Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Break Free From the World

Hey boodocks I'm going to flip flop between a poem and the detective series. To spice it up and have a little variety. Enjoy!

Morning light
Fills the earth with delight
The friey red smears 
Go for miles and miles
A new day kisses the mountains below.
My eyes dreary
I am weary
Of my pain 
That comes again
Birds songs echo through and through
But I never stay true.
Wondering into the abyss
I see what I miss
In the beauty of things
That blossom and grow, 
Sky high or two feet off the earth.
My feet drag on
This dry road I'm on
Passing the beauty
That I pitty 
Instead of admire 
I retire 
To my lonely 
My heart wants what lays outside
To break free. 
Then it occurred to me
Who is to stop me
From enjoying the wonder.
That lays before me.
Perhaps I need to be free of me.



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