Monday, July 14, 2014

Drunk Love

I come to see
your gleaming smile
shining from sea to shining sea
The warmth you bring
like a cozy fire on a winters night
keeps me grounded
as I am far from home
Your laugh and courage
inspires me
to keep being me.

But as you pour another drink
the toxin begins to sink.
Words are Words
What is spewed out of ones mouth
vibrates the very earth you stand on.
Shakes and quakes.
Damaging those next to you.

Out of your loving mouth 
words of hate and pain
tear my heart.
YOU WILL have this
You will be that.

Like a knife the words rip and tear.
But I still treasure you. 
I still care.
I still love you. . . 

 Your Granddaughter

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