Thursday, February 23, 2017

Background Noise

Let me tell you a story
Among a group of friends...
A force is tearing a  them apart
And no one is stopping it.
Manipulation and lies.
Love and surprise.
Loss in direction
Spreading like an infection.
Fear and tears.
Betrayal and denial.
Add to the fire.

This concoction is brewing among our hearts
But some have been holding in words inside their mouth.
A person listening in the background
Watching it all fall apart.
While they sit in the dark.

Here is a couple of question's I must ask you.
How many of you committed betrayal against someone other than the ones in this room?
How many of you have made mistakes?
How many of you have loved someone till it hurts?
How many of you deceived one another?
All your hands should have been raised. As you see, you have committed the same act as your brother and sister. How selfish are you? When you have made the same act but you don't help the person next to you?
The war with your heart and mind towards the other person is only tearing you apart. Because forgiveness is a oneway street. I know a man who died on a cross and looked at the man whipping him with love and kindness. Why can't you look at the person who did you wrong with the same? Because this man loves them just as much as you no more no less. And because of what they committed against you Jesus is not going to smite them. But love them. And forgive them. You fall into petty woes of this world. And you let the devil tear your friendship apart. Are you going to fight with love and not let Satan win or are you going to dwell on revenge and let  him destroy you apart.

- Sabrina Black

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