Monday, December 7, 2015


I have walked this room.
I've touch this floor.
Seen the window a thousand times.
But I still have a desire to look
At what?
No voice to tell me I'm wrong
Where has time gone?
It snows outside
The cold bites my skin.
Where has my heart gone?
It left to find another
Daybreak lights the ground.
Where my footprints can be found.
Its hard to see who I can really be.
Heart come back to be.
Take me to somebody warm
To thaw my frozen heart.
I cannot breathe.
I cannot see.
What is truly in front of me.
Empty halls,
Sing no songs.
My mind is as cloudy as the sky.
Come and bring me back to life.
Where has time gone?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why is all the Love gone?

Where are you love?
I'm here waiting
For ages I've stood...
I've sat...
Love you left me.
This barren land is cold
Canyons from end to end.
Grey clouds fog up the sky.
Bits and pieces of my heart 
Lay on the ground before me!
Where are you!
I'm tired of looking 
Here my cry!
Where is he?
My wonder,
My prince,
Or do I sit here
With your strings 
Attached and sown into my arms.
As you make me dance! 
Where is he!
How come the ones that come 
Into my heart leave right away!
I'm I not good enough!
Love why do you dismay?
My desire is clear as day.
Love where are you?
Why have you left me?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Who are you?

Who Are You?
To the people I write to,
 It is always a lovely sight seeing my work being viewed.
Knowing someone is out there.
Knowing that you care.
I ponder somewhat in my pass time
wondering who are you?
The people I speak to
The people who listen,
The ones who come here for help,
The ones here who come for inspiration.
Who are you?
Its been about two years since we met?
Yet, I have been clueless as to who you are.
Are you lost?
Are you dealing with anger
or life's endeavors?
Who are you?
Are you here?
If so, please answer.
Tell me if I help
Because I do care.
About each and everyone 
Who are you?

Sincerely, my lovely Boondocks,
- Sabrina Black

The Call of My Happy Place

The Call of My Happy Place

The sound of quaking leaves fill the air
My feet bare,
In the grass that tickles. 
Pools of water shine like nickels.
Birds sing their songs 
All the day long...

The sky breathes fire behind the mountain slope;

This is where I cope.
Here on the plains of wild flowers;
 I come here all hours

To watch the beauty unfold.

To hear stories untold.

Come with me,
Where the sun greets me
With its everlasting kiss
One I truly miss.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

What is Love?

Love what do I know
What is it?
Is it something I can hold? 
An old relic of time?
Is it soft?
Is it rough?
Do I get butterflies flying off my heart?
Love a delicate flower,
An innocent child,
Playful, and energetic. 
Soft and warm.
A safe blanket.
Love is easy to fall into
But hard to get out.
It's a deep warm pool
With waterfalls and trees hanging off cliffs.
Something I never want to leave.
Yet the storms bring me inside and pin 
Me against the sharpest of rocks. 
Love is scary
Love is a storm
Love comes with a price
But it's worth having 
Without it we are nothing 
But ash blowing in the whisper of the wind. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Welcome Back

A new journey has begun... 
So off with a sound of a gun!
Let my voice ring in victory,
Hear the trumpets roar like a lions!!
Feel the earth tremble and stumble
My way to anew sunrise....
Let my heart out of the cage within,
Anew tidal wave is coming in.
Victory has never tasted so sweet! 
Run with me...
Fly with me!
To the end of my days...

Welcome back.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy Place 2

A familiar tune
Loose and free
A good book
With new places and lands to see.
Smells and yells of a new city 
Where the people are witty.
Food good for the soul
An unfamiliar bowl 
A slow  walk 
Path wide and narrow.. A place to rest feet... on a dock.
A willow tree tall and strong
Taking a nap oh so long 
Happy place 
Take me to a sacred space
Where the trees grow freely 
Where the birds never stop singing.
When evening comes
The Stars show off some 
I close my eyes
Make a wish
To take me some place 
Find it
Feel it.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Mirror

I feel the glass slide down my fingers.
Smooth and seamless.
Yet my hands leave a mark.
Like some how a piece of me is left.
It's clear, but I can't see through it.
I can see someone staring back at me.
Bright blue eyes,
Brown hair pulled back,
Some strands hang down framing the face.
Which is white, but not like porcelain.
A few freckles here and there;
Pimples there and there. 
Lips plump but a dull red.
The glass reflects
What is shown in its frame.
What I see, I rather shatter the mirror
In pieces. 
Because my true beauty comes from my heart.
Those who can't, see what the mirror shines.
Only a meaningless reflection
Hiding who you really are.
So raise your fists! 
Shatter the glass!
That echoes what you see.
As worthless and being a nobody,
Unvail like a bride at her wedding
And show your true beauty.
What is on the inside
Is kind and warm,
Joyful and couragous,
And outrageous.
You're not the person in the mirror,
That glass can't tell you who to be.
So what's it going to be?


Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Before you read, I have tried to post as often as possible. I know I've been busy, but I miss my audience. I apologize for that. This piece is a message from a dear friend of mind. Whose brought my heart back to life. I love you dear friend. Thank you. Boondocks, I hope you get the same love from someone in your life.

Precious Heart,
Oh, what a joy you are in the world
I love having your presence
Loved doing life together:
Sharing laughter, study time, and watching you grow
In who you are.
I am proud of what you have become
Precious Heart,
You have crumbled in the face of brokenness, spiritual battle, physical and emotional pain.
Precious Heart, You have conquered all the trouble.
You're an honor to be called my friend.
You have trusted me with your deepest fears
I have welcomed you with my arms.
Make time for joy little heart,
Make time for laughter,
Make time for your journey
For your second chance has begun. 
Precious Heart, 
dont be afraid
of the quakes,
crackes and hurricanes. 
Those storms will blow on
The sun will begin a new dawn.
So Precious Heart,
Farewell. Till we meet again.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Place

Canyons open wide 
Greet the sheet of stars
That is being pulled over the blue sky
Cool and crisp air whirls like a dance
The Reds and oranges of the canyon
Turn pink and grey.
Like they hide their true colors when darkness kisses the sky.
I stand firm 
In the middle
My sole in awe 
I want to stay here forever 
Be here away from the pain
All the shouts 
All the screams
All the venomous drinks 
Can't hurt me here
No one can touch me
No one can hear me
Peace the taste 
Sweet as cakes
I can breathe
I can be free

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dirty words

A blade of a knife rest between my lips
The sharp end numbs my tounge as it digs deeper with every word I speak
I wish it could cut and tear my vocal box
Like a present 
I can't speak life 
I can't speak hope
My heart is hard and feels heavy from the dark
I hate to see my own mother cry and weep agony out of her eyes 
Her whales crush my heart
I wish I could never speak
So that her ears may not bleed
I pray for my mouth to sow itself shut
So she could plant life in the soil of my heart
Instead of tearing us apart
I love you 
I plead I be free
From this person I am to be
You have given me life from your womb
But I have given you wounds
Please forgive me
And love me 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Come Back..

Where are you?
I feel you... 
But my eyes are blind.
As a bat in the night.
Whistles of leaves,
Howels at the moon.
The fingers of branches
Whisper and laugh 
Among the dark.
Lift the dark baby
With your the torch of your heart.
Let it burst through the trees!
Let it go with ease!
I will find a way to bring you home 
Through this storm .
Come to me... 
I call your name,
Like a fool
Shouting in the dead of night.
So clear and moon so bright.
I need you here beside me
I need you to guide me.
With your voice and light
I will be with you this night.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Promise

"You promised me you weren't going to leave me,"
I say as I kiss the coffin.
My face is soaked and weary
As I remember, when you held me dearly.
Each pull and each tug
Lowers you into the grass rug.
"Goodbye..." I mutter under my breath.
As you plummet deeper in depth.
Tonight the bed is colder without you
The days are gray; it rains inside my heart
You being gone is tearing me apart.
Each I item I hold,
Comes with a tale untold.
I touch a cloth,
I freeze and my mind
Like a flip of a dime.
My memory clocks
You hold me and lick.
My cheeks and my lips
Instead of the napkin wiping my lips.
Please come back to me!
Please come and hold me!
Please come and love me!
"You promised me you weren't going to leave me."
I turn around. 
To a sound.
Of a whisper,
"I never did."

Monday, May 18, 2015

Nothing I've Ever Known

My heart is flowing in the breeze
Like a leaf.
I don't know where life will lead.
Right now I am waiting
For something or someone 
To whisk me away.
Sweep me up and hold me
Tight like a child with a toy.
My heart knows what's coming,
I can feel it. 
In the wind....
In my soul....
In the air.....
He is coming
I can sense him
closer than ever.
Bearing his love for me.
I know when I see him
The heavens will open up.
The sky will sing,
The sun will shine upon us like a spot light
And all I will see is you.
My heart will hurt no more.
My search will be no more.
I will be with you forever more.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015


The eyes say something more than the mouth
The window is shut and boarded up
Surrounded by a fence of thorns.
This heart can't let anyone in
Nor can it beat
The smile that lays on a face
Is filled with lies
I know you don't want me here
Or want me to be near
I'm I disgusting?
I'm I not worthy to you?
I see what's behind the curtain
Your gossip about my heart
Yet you're the one who tears it apart.
What did I do wrong?
How come you don't want me to be around?
I'm not perfect and neither are you
It's time you realize it.
Not hypnotize people with it. 
I wish my time wasn't wasted on you
You know how I am
When you leave me in the dust
My heart is a bust
Tell me what I did
Tell me why I'm such a fool 
To you. 
Yet you're too scared to say it 
To my face you're afraid you'll break it. 
Why are you my friend?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Open up your eyes!

