Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Tide

Cast Away

A bumpy ride lies ahead
filled with a future worth fighting for.
Having everything you could have
Love, travel, and money
All right in your pocket.
The sky looks clear and bright
As you begin the journey ahead.

The stars shine ever so bright 
as you fly over head
all the ant hills full of people
lighting torches for the coming night
As you fly high in the sky
The ground begins to dissipate.
Into a black blanket of nothing
The air around you shakes and rattles 
the metal frame.

Harder and harder it goes
tearing the time capsule like plane.
The force sucks you deep into the blackness
No air to breath but water.
That goes on for miles and miles around. 
Until we are forced up and gasp for air
The only thing you have is a yellow boat
To float until safety or your trapped on an island
or the ocean blue itself.
With no hope and no will to survive.
This is life.
When it gets hard the wind blows or 
consumes us in flames
or drowns us into the depths of pain.
 The choice is yours, let it take you,
Or fight for survival.
"Cause your never know what the tide will bring." - Tom Hanks( movie cast away)

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