Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Come Alive

Silence falls upon the night
Once upon a time.
The cold winter bite
Came alive and closed our lips.
For we are the stones buried beneath 
The trees and the sky.
Our souls wonder in the stars 
Though we are in the ground.
We watch 
We whisper
In the air 
Through the water
The time has come.
To open our eyes. 
To echo our cries
And drum to the beat of our hearts.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Head vs. Heart

I am not loved,
Says the words in my head. 
You are loved by the ones
Who do care and love you
For who you are.

Don't listen to the whispers of your heart
I will only tear you apart.
Listen to your head!
And you will fall fast asleep in your bed
Im not wanted.
Im not needed.
In my head no one cares,
Of my despairs.
Im not worthy...

Listen to your heart
For it will mend, not split apart
And you will smile in your dreams tonight.
You are a beautiful sight.
You are craved.
You are brave.
You are desired
Like a tall drink of water.
In your heart, 
Love sparks and burns those despairs
Love fixes and repairs.

It is for certain
Like an open curtain,
I am a fool
Upon a stool
telling jokes
Only to be choked.
By words of truth,
That cripple my bones.
I am not pretty!
I don't belong.

In this battle that is never ending,
I wish I could have a new beginning.
Cleanse my mind!
Of the pain of time,
I know who loves me.
I know who needs me.
I know who craves me.
I know who thirsts me
And its obviously not you.
You web of lies is no more
I shall break my heart free
And be at peace with thee. 


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Old Hat

A little treasure box 
Rustic and old
From end to end
Dents and scratches
Show countless memories. 
Sealed as it should be
The bronze padlock
Rattles as I pull.
Around my porciline neck
A key black as midnight 
Gleams in the light from above.
Pointing the end down
Then with a twist
A click is made. 
Breaking the bond of the lock.
Dust flies like bugs 
And hovers like bees in a flower.
Below thick brass blocks with paper
Stick out; books containing adventures of old and romance lasting forever. 
Although love never found me
It's never favored my heart.
My treasures are old and rusty
Just as if I'm the chest
With no one to hold or love me
As a collector would.
I must wait for a while till it comes. 
I will face the disgrace when it comes.
I will overcome loves sting.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rain on Me

Tired and limp
my head lays still
with your voice
echoing in the shadow
I know Im lost,
with the sins of my past
But I know who you are...
the light of the earth
rain on me.
Come and set me free
till my head overflows with your love.
Come rain on me.
Come rain on me.
Though the days are long
I know Im not strong
I find my self seeking you,
makes everything new
You love last till the break of dawn.
But I know who you are...
The light of the earth
rain on me
Come and set me free
Till my head overflows with your love
Come rain on me!
Come rain on me!
Come rain on me!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Little Girl Everything Is Going To Be Ok Part 4

I cant breathe
a pasty hand covered my mouth.
I kicked and tried to wale
but no one hear me.
My cry was soft and weak from him squeezing.
My head started to spin and become light.
As events of my life flashed before my eyes,
I tried to fight... 
Not a budge was made.
till everything went black.

After what seemed like a few moments later,
My eyes opened showing blur and fuzz.
I blinked to focus...
there on top of me 
his knees squeezed my sides
with a gun to my head.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Little Girl Everything Is Going To Be OK part 3

The sky churned darker
around me.
The wind gently breezed through the air
calmly and quietly. 
Though in this moment, 
my heart started to race. . .
my body began to shake. . .
I commanded my legs to walk faster
though to my mind I was slow.
Afraid to see what followed behind me,
my eyes fixated on the road.
From what I could hear,
his boots squeaked and squeaked 
louder and louder
closer and closer
my blood ran through my body 50mph.
My legs started to fly.
My feet picked up
and I ran.
But in reality but body couldn't move faster
I was still walking.
I felt the cold air touch my shoulder
followed by claws 
that nested on my arm
Then a jerk.

To Be Continued. . .


