Tuesday, May 5, 2015


The eyes say something more than the mouth
The window is shut and boarded up
Surrounded by a fence of thorns.
This heart can't let anyone in
Nor can it beat
The smile that lays on a face
Is filled with lies
I know you don't want me here
Or want me to be near
I'm I disgusting?
I'm I not worthy to you?
I see what's behind the curtain
Your gossip about my heart
Yet you're the one who tears it apart.
What did I do wrong?
How come you don't want me to be around?
I'm not perfect and neither are you
It's time you realize it.
Not hypnotize people with it. 
I wish my time wasn't wasted on you
You know how I am
When you leave me in the dust
My heart is a bust
Tell me what I did
Tell me why I'm such a fool 
To you. 
Yet you're too scared to say it 
To my face you're afraid you'll break it. 
Why are you my friend?

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