Thursday, November 14, 2013

Me Myself and I

Who I AM
I am courageous and shy
I wonder what people think of me?
I hear the cries of hate and love
I see the world as a battle
I want peace and love not judgment
I am courageous in my heart and shy in my ways.

I pretend to have love on my side with someone special
I feel life coming alive in my heart
I live in a blanket of darkness
I am full of doubt 
I am in pain
I touch the warmth of the sun
I worry I’ll go back to the darkness
I cry if love lets me go
I am courageous and will fight and shyness is not a weakness

I understand I have strength to pull through struggles
I say I will never turn back to the past again
I dream of a better life than living in shadow
I try to do my all to get into the light of day
I hope I will never go back
I am courageous and shy

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