Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dirty words

A blade of a knife rest between my lips
The sharp end numbs my tounge as it digs deeper with every word I speak
I wish it could cut and tear my vocal box
Like a present 
I can't speak life 
I can't speak hope
My heart is hard and feels heavy from the dark
I hate to see my own mother cry and weep agony out of her eyes 
Her whales crush my heart
I wish I could never speak
So that her ears may not bleed
I pray for my mouth to sow itself shut
So she could plant life in the soil of my heart
Instead of tearing us apart
I love you 
I plead I be free
From this person I am to be
You have given me life from your womb
But I have given you wounds
Please forgive me
And love me 

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