out your name
As you play its game.
Keep the light close.
Keep it tight...
Loosing sight,
Could end your life.
Keep me with you.
I will protect, 
With this little light of mine
Let it shine a lullaby...
In the strings of your heart.
So our love may never fall apart.
Light the world.
Let it burn 
Like the stars above,
As long as you keep
My name in your sleep.
So that our love may never fall apart.
My dearest love. 

Monday, November 24, 2014


Tis this night I battle 

My heart 

against the pain throwing it's spikes

 I pretend I'm alright but Tis this night 

I scream to him how I can't take it 
I need to see his face 
But I need the grace 
To mend my heart 
Seeing how 
your alright
this night
You forgot about me.
For you see,
A faded memory is all I am
To your life
It stabs like a knife 
Carving into my skin
Deep within.
Do you even hear me?
I will never let anyone near me
To bear and ware down
Me to the ground.
What goes around comes around.
Im coming down 
hitting hard to the ground.
Loosing what I never found.


Thursday, November 20, 2014


Why can't you leave?
I can feel the needle weave!
In and out with each stitch 
On my throbbing heart.
Why did you leave? 
A cut so deep 
I weep in my sleep.
Trying over and over
Fitting the pieces 
Left behind.
So close
Yet so far
You tore me apart.
I can't take it!
This silence we made!
Say something... 
I miss talking,
And walking, 
Like it was nothing.
I wish you would welcome me,
Back into your world.
But it would be another sword.
Driving through 
Till I close my eyes!
And join the black with no stars 
To light my way.
Why are you still in my head?
I as I lay in bed
I wish I could be at peace
At least.
Wondering if you still care
Or was I another soul you has to bear.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Among the Rose Petals

Red velvet leaves 
Blow against the bare pavement 
Growing colder
With snow that glows
I still find my slef
Left at a campfire 
Amoung the stars 
With your lips on mine..... 
Build a bridge and get over him.
That's all I hear 
All I see is his face
A bare memory 
Chanting as a ghost from the past.
Breathe I know he means well
Even though I'm stuck in my shell.
Here I walk
Dazed and confused
Wondering what has become of you?
What has become of me?
Was he really here
His scent whisps
And kisses my nose.
I wish him well
I wish him the best
To lay his heart to rest.
My heart tries to be as peace
But my head is in pieces.
What's real? What's fake?
Which road do I take?
Though I grow old each day
It goes by slow every way.
Heartbreak is weaker to mend
Now that's the end
To my nights dreams
Though it seems
You dwell 
In a cell
Of my heart
It tears me apart
In tears I spill
What is my will?
Storms of the night 
Be still 
For there is much more 
For my story to tell.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Brightness of the sun
Come kiss my face
Stay in my embrace.
Till you set
So far away 
But yet your rays
Warm my heart
On a cold broken day.
Come wake me up 
Every morning, 
When your hand stretches
Over the plains.
Making my smile warm and bright.
So please let your fire last the night.
Sing a lullaby, 
Till I close my eyes, 
And wake 
To see your loving face.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Beating Heart

In the night,
Oh crystal clear!
Bright eyes of heaven
Sparkle your name!
Rain on me! 
With flurries of white.
In dead slience.
Hold me! 
Keep me close!
As the cold nibbles and bites, 
Underneath your wing
I will sing my love
Unto you my sweet.
Your kiss oh so neat
Warming my frozen heart.
Oh let's dart!
Inside where the fire 
Slowly burns big and bright.
In your arms 
My eyes close.
Sleeping on the one 
I adore.
Though you sometimes snore.
For my love will last
As long as the days past.


Sunday, November 9, 2014


Worthless is my name
Failing is my game 
Every whim 
Every win 
Slips and drips
Out my finger tips
And out my dry lips
I try and try
Then I cry and cry
The pain I gain
From being insane 
Worthless is all I've been called
Just throw me into a fire
And burn my desire
till I'm am ash
At least I will be worth something 
Worthless like rust
Worthless like dust
I wish I could be like the rest
The maybe I'll could be the best.
Worth this life 
Not this jagged knife.

Some days we feel worthless
And weak
Kicked and beaten 
Of our difference
Who cares!
If your hair makes stares
Yellow, red, brown, or even purple
So what if your style 
Doesn't shine a mile
And your laugh cackles
But it should tackle
With your warm embrace
Speading like wild fire.
You are the flame
In this game
Let It shine
Till dawn breaks
And kisses the earth
You are worth it
Like the sun is to the earth
Like the moon is to the stars.
Like air is to the living below.
Full of reds, yellows, greens, and purples too. 
Just be you.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Run Run Away

Crunch and Munch 
Rustle the ground
With each step.
Pounding of my heart 
Begins to blast my ear drums.
Sweat rolls like rain
Over my red cheeks.
The winds bites
Numb my body.
I'm running 
Away till I can't run no more.
I being chased . . .
Through the woods,
By someone I once new.
Their shouts blow
The leaves off the trees.
The hollowness of the forrest
Beings to thinken.
My path ends.
A circle of branches and trunks;
Surround me like a wolf pack
About to pounce their prey.
My breath shortens... 
Turns to gasping...
My vison blurs in and out,
She has caught me.
I see her face!
Like a reflection.
Slowly close my eyes 
With her fingure tips.
I'm chasing myself. 
I heard her say
Run Run Away
For you cannot stay. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Its a Meaningful Life

Life plays a song
ending when its time.
For now its mine.
Breathing and drinking it all in;
A long winding road 
With boulders and cracks,
that hit with a smack. 
Hitting the ground so hard,

Just know in this beating heart
Its Bound to get better. 
There is a light
at the end of the tunnel.
With a warm welcome
Along with a hand,
Guiding you back home.

YOU are just as important in this world
same as the concrete we walk on.
Everything has its purpose,
you just got to find yours.
even if it takes, 
till the end of your days.

"Its a meaningful life so live is well. . . you are meant to be."- Steven Curtis Chapmen

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Fall fall in love
Like the leaves,
Flying to the ground.
With out a sound.
Till come winters bite
I sleep alone tonight.
Left with an echo of your voice.
Within a days noise.
Where did time go?
Did it melt with the snow?
Barely without a breath.
I coress our memories
Into stories
May it burn in the past
Though I wish love lasts
Through the storm
Till you can give no more.
Where did I go wrong?
In life's song.
I crave a sweet  lullaby 
And have you by myside.
Let the night play it symphony, 
Let the day dawn on me.  
Let love stay and dance the night away.