Thursday, July 10, 2014

Give up, End this.

Ashes cry from the sky
day break never dawned
endless clouds
paint the sky grey.
Here I lay among the ashes
with all my lashes.
Scares and souvenirs,
streaming out my tears.
I lay frozen in time
no where to run
no where to hide.
My brokeness and pain.
played their game
to tear my heart apart.
I have nothing left.
"End this now I say"
I shout to nothing but echo.
Giving up 
will leave a sweet taste in my mouth.
To end this pain.
But my heart
urges and whispers 
Go on continue 
you journey.
Close your eyes,
For the one who loves you the most.
Will be there till the end.
He is watching 
Smiling of how proud 
He is of his child.
Go on for  him
No one else.

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