Monday, August 4, 2014

Recall Suicide

Boondocks, there has been pain and suffering lately and just to comfort those who are going through it, I have decided to re post a piece on this blog that is very tough but touching. Enjoy!!!

Hey boondocks! This piece is very delicate and dear to my heart and may be to many of you. I have seen so many, including myself, go through this pain and tragedy. If you are experiencing this I want you to know, you're not alone. There is help and there is hope, even if it seems there is no one there. Whether that is a friend or a hotline; don't be ashamed to tell people or be scared to. In the end you will thank yourself in the long run. Now before you read this, take a moment of silence to mourn for those who didn't make it. They will always be loved and will always live in our hearts. Let us keep going for them.

"I lost you"

I tried to help you,
In the late hours of the night.
Telling you to go on.
To keep breathing;
I love you.

You say nothing is wrong.
The words I don't know what to do,
Ring through my head.
On repeat like a scratched disc.
Tell me how you feel
Lash out your worst like hungry beast.
I will help you;
Don't give up on me.
I will stay on the telephone all night,
Even if I have to listen to the white noise,
As I hear you breathe and sob,
I feel your pain.
As I repeat.
Lift up those who are in your place,
Stay here continue on with life.
Use your past as your strength;
Your written story.
I love you, 
Hear me now.
I need you in my life.
You say there is no one.
There is always someone,
Some one there to listen.

I sit on the phone
with you. 
Hearing you say you wanna end it,
End your life
You've told me your plan:
to take pills, 
to hang yourself.
Over and over I've listened.
I have said everything,
I hear a click as my last call ends.
The last time I would hear your voice.
This night,
I dream you are gone. 
My life empty,
 I have no purpose.
I want to be with you.

The bright sun came, 
As I wake up expecting a call.
A whisper chills me that you succeeded. 
I scream in agony,
My friend is gone.
There is nothing more I could do.
A knock came,
To the door.
Do I answer it?
I couldn't bare to hear the news
From the figures with badges.
A flash of light streamed,
A voice spoke
"Come on, we are late for school."

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