Saturday, October 8, 2016

A new dawn

Where are you?
Who are you?
I am lost and cannot find my way.
I have lost sight of the light of day.
Come take me where my heart longs to be.
I cannot see the direction I am going.
Endings come to fast.
Everything I knew was a lie...
Now I just want to die.
Leave this place that is not my home,
But crafted by someone else's mind
Where are you?
Who are you?
I don't remember who I am.
I don't know who this person is.
 Who is this selfish person?
This might have been me
But that's not what is written on my heart
Love will catch me.
I have tried to run
I have tried to hide.
But it's not the same
As opening your eyes
Adding a breath or a sigh
And believing in me.
My mind is quiet and clear
I will not shed a tear,
For the new is about to rise
Rising from the ashes born a new.

Sabrina Black