Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Feared One

Hey Boondocks! This piece is one of my older ones, it deals with the stress of abuse and what it does to ones self! Enjoy!

A gentle breeze chimes, blowing the wind. Blue jays fill their songs with love. Children’s laughter fills the air.
Down in the corner of Peaceful Valley Way, a blond-haired, little girl sits alone holding a dandelion.She sings a gentle tune; the house behind her is old and worn down.
Suddenly the door creeps open as she still sings. Approaching by her side is a tall, scruffy-bearded man; he lays a hand filled with hate on her shoulder. His piercing green eyes fill her with fear. He yanks her by the arm with his hooks; she goes inside the house where her terrifying fate awaits.
Inside, the walls are rather worn down with mouse holes in the cracked, brick walls. She is a slaveto the one who adopted her.
Crack of the whip. Crack! Crack! The whip hits her ten times a day for being slow at cleaning the bare, tiled floor. Bruises shine from the time she carried more weight than she could hold.
Every day she asks herself: Will I ever be loved? Will I survive the next day? Food is so little for one small mouth. Someone rescue me from this pain.
She goes to school damaged, broken, and alone. Who can save her? She wants to be heard, yet no one can hear her cries. She’s a ghost.
Is there anyone that cares for me? Questions ping pong through her head, left unanswered. She needs love, but who can provide that?
As she sits contemplating her thoughts the radio turns on. A voice sings: “Just give it onemore try to a lullaby, to let you know that you’re not alone.”
When bad things take a hold of your heart,  just close your eyes and go somewhere safe.
Be careful little eyes of what you see.


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