Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Haunted Halls

Hey boondocks I have done another poem. I want the next mystery piece to be perfect. Stay strong.
Cries and good byes still echo
Through the windows 
The halls
Laughter turns to screams
In the night
No one can save them now
They are coming  
Closer and closer
Killing two by two.
No survivors are seen with the naked eye.
Except one 
The abandoned. 
You've gone away for the last time
My gardian angel
My pain  bleeds as red as these drapes.
I am left with nothing 
The kindness turned grey
The happiness turned dark.
A light never grows in these shadows 
Hallow halls of my heart seal the doors
And gates shut.
Nothing  comes in 
Nonthing comes out.
Dust codes what once was
And what will ever be.
Nothing can be done
To change what's been done.
Only memories haunt the halls.
Claiming as their own.
We will all turn to dust 
And go back where we came from.
Picture http://www.deviantart.com/art/Haunted-334676414

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