Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Open up your eyes!

Trees as tall as Giants
Cloud the world above.
The sky is open. 
The gates are closed. 
Hidden deep in a universe,
Where the sky dances.
Where the food is a plenty.
Friends shaking hands.
Where laughter is the language of love
I gaze upon it.
My naked eyes can't see it.
I feel it in the wind...
I feel it in the grass... 
With the drops of dew...
I feel it in my heart...
While I'm on this path,
Blanketed with twigs and leaves,
Among the pavement
I know the one above is smiling at me.
Like the Suns face kissing me with rays 
I sigh at the beauty of this world.
But know I belong in another 
The one above.

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