Thursday, June 12, 2014


This the beauty of the findings! These letters brought me so much excitement I nearly had a heart attack. The answer to the murder of Johnson has been hand delivered to me. Extraordinary it was! I turn  back to Mrs Johnson and her face grew white as snow. The sight of her face in the letter terrified the living daylight out of her. 
"Ms Johnson the other letters please."

"Please sir I don't want to look anymore." She cried.

" Just hand them to me and you won't have to," I assured. 

She handed them to me and I started to skim through them.. " Very funny Ms Johnson," I glared at her suspiciously.
 "What did I do?" She panicked.
 "You opened these letters so you wouldn't have to see them." I questioned.
"No sir haven't touched them for years.They are sealed like a buttoned shirt. "

"All the letters are missing except this note someone left."
I  pulled the letter out and started to read

If one finds the rest
You will be to the test 
Find them over the city you know
Places you even out grown.
But watch out while you go about
I'll be watching you and every move 
Do it before it's too soon. 

Konzoontike!!! The 19! Are hidden in the city!


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