Sunday, February 1, 2015


My heart aches
My heart breaks
From the pain that blows in the wind
So I sing upon my sin
I cry in this empty space
that has carried my disgrace.
Black and white
I am held tight 
by the chains that bound me 
to this rock I am to be
nothing but dust
that will rust.
Show me the light
turn it bright!
As the sun above
 I can see your love.
Send your mercy!
 It may pierce me
That I can be. . . 
filled with compassion and your grace
So I can stop running this race.
Your mercy
rescued me
in the middle of the ocean,
in the driest of deserts,
In the frozen places of my heart.
Your mercy found me
and bond to me.
Seal my heart!
Break my chains!
To be free of this misery!
Bring me home to your heart,
and never let me depart
ever again. 

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