Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Don't Let It End

My heart soars when I hear your name.
I know you feel the same.
My smile grows bigger and bigger with every memory

Sometimes going back to the past is treachery.
The song we shared together showed up on the radio today.
The one I hope you hear again someday.
Every laugh, every tear, and every goodbye bursts through my veins.
It all comes down like rain.

Every kiss still hangs in suspense.
As the moment was quite dense.
I now realize you're a bigger part of my life.
It cuts me like a knife.

You mean more to me than most things and people.
More than people worshiping in a steeple
Someone I would sacrifice everything for.
Talk to till my voice was sore.

The Dance we call Life has entangled us once more
We miss each other even more.
The sound of your voice is what I long for.
The pictures give me a glance of what was truly good.
As though they should.

Waiting for you is like a sunrise,
Beauty and bright colors arise
A wake up call on my heart
Praying that we never tear apart.
Come and see me only for a moment
Surprise me and toast to atonement.

Love me for entirety as long as time will allow us.

~ Sabrina Black