Thursday, July 31, 2014

River Split in Two

Down this path 
I walk on
Guided by tall trees
Next to the bees
Pollinating near by 
Row on row the flowers bloom
The entrance to a river bed
The river spilt 
Into two ways one left 
One right
The left is straight and narrow
No bends or curves
Leading on and on
To the right it's bends
Are tight to the sight 
With rapids every couple feet
In my boat a descion lies
ahead do I follow the straight and narrow?
Or the right with bumps and curves
Tough and difficult to ride.
I'll flip a coin 
I thought, tales left, heads right 
Flipped the old silver 
Lands in the river.
Play the old pick and choose 
Enie minie moe
How does that song go?
Now which way?
Suddenly a gentle voice says go right my child for I am with you.
Never fear for I am here
But I want to go left 
Less work
For my old boat.
Then again go right I am with you
Never fear for I am here.
So I ponder and wonder 
Okay you win I go right.
Tight fight 
Dodging every bend and rock
Every bump and dump
My bow makes 
Gives me shakes 
At the end I see the left
Ending at a waterfall 
100 feet did it drop
No wonder I stopped
By the voice who gave me the choice
To save my life or end it and all I know of if.

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