Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Room Key Number Five Cont.

Entering the lobby, he found the carpet was blood red and the walls had autumn colors. On his left, the furniture was worn down and brownish black, sitting by a roaring fireplace. In front of him, was a large wooden desk, just recently polished with a new silver shiny bell.
Ding Ding.
He waited for a minute and turned to look at the room again.
“ Yes how may I help you?” an elder lady said.
Phillip flailed his arms and his heart jumped
“ You alright sir?”
“No, you frightened me!”
“Would you like a room?”
As he tries to settle down, he looked more closely at the lady. She had a gray shawl and a long skirt, with white hair and blue misty eyes. In her hand was a long wooden staff with a ram at the top.
“ I think I would like one.” Phillip said hesitantly
“ Here, sign in and here is your room key… room number 5.”
Phillip signed in and picked up the key. It was a strange room key with a long leather strap and attached to a tin circle with a glass bubble over it and a tiny 16 that was written in black and fuzzy. Below the tin were a brass key with 2 screws and a small jagged edge.  Next to the key was a brass metal five with holes in it.
“ What a weird key looks like it could be a necklace,” he thought
In the lobby were two staircases: one leading to the left side and one leading to the right. Above his head, near the staircases, were signs of room numbers.
On the left said “WEST SIDE CORRIDOR Rooms 1-5”and on the right “EAST SIDE CORRIDOR Rooms 6-10”

“ Well guess I’m on the west side.”
In that instant, a flash of lighting with a roar of thunder came from the hectic storm.
Philip hurried up stairs to the room his heartbeat raced and pounding as if someone was knocking. He reached the room, trying to put the key in with his shaky hand. Once he got it open, a sudden rush of peace reached his heart. 

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