Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Promise

"You promised me you weren't going to leave me,"
I say as I kiss the coffin.
My face is soaked and weary
As I remember, when you held me dearly.
Each pull and each tug
Lowers you into the grass rug.
"Goodbye..." I mutter under my breath.
As you plummet deeper in depth.
Tonight the bed is colder without you
The days are gray; it rains inside my heart
You being gone is tearing me apart.
Each I item I hold,
Comes with a tale untold.
I touch a cloth,
I freeze and my mind
Like a flip of a dime.
My memory clocks
You hold me and lick.
My cheeks and my lips
Instead of the napkin wiping my lips.
Please come back to me!
Please come and hold me!
Please come and love me!
"You promised me you weren't going to leave me."
I turn around. 
To a sound.
Of a whisper,
"I never did."

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