Thursday, September 3, 2015

What is Love?

Love what do I know
What is it?
Is it something I can hold? 
An old relic of time?
Is it soft?
Is it rough?
Do I get butterflies flying off my heart?
Love a delicate flower,
An innocent child,
Playful, and energetic. 
Soft and warm.
A safe blanket.
Love is easy to fall into
But hard to get out.
It's a deep warm pool
With waterfalls and trees hanging off cliffs.
Something I never want to leave.
Yet the storms bring me inside and pin 
Me against the sharpest of rocks. 
Love is scary
Love is a storm
Love comes with a price
But it's worth having 
Without it we are nothing 
But ash blowing in the whisper of the wind. 

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