Sunday, February 8, 2015

A friend

Have you heard 
The greatest story ever
Are you curious to know
How far it will go?
How long it will take?
Will it make your heart break?
To you this must be true
This story must be new
A man and his people 
Saving and giving little by little
Sharing the word day by day
A man with a smile and wink
No it's not Saint Nick you must be hoodwinked.
He gives love and heals those judging hearts
He feeds those in need
He does good deeds
To know him
And his love
Share his passion for the one above 
Watching over like a dove
Not that I've sucked you in 
Let's begin
How this tale 
Will soon taste like old ale.
The man punished for doing good 
Do you think anyone should?
Be whipped and scratched 
Kicked and batched 
Thirtynine times
Just save our lives yours and mine
On the road to calvery and through the city
He carried that splintered plank 
Oh how slivers sank
Down his back all mangled and gashed
Blood started to dripp from being lashed
Little by little 
Step by step 
He reached the hill 
Where he will be killed 
On a cross to bear our lost 
In this painful cost
For you and me
He lays on top of the wood 
As the guards pushed and shoved
He felt a 9inch spike in his feet
In is hand the nail 
Impailed his skin and bone
Oh how he screamed and groaned
They lifted the cross with a creak
The wind started to shriek 
Blood and water hit the ground
Walls we couldn't move came crashing down 
As he hang and said it is finshed 
Buried he lay
Tears fell where he will stay
One day
Two days
Three days had past
The end was near for our man
But then the ground shook and shakes
His body became awake 

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