Trees as tall as Giants
Cloud the world above.
The sky is open. 
The gates are closed. 
Hidden deep in a universe,
Where the sky dances.
Where the food is a plenty.
Friends shaking hands.
Where laughter is the language of love
I gaze upon it.
My naked eyes can't see it.
I feel it in the wind...
I feel it in the grass... 
With the drops of dew...
I feel it in my heart...
While I'm on this path,
Blanketed with twigs and leaves,
Among the pavement
I know the one above is smiling at me.
Like the Suns face kissing me with rays 
I sigh at the beauty of this world.
But know I belong in another 
The one above.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Left Out

I scream! 
I cry!
All I ever hear is goodbye!
I am weary of farewells!
And bid wells!
Everyone leaves,
Like a breeze,
Blowing in the storm.
My heart is empty
But I've slept plenty.
Make it stop!
I drop
On my knees!
Begging please!
Won't you stay?
For just a day?
Maybe You won't go away.
Hate has taken everything from me!
Will you not believe me!
I've cut!
I've been called a slut!
All I need is a friend
To pour me a glass of love.
I thirst for the taste of Life 
These chains are tight.
I want to be free!
I want to be me!
Why won't you save me?
Why won't you stay with me?
I've told my story.
One that doesn't have glory,
But of darkness
In its likeness.
I want the light
Show me the way tonight!
Be there to listen.
Be there to glisen.
Your love and kindness 
Show me your brightness!
I am lost...


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tight Space

Tight Space
    No air to breathe.
Droplets smear their path along my face.
      No where to run
       No where to hide
Just me, myself, and I 
      No one hears me.
       No one cares.
Shadows and sleep are my friends.
    The cool touch of the wall
    Lifts and numbs the pain.
The clock adjacent, 
   Taunts me.
Over and over.
Tick-tock-tick- tock.
Waiting for death to show his face
The snow falls like ashes 
From the killing of many men
I rest with a rose in my hands,
My eyes closed,
With skin as cold as ice.


Sunday, April 19, 2015


I'm torn and scorned
this old wound has opened
My heart is awaking... 
I can hear this glass breaking.
The sound of your voice
Calls me back.
Like the comfort of my past.
Take me into your arms
And fly me away 
And I'll hear you say.
I'll be with you till hell freezes,
When the light grows dark,
When the Earth freezes and falls apart.
Till the end of our days, 
When we die in each other's arms.
Burn the past!
Burn the the torches!
And shine our love among the stars! 
Sadly you don't love me. 
Your eyes say someone else had won
I wondered if I could ever be that one.
I'm torn and scorned
this old wound has opened
My heart is awaking... 
I can hear this glass breaking.
The sound of your voice
Calls me back.
Like the comfort of my past.
Take me into your arms.
We will glide until sunrise
Until then I love from afar
Darling I'm missing you from wherever 
You are. 

Monday, April 13, 2015


Hello is anyone here
I guess the wall 
Is all I'll ever talk to.
I have never made friends 
I am a mess
What is it about me?
That no one wants.
I feel love but
Only from the shadows on my wall
All I ever want is a friend 
One to stay with me till the end.
The days are long 
I try to be strong.
Hello any one there 
Please anything a whisper
A hand
I just want a voice 
To talk to
To sing me to sleep 
I'm tired I've being alone these
Shadows are getting old.
Somebody anybody.
I want love.
Can anyone hear me?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Esmeralda: Made with fire

The hallowed halls
Sing echoes every night
Though I hide
I want to say goodbye
To the memories
That keeps me from being who I am

I'll set it all on fire
I've got to be free
From the past that holds me
With my hands
that glow with ember
The flame I hold
The heat can't hurt me
Its of my own making
I am cursed with this
new life. A fire power
that can't be tamed.
Just leave here
Before my heart becomes to dark
The fire in my eyes 
Glows in the night
I am awake
I am free 
Let the fire burn inside me
Let it go
I'm letting go
Don't let go. 


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bright Lights

Bright lights
The city is awake now
I can taste this moment
How this beat comes so naturally
I feel I am falling for you
So sue me
My heart is racing

I’ll take your hand
And whisper
Let's run away
Far from this place
Let's run to where the sun
Drops to the earth
Where time is stopped
All there is
Is me and you.

