Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Here I lay
On the barren cement
My body is weak and cold
My eyes have no life shining in them
My heart busted from the self inflected wounds of my struggle.
My blood runs like fog across the ground.
Then the rain washes it away in to the drains 
No evidence of my existence will be found.
My body has betrayed me by turning into stone.
I am lifeless and live amongst the shadows that whisper to me.
How I got here? 
There was a place I ventured 
Full of happiness
Full of life and wonder
Yet I was alone 
No one knew I existed 
No one gave me a glance
Not even a hello
No one cared
I was truly trapped in my own mind
Full of agony,
My heart flooded with pain.
How is that in a place so wonderful 
drowned me in loneliness?

I wish some one cared, 
Like a friend or a hand to hold
Sadly I withhold a wish that will never come true 

Now I paid the final price 
To my sorrow and life
Death by me.

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