Sunday, April 26, 2015

Left Out

I scream! 
I cry!
All I ever hear is goodbye!
I am weary of farewells!
And bid wells!
Everyone leaves,
Like a breeze,
Blowing in the storm.
My heart is empty
But I've slept plenty.
Make it stop!
I drop
On my knees!
Begging please!
Won't you stay?
For just a day?
Maybe You won't go away.
Hate has taken everything from me!
Will you not believe me!
I've cut!
I've been called a slut!
All I need is a friend
To pour me a glass of love.
I thirst for the taste of Life 
These chains are tight.
I want to be free!
I want to be me!
Why won't you save me?
Why won't you stay with me?
I've told my story.
One that doesn't have glory,
But of darkness
In its likeness.
I want the light
Show me the way tonight!
Be there to listen.
Be there to glisen.
Your love and kindness 
Show me your brightness!
I am lost...


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