Open your eyes
Can you see it?
This love I feel you can steal it
Hold me tight and hold me close tonight
Watch as the fireflies dance before us
And sing this chorus
With me

I’ll take your hand
And whisper
Lets run away
Far from this place
Lets run to where the sun
Drops to the earth
Where time is stopped
All there is
Is me and you.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cuddles in the Puddles

Open my eyes 
Open my mouth with a heavy sigh
Waking up to a world
I don't even know
The sun shows
It's rays
Upon the raining day
Crying no more
 clouds open like a door
Baby don't stop here
Wait till the sky's at clear
And the morning comes
Asking if I'm worth fighting for?
Begins with a kiss 
Your hands are what I miss
Holding me by your side
Can we live like this forever?
All through the depts of December 
Your eyes wonder into mine
A wonderland of our souls
Dancing and prancing 
Around our heads
Until we are dead
For now hold me dear 
And near
The sun rays
In the days of the rain
Casting on them away.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Your Broken windows
Ashes falling like snow.
Take a bow!
For this place in ruins
Decieveing is your game.
Lying is your right hand man...
Screaming souls can me heard from the ground.
Sleepless and lifeless as they are;
You have gone to far.
Rattles of chains.
Ring for the next centuries,
But we will rise from the ashes. 
We will heal from the slashes.
You will burn along with the rest!
Returning from the dust of which you
Came from.
Light up the sky!
Light your riches!
Light your torches!
For the flame will never dim,
Nor will it be put out.
Your soul will rest in the dark 
For all eternity. 


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lift the shadow Shine the light

Burn the pages 
Set it all on fire
I'm letting go I'm letting go
To my darkest days
To my endless pain 
Find another to hold
And cry till their old
For you are done with me.
I can see clearly 
I can  see beauty
The world is plentiful and new
So I'll see you real soon
I'm letting go just letting go
Of the days that defined me
Of the momments of agony
I'm starting all over
A new chapter
That will come after
The smile
As I look to the sun
Setting in the west 
Hoping for the best
Will be written 
On the infinite blank pages. 

I want to be free 
That can never be me
For my hands are bound
To the sound of your voice 
So tell me if my shouts and echoes are worth dimes
Because I'm running out of time
In this blank space that holds my heart
I want to see you feel You
but your a shadow away
Through the days 
I crave the Suns rays
And I can't remember where I used to be.
So tell me if my shouts and echoes are worth dimes
Because I'm running out of time
In this blank space that holds my heart
I want to see you feel You
but your a shadow away
I guess I made a big mistake 
Coming after you 
When this should have been you. 
So tell me if my shouts and echoes are worth dimes
Because I'm running out of time
In this blank space that holds my heart
I want to see you feel You
but your a shadow away
But I'll be right here waiting for you.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hello and Goodbye

Here we go again
The world slowly spins
But time plays on and on
I grow old with the trees.
I want to fly with the birds and the bees.
I raise my hands for a touch of the suns rays!

My feet long to touch the waters
Rocking back and forth; 
I am unsteady
I feel heavy.
All that I know is disappearing!
Tears won't help.
Neither will a yelp.
I can't stop time.
Even if I tried.  
Watch me. . .
Know me. . .
Before I leave,
Before I come home,
Before I die. 
I want to say hello and goodbye. 


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What is this I know?

 The silence grows deeper. . .
Beneath the trees;
In the whispers.
I want to be free
They can't break me
I am weak. 
I am strong.
Can anyone hear me?
I want to know who I am
In the shadow I hide
I am covered by lies.
This blanket grows heavy,
But the warmth keeps me company.
What is this I know?
In this world, I am all alone?
Or do these empty caves
That echoes in my heart
Mean something more?
The world is full
Yet I am empty
Who I'm I?
What I'm I looking for?
Perhaps an open door?
What is this I know?
In this world, I am all alone?
In the shadow I hide,
From deep inside
That echoes within my heart.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

What could Go wrong?

Claude the Nights Epic Fail
Oh my muscles!
Oh my arms!
Oh my spleen!
I think I’m about to sneeze
I have a cold
I’m afraid I’m getting old.
That stupid dragon
Dripped snot all over me
All over my bloody knee.
He got away from me
Now he roams free
Because right after the goo
 I sneezed too.
My town is burning
And my stomach is turning
Oh me oh my
Here I lie
Helpless and still
Staring out the window sill
Watching the dragon taunt at me
Hearing the dragon laugh at me.
Oh my muscles
Oh my arms
Someone help me
 I need to use the bathroom please!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Find me

My heart is a bust
My tears are rust 
Please help me see
What I used to be 
I'm tired of trying
I'm tired of the lying
Would someone please rescue me
From this never ending sea
Of dark and cold
Days are old
Love is dust
My heart is a bust 
My tears are rust
Come and find me

Sunday, March 1, 2015


A big break
A big mistake
Worries and troubles lay before me
Flowing endlessly as far as I can see
Beyond the horizon is a mystery 
My shadow behind me is history 
My fork in the road has begun 
Left I astray 
and go my own way
Right I have a climb
That will steep over time
Easy way out
No doubt 
The dim witted will choose
The hard way
I say
I'll die trying
I leaving
On my journey