Friday, February 13, 2015

A Day In The Life Of A Leaf

Once upon a time in a far off place
I’m on a tree and I see its loving face.
She sings to me and waves her branches.
As she waves she shines me through the suns rays
Oh her elegant ways
I can see the lake and mountains.
I can hear the far off fountains.
All day I sway back and forth;
Till the sunsets north.
On a blissful morning a awake to see the sun rise
Oh to my surprise as I opened my eyes.
To see I lay on the face of grass
I scream and I wale
But a storm is about to hale.
Violent the earth shook
I took one last look,
To my tree who
Laid a tear on me.
I blew across the ground
Making a swishing sound.
The wind picked me up
As the sun came out
I was flying across the sky,
But I screamed and I cried.
For me to be on my tree
Then her branches grew
And so did her leaves too.
They pulled and yanked,
As her branches sank.
I held on for dear life
But the wind kept blowing harder
And harder.


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