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Little Girl Everything is Going to Be Ok: The man

                                                                As he was standing
there I heard him mumble to himself.
The end is near
so be careful my dear
The end is near 
I need to prepare
For the end is near.
The man was known as Crazy Ricky
A homeless man
that rather was mentally not there.
My heart went out to him.
Sometimes I wished I was crazy
So the world wouldn't seem so bad.
My feet slowly began to move to the dairy isle
to the cheese
A treasure only my family could afford once in a while
It was nice to have.
While looking the lights
 flickered black inside the store
then back on.
I didn't hear thunder
I look up at the light 
hanging and shining 
just as always.
Puzzled as I was I shrugged it off.
Plus I was done shopping.
I walked along the isle
till the end when the ice cream lays on my left
and bacon on my right.
I could only dream what ice cream would taste like.
I never had it growing up
not once.
I gazed at the beautiful carton of chocolate
and desired for its taste just once.
I looked at what I had
1 dollar for the bread
2 dollars for the cheese.
My heart was crushed I didn't have a enough
for the 2 dollar ice cream.
I looked up and at the corner 
of the isle was something crumbled.
Green and white and torn around the edges.
Slowly I picked it up it was two dollars.
I looked up and down the store, 
no one was to be seen.
I snatched the money and the sweet
and dashed to the counter.
Noticed spoons nearby,
I payed without a word and left out the door.
The sky still looked black and clouded.
But I didn't care my heart soared at the thought of ice cream.
I walked to a nearby park and sat on a bench.
Placed my things beside me and took the carton.
Slowly, I opened the delicate cream 
with the spoon I swiped I dug.
Put it to my lips
and my mind went into dream land.
I had never in my life tasted something so sweet.
Before I could eat the whole thing,
I looked to the side and far in the distance
a figure stood under a lamp post.
Indicating I should head home.
I gathered my things and walked
I gaze over my shoulder
the shadow moved to the bench I sat at.
I started to walk faster
I looked again now at the end of the sidewalk that connected with the street.
He was following me.

To be continued.....

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Little Girl Everything is Going to Be Ok

In a small town
though the boundaries bound;
mysteries and secrets ring all around.
My story whispers
on every street 
in every creak.
People keep quiet
so it doesn't start a riot.
A clear sky
shines through the night
So tonight listen close
to the story I'm about to host.
As a young girl
I enjoyed beauty
of every flower
every critter.
It brought joy to me.
I am the oldest of my three brothers
but not the tallest. 
Each day I took care
while our parents worked.
Fed and cleaned
whatever they need.
I held my place.
Early tuesday morning,
I got the monkeys up for school
and sent them off.
Then tended to my duties
of counting our goods and supplies.
The cabinets  are quite bare
I started on my way
to town.
The weather looked bleak and meek
clouds hug each other in a huddle
but not a drizzle.
As I entered the edge of town
No one seemed to be there
no man or women.
Just empty streets and tumble weeds.
Although odd
I shrugged it off
I walked about a block
to the general store
and saw in front of me the sky looking blacker
and thicker
Slowly I could feel my heart pounding faster.
As I started for the door.
I opened it as if I saw nothing
And started skimming the isles 
Starting at the bread
I noticed a tall red beard man
standing in the far corner of the isle.

To be Continued....

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Count to three
One. . .
Two. . .

Why does love exisist?
Hits like a bullet 
Unable to breath
The brain begins to shut down.
Like dying 
But lighter and filled with promise
Once the connection is made 
It will be there
The care in a heart
Never fades for love for others
I've counted to four
Four I've shared my heart
Four I've loved
Four I shared a kiss and a hug.
But eventually they faded away
the fourth pushed me out
The third didn't belong to me
The second I've loved longer than anyone he keeps coming back for me.
The first was my everything my first love, my first kiss, my first heart break
Yet we are nuts for each other. 

Only two stand alone.
The first and the second.
Who will stay?
Love can come and go 
But it's what you do with it
That truly matters 
Remember to count 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New year

Rippling waves 
Drum their sweet sounds 
On the pebbled shore
The horizon shows a Sun
Dancing it's arms across the sky.
As if conducting the colors to play sweet music as the sun sets.
I breathe on the shore
Taking all of it in.
A past has set 
A new future rises
In the new day
Will withhold new beggings and love
That is far from what my eyes